A Medical Device Daily

Biophan Technologies (Pittsford, New York) reported the availability of two new U.S. patents.

According to Biophan, patent 7,340,304 is the third issued patent licensed to the company from Biomed Solutions (Pittsford) and covers the generation of electrical power from body heat for implantable devices. The patent deals with specialized device shape and construction that enables the biothermal power source to take advantage of higher temperatures found deeper in the body, thus providing higher output of electrical power, the company said.

Biophan says it has continued its work with personnel at the NASA Ames Research Center (Moffett Field, California) to improve the conversion efficiency of the semiconductor materials used to convert thermal to electrical energy.

The company also said that US/2005-0197563, a patent application assigned directly to Biophan, has been allowed and "will soon issue" as a U.S. patent. Biophan said the application discloses details of the construction and operation of a catheter having a highly miniaturized MRI coil that can be guided into coronary arteries.

In other patent activity: The Quantum Group (Wellington, Florida) said it has filed four additional provisional business process patents in the U.S., adding to the five applications the company filed in January.

Quantum Group provides business process solutions, service chain management, strategic consulting and technology to healthcare.