Company Type/Product Area Terms/Details (Date)

ActiveSight* Lexicon Genetics Inc. (LEXG) ActiveSight will provide crystallography services for multiple Lexicon targets The expanded deal is the third between the companies; terms were not disclosed (1/5)
PDL BioPharma Inc. (PDLI) Extended exclusive agreement for the commercial manufacture of Retavase (reteplase), a fibrinolytic agent that has been marketed in North America for the management of acute myocardial infarction Financial terms were not disclosed (2/8)
DSM Biologics
(unit of DSM Pharmaceuticals)
Crucell NV (the Netherlands; CRXL) Expanded their agreement to include new classes of proteins, including biosimilar protein products DSM paid Crucell an undisclosed amount in exchange for additional license rights and a higher share of future licensing income (2/8)
Durect Corp.
Voyager Pharmaceutical Corp.* Amended development and commercialization agreement related to Memryte for Alzheimer's disease Durect will receive a royalty rate ranging from 10% to 14% of net sales, double the original amount, and also would receive 10% of any up-front, milestone and other fees received by Voyager if it sublicenses the product; in return, Durect will pay Voyager $1M and forgive about $725,000 that was owed (1/24)
Galapagos NV
Amgen Inc. (AMGN) They extended and expanded drug discovery deal from 2003 through 2008; it now includes all targets, and Galapagos' compound collection The original deal was specific to ion channel targets; Galapagos gets $2.4M up front, and is eligible to receive library and technology-access fees, research fees, milestone payments and bonuses (1/3)
Cepheid inc. (CPHD) They entered a settlement and cross-license agreement to resolve a dispute related PCR technologies Cepheid made a one-time payment to Idaho of $3.35M under the deal, which resolves all claims under a lawsuit Idaho filed (1/11)
MaxCyte Inc.* Geron Corp.
Geron exercised an option for a clinical and commercial license to use MaxCyte's cell loading system in the manufacture of mRNA- loaded autologous dendritic cell-based vaccines Agreement provides Geron with access to the technology to manufacture GRNVAC1 telomerase vaccine and future therapeutic cancer vaccine products; original deal was formed in February 2006 (1/22)
Morphotek Inc.* Morphotek exercised its option under a 2004 agreement to obtain an exclusive, worldwide license to an antibody targeting an antigen with potential activity for treating certain cancers Micromet received a payment for the option exercise, and is eligible to receive development milestone payments and royalties on sales (2/12)
MorphoSys AG
GeneFrontier Corp.* (Japan) Expanded marketing deal to cover generation of HuCAL- derived fully human antibodies for proteome research and target validation GeneFrontier will use MorphoSys' HuCAL Gold antibody library to generate anti- bodies against targets provided by the partner; MorphoSys gets undisclosed compensation for access to its technology (1/26)
Fiuotecnica Srl (Italy) Renewed collaboration for production and marketing of a genetic panel assay to predict the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks The effort uses Transgenomic's WAVE System; Fiuotecnica has marketing rights in Italy, while Transgenomic will have rights in the rest of the world (2/6)
Company Type/Product Area Terms/Details (Date)

Cytogen Corp.
Advanced Magnetics Inc. (FSE:AMU) Terminated their 10-year license, marketing and supply agreement established in August 2000 for two cancer-related imaging agents, Combidex and ferumoxytol Companies settled their lawsuit and Advanced Magnetics agreed to pay $4M to Cytogen and release 50,000 shares of Cytogen stock being held in escrow; all rights to the two products revert to Advanced Magnetics (2/19)
Dyax Corp.
Genzyme Corp. (GENZ) Terminated a four-year-old joint venture to commercialize DX-88 in hereditary angioedema Dyax will regain full worldwide ownership and $17M in cash from Genzyme (2/21)
Chemokine terminated deal from 2003 deal under which Globe was performing chemokine-based research on a contract basis As part of the deal Globe sold certain assets (laboratory equipment, leasehold improvements) to CTC for C$0.38M; CTC hired most Globe employees (1/9)
Systems Inc.
UCB SA (FSE:UNC) ImClone backed out of development deal for the cancer drug CDP-791 The deal was signed in the summer of 2005 (2/6)
PDL BioPharma
They ended deal under which PDL had rights to the Phase III agent terlipressin (Lucassin) The move followed results from a trial in type 1 hepatorenal syndrome; Orphan regained rights to the product (12/19)
Industries Ltd.
(Australia; PGLA)
Medigen Biotechnology Corp. (Taiwan) Progen is getting back all rights to PI-88, removing a 15% royalty obligation to Medigen Progen surrendered its 19.9% equity stake in Medigen and will issue 500,000 shares to Medigen and pay $235,000 upon executing the agreement (1/16)

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.
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NYSE = New York Stock Exchange.