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Johnson Electric (Methuen, Massachusetts) has reported the formation of Johnson Medtech (also Methuen) to meet the needs of medical device manufacturers worldwide. This new global network brings together the medical device design and manufacturing expertise of five existing Johnson Electric companies

With Johnson Medtech, for the first time, medical device manufacturers from large, global firms to small, innovative startups have access to high-quality, end-to-end design, prototyping and manufacturing capabilities from a single source.

"Most medical device companies are spending too much time managing multiple suppliers, navigating the complexities of outsourced manufacturing and making engineering compromises. This impacts their time to market and profitability," said Jim Dick, senior VP of Johnson Electric. "Johnson Medtech provides the solution for medical device manufacturers. Our local consulting and engineering services combined with the most advanced manufacturing and prototyping processes provide our customers a competitive edge. Our focus is on design for manufacturability and complete vertical integration."

Johnson Medtech said it provides customers with the fastest time to market through dedicated, regional engineering teams in the U.S., Hong Kong, Germany, Japan, China and Israel. Manufacturing is conducted in the U.S. and Europe, and also at Johnson City, a 5 million-square-foot facility in China with the capabilities of handling small prototype design assignments to the largest projects.

Johnson Electric said Johnson Medtech's engineering and design expertise "have helped companies solve difficult design challenges, ranging from non-magnetic actuators that work inside MRI machines, to creating efficient motion solutions for surgical robotics."

Johnson Medtech has helped companies reduce development time by more than 50% and produce working prototypes in less than a month if needed, the company said.

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