Company Product Description Indication Status
Mirimus Inc., of Brooklyn, N.Y. Salivaclear Pooled saliva-based PCR testing platform Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Mirimus collected 249,531 individual saliva samples from 93 K-12 schools, which were condensed into 10,057 pools, and 15,802 saliva samples were collected from 18 universities/colleges, which were condensed into 715 pools; 863 positive individual samples (0.2% individual positivity rate) were detected using this method; showed that Salivaclear provides a similar sensitivity to the molecular assay of individual samples, in terms of both qualitative (100% agreement of results on both pooled and individual samples) and quantitative (comparable cycle threshold values between pooled and individual samples) measures; study determined that the pooling of saliva samples substantially reduced the cost associated with PCR testing and allowed schools to rapidly assess transmission and make data-driven decisions to adjust prevention protocols; findings are available for preprint on MedRxiv


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