Caris Diagnostics (Irving, Texas) said it is launching Target GI to physicians nationwide. Target GI is designed to provide information on the expression of key molecular targets present in colon cancer, providing physicians the most up-to-date information to help in the management of their patients. The Target GI test includes analysis of a key group of biomarkers that have been identified as relevant in clinical studies on colon cancer. These biomarkers include KRAS (Proto-oncogene of the Kirsten murine sarcoma virus) by mutational analysis and TS (thymidylate synthase) and TOPO1 (topoisomerase 1) by immunohistochemical analysis. Patient tumors that have somatic mutations in KRAS have been associated with a lack of response to cetuximab and panitumumab. Patients with metastatic colorectal cancer over-expressing TS have been shown to have a lower response to fluorouracil chemotherapy and shorter disease-free survival. Caris Diagnostics provides diagnostic, translational development and pharmaceutical services encompassing anatomic pathology and molecular testing.

Delphi Digital (Los Angeles) reported the introduction of Vital Information Manager, an online tool for storing and managing an array of key personal information: family, legal, medical, financial, household, insurance, veterinary and more. Using encryption algorithms and techniques developed by leading industry researchers, Delphi VIM safely and securely provides all the tools necessary to compile personal data. Step-by-step instructions make it easy to navigate Delphi VIM's three core functions — storing, sharing and retrieving — and for primary members to build their group of users permitted to access the account. Common emergencies like illness, accidents, legal problems, even natural disasters, are no longer impediments to accessing records. Delphi VIM allows registered users to retrieve their essential personal data with the click of a mouse or a fingerstroke on an iPhone, 24/7 anywhere in the world. Delphi Digital makes computer applications.