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Perlegen Sciences (Mountain View, California) reported the opening of its portfolio of patented technologies that together enable whole genome association studies capable of assessing an individual's predisposition to specific disease risks and treatment outcomes.

The family of six complementary patents now available covers methods of genetic analysis used to detect markers for multifactorial traits. These methods, valuable to anyone working in the area of genetic diagnostics, Perlegen said, range from identification of tightly linked haplotype blocks and multi-loci markers to optimal matching of patient cases and controls, as well as methods for managing the large data sets that accompany these analyses.

In other patent news, Cytori Therapeutics (San Diego) received a notice of allowance from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for a patent application that covers methods of creating a cell-enhanced graft using a closed system to process adipose-derived stem and regenerative cells.

This patent will specifically protect Cytori's Celution System-based devices and methods essential in novel cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures. This is an important development to Cytori because it creates a stronger barrier to entry against potential competitive methods, specifically within the cosmetic and reconstructive surgery market, and protects in the U.S. a product currently on sale in many countries around the world.

The methods and devices covered by this patent may be useful to protect products treating a variety of clinical applications beyond breast reconstruction such as the general repair of soft-tissue defects, breast augmentation, facial reconstruction and augmentation, vocal cord repair, soft tissue defects secondary to radiation therapy as well certain urologic and gastrointestinal conditions.

In these applications, the Celution System is used to mix a patient's own adipose derived stem and regenerative cells with their own unprocessed adipose tissue to generate a cell-enhanced graft that performs significantly better than grafts alone.