Company* (Country; Symbol)

Company* (Country; Symbol)

Change from original agreement

Terms/Details (Date)

Chemicon International Inc.*

Genome BioSciences Inc.*

Two-year extended agreement for the co-marketing of mouse knockout and knock-in services

Both parties will continue to co-market contract services to nonprofit and industrial markets through November 2007 (4/3)

EuroProteome AG * (Germany)

ImmunoTope Inc.*

Expanded collaboration to identify immunotherapeutics to treat cancer patients

EuroProteome will use its cell-purification methodology and provide human colon cancer tissue samples, while ImmunoTope will apply its platform technologies to identify peptides and their proteins of origin processed through the major histo-compatibility complex pathway; financial terms were not disclosed (3/24)


Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA)

Modified agreement raising the credit limit in their agreement for the psoriasis drug Raptiva

XOMA may repay the loan in cash, equity or through the deferral of up to $40M as an offset against proceeds from its 25% profit share in Raptiva; the new portion of the loan agreement is a $15M loan facility from Genentech to fund XOMA's share of U.S. marketing and sales costs; the loans are to be paid within 90 days after FDA approval of Raptiva (4/11)


Texas Biotechnology Corp. (TXBI)


Terminated joint venture for a late-stage cardiovascular drug

Texas Biotechnology will pay $10M to ICOS in return for the latter's 50% interest in ICOS-Texas Biotechnology LP; Texas Biotechnology gains full ownership rights to sitaxsentan (4/23)


The information in the chart does not cover agricultural agreements; * Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.

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