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John W. Kozarich, president, CEO and chief scientific officer
Privately Held


Founded in the early part of 2000, ActivX Biosciences Inc. is focused on activity-based proteomics, the identification and analysis of active proteins, to increase the speed and cost effectiveness of target discovery and drug development. The company is developing a high-throughput chemistry platform for identifying and analyzing active proteins in all ranges of abundance in any biological sample.

ActivX’s proteomics approach addresses the gap between the data generated by standard genomics and proteomics techniques and the therapeutic relevance of that data. ActivX identifies active proteins through the design and synthesis of novel chemical probes that have the ability to rapidly and directly interrogate the activities of key protein families. The probes are designed to quantify the changes in protein activities in any cell type and tissue over a range of normal and pathological conditions.

The company is pursuing a two-tiered business strategy. The first goal is to establish research collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The collaborations will, according to the company, most likely consist of up-front technology access and exclusivity fees, in addition to research funding, milestone payments and royalties on commercialized products. The second involves internal drug discovery and development programs in selective therapeutic areas. ActiveX said the long-term value of the company will be in its ownership of novel targets and the combination of licensing and internal development of the targets.

In July 2001, ActivX raised $20 million in its second round of funding to advance its work in activity-based proteomics.


Proteomics discovery: Genomics Collaborative Inc.