A Medical Device Daily

Acuo Technologies (St. Paul, Minnesotta) developers of software for medical image management, data migration tools and services, reported that its DICOM Services Grid is being used in the distribution of timely information monitoring the impact of malaria in Malawi, Africa by Michigan State University (East Lansing).

Since the vast majority of malaria patients are children, it is critical to use new technologies to quickly assess the damage malaria does to a child. Physicians now can diagnose and study the affect the disease has on an infected child's brain, something that previously could only be done in an autopsy.

The Acuo DICOM Services Grid plays an important role in receiving the images from the MRI by storing and rapidly sending them to the physicians across the Atlantic. Once received, radiologists evaluate images and provide critical input to the treating physicians.

The DICOM Services Grid builds the foundation for a vendor neutral medical imaging grid environment allowing sharing and collaboration regardless of the proprietary systems producing, storing or viewing the images.

Michigan State University also will be using the Acuo DICOM Assisted Migration to move and virtualize data between its existing proprietary archive with its new GE Healthcare 3.0 Medical Imaging Environment. This new environment employs mirrored EMC CX-340 CLARiiONS providing an automated solution for business continuity.