• Zevex International (Salt Lake City) reported that the responsibilities of chairman of the board and CEO would be separated. The board has appointed current board member John Lemley as chairman. David McNally, former chairman, will remain on the board. McNally's responsibilities as CEO and president will remain unchanged. McNally said, “The separation of these two positions allows me to focus on strategy, customer relationships and operational performance. John will focus on corporate governance and the board of directors, while also advising on corporate strategy and direction.“ Lemley has held executive management positions in finance with companies such as Medtronic, Hewlett-Packard, Evans & Sutherland Computer and Megahertz Holding. Zevex is a device company producing sensors, surgical tools and medical electronic systems.

• ZymeQuest, a developer of carbohydrate-modified blood components for use in transfusion medicine, has appointed three scientists to managerial responsibilities related to the development of its red cell conversion and platelet modification technologies. Anthony Davies, PhD, has been named director of process development and manufacturing. Previously, Davies served as associate director of process development for Syrrx. Hans Wandall, MD, PhD, has been named director of the company's platelet program. As a physician with complementary expertise in glycobiology and carbohydrate chemistry, Wandall will lead the team responsible for the development of ZymeQuest's platelet modification technology. Thayer White, PhD, has been named director of research and development. White most recently served as associate director of biochemistry for Cell Therapeutics.

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