Exact, LabCorp team in new cancer test

Exact Sciences (Marlborough, Massachusetts) said that Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (LabCorp; Burlington, North Carolina) informed Exact that it plans to launch a single-marker, laboratory-developed, stool-based DNA test for colorectal cancer screening in 2008.

In connection with the planned transition to the new test, LabCorp has stopped offering PreGen-Plus, the version of the stool-based DNA technology that has been the subject of FDA inquiry over the past several years.

Instead, LabCorp plans to move to a new stool-based DNA test, which is different from Exact's Version 2 technology and is based solely on the Vimentin gene, a methylated DNA marker that in published studies was shown to be associated with colorectal cancer.

"Our understanding from LabCorp is that they plan to launch their new single-marker test without the use of Effipure or other elements of PreGen-Plus that had been the focus of prior FDA communications," said Jeffrey Luber, president/CEO of Exact Sciences. "Independent of LabCorp's commercial launch of this test, Exact continues to advance its Version 2 technology toward FDA clearance or approval. We recently met with the FDA and look forward to continuing our discussions with the goal of finalizing the protocol for our validation studies for Version 2 as soon as possible."

DRS introduced to imaging industry

Diagnostic Radiology Services (DRS; Roseville, California), a provider of a range of tailored consulting services for the diagnostic imaging, radiation oncology fields said that it is introducing its practice to the imaging industry. DRS was created to assist radiology groups, hospitals, publicly traded imaging companies, senior executives of equipment manufacturers and large-scale lending institutions with the development and management of outpatient imaging centers and radiation treatment centers.

DRS was formed to address the changing needs of the imaging and radiology markets and to help providers face recent challenges stemming from the aftermath of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005. The tailored services offered by DRS include, among others, development and implementation of initiatives that address revenue opportunities, cost management, workflow processes, technology appropriation and implementation, clinical and service excellence, turn-key management, mergers and acquisitions consulting and due diligence, facility design and construction and financial and business development.

Renard brings more than 15 years of healthcare experience to the new business, most of which have been spent within the diagnostics imaging arena.