Comar (Buena, New Jersey) said that it has launched AccuCup, a liquid-dispensing dosage cup with measurement markings printed on the outside of the cup with cured and durable, FDA-compliant, food-grade inks. Comar says that the AccuCup is a stronger and safer alternative to embossed dosage cups, particularly in liquid-drug dispensing applications where "clearly visible accuracy" and synchronizing the packaging label instructions and brand with cup-print markings are needed. It is offered with the ability to fit child-resistant closures from 22 mm to 24 mm in diameter. Comar makes precision liquid dispensing products and plastic packaging solutions for pharmaceuticals.

Hitachi High-Technologies (Tokyo) has introduced the SU8000, calling it a new type of Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FE-SEM) featuring a newly developed top detector and a semi-in-lens type of objective lens. This technology builds on the upper back-scattered electron detector used in the S-5500. By combining the top detector with the conventional upper detector technology, Hitachi said it has developed a new signal detection system for optimum contrast visualization of signals, generated from the sample and able to detect high-angle backscattered electrons at low accelerating voltages. This imaging component includes channeling and compositional contrast of the sample's top surface. The Hitachi SU8000 also includes an upper detector, which provides SE signal detection using Hitachi's E B filter technology. Hitachi develops device manufacturing equipment, life sciences, information technology, electronic components, and advanced industrial materials.

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