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"IsoTis" (Irvine, California), the orthobiologics company, reported that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded U.S. Patent No. 7,205,337, relating to the company's Reverse Phase Medium (RPM) carrier technology.

The patent covers the use of IsoTis' current RPM technology in combination with various demineralized bone matrix (DBM) formulations, such as those based on the company's innovative Accell technology. IsoTis has also received a notice of allowance for a patent application covering the use of the entire RPM formulation in combination with a complete range of synthetic and natural bone graft substitute compounds.

IsoTis says that the favorable handling characteristics of a number of its products, such as Accell Connexus, are attributable to the RPM technology which enables the product to flow at operating room temperature but thicken to a gel when placed in the body and warmed to body temperature. Orthopedic surgery is often open surgery, requiring regular irrigation and suction at the surgical site to clear the operating field.

RPM enables the surgeon to shape and form the product outside the body to fit the surgical site, and once the product is placed within the body, it thickens and can resist displacement by irrigation. By resisting displacement, more of the components with osteoinductive potential of the product are held in place at the graft site, where they can effect bone formation.

Pieter Wolters, president/CEO of IsoTis said, "The RPM technology is an essential part of a number of our products. We believe that RPM contributes to the favorable handling characteristics of our products, which differentiate us from other products in the market. Following the key patent awarded last year for our Accell platform technology, we believe this patent and the notice of allowance further secure intellectual property protection for our 2nd platform technology."

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