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Antigenics Inc. (AGEN)


Cancer vaccine consisting of purified, patient-specific heat shock protein-peptide complexes

Renal cell carcinoma

Initiated Phase III trial (6/28)

Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ARIA)

Argent GvHD

Genetically engineered donor T lymphocytes containing a gene encoding an inactive apoptosis protein that is activated upon administration of an oral drug called AP1903

Treatment of graft-vs.-host disease in patients who undergo bone marrow transplants

Received approval to begin Phase II trial (6/2)

British Biotech plc (UK; BBIOY)


Oral matrix metallo-proteinase inhibitor designed to inhibit blood flow to tumors


Product failed to beat placebo in a Phase III trial (6/23)

Cell Pathways Inc. (CLPA)


Exisulind; orally active drug designed to induce apoptosis in precancerous cells; inhibits a cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase

Familial adenomatous polyposis

Reported positive new data from Phase III trial (6/27)

ImClone Systems Inc. (IMCL)


Chimerized monoclonal antibody that inhibits the the KDR receptor on vascular endothelial cells; KDR is associated with angiogenesis

Metastatic colorectal carcinoma

Initiated patient treatment in Phase I trial (6/1)

Immunomedics Inc. (IMMU)


Humanized antibody against carcinoembryonic antigen; radiolabeled with yttrium-90

Patients with meta-static colorectal cancer who have failed or were intolerant to previous chemotherapy

Reported results of ongoing Phase II trials (6/5)

Immunomedics Inc. (IMMU)


Humanized anti-CD22 antibody consisting of murine binding sites linked to immunoglobulin backbone; labeled with yttrium-90

Aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma that has failed prior therapy

Reported results from 17-patient trial at the 47th annual meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine in St. Louis (SNM) (6/5)

Matritech Inc. (NMPS)


Test for nuclear matrix proteins

Breast cancer detection

Reported proof-of-clinical-concept data (6/1)

Maxim Pharmaceuticals (MAXM)


Histamine dihydrochloride; H2 receptor agonist

Stage IV malignant melanoma

Presented positive results including new 24-month survival data, on combination therapy with interleukin-2 at the Perspectives in Melanoma IV conference in Pittsburgh (6/2)

Milkhaus Laboratory Inc.*


Chorionic gonadotropin; hormone-based agent

Myelodysplastic syndrome

Reported positive results from open-label, crossover Phase II/III trial (6/7)


Reolysin Biotech Inc. (Canada; CDNX: ONC; affiliate of Synsorb Biotech Inc. [Canada; SYBB])

Reovirus (respiratory enteric orphan virus), which targets solid tumors with an activated Ras gene pathway; reovirus is a naturally occurring virus believed to cause mild infections of the upper-respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts in humans

Various late-stage cancers

Initiated first Phase I trial (6/6)

Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ONXX) and Warner-Lambert Co. (now merged with Pfizer Inc. [NYSE:PFE])

CI-1042 (ONYX-015)

Genetically engineered adenovirus that replicates in and kills tumor cells deficient in p53 tumor-suppressor gene

Recurrent head and neck cancer

Initiated Phase III trial (6/6)

SafeScience Inc. (SAFS)


Carbohydrate lectin inhibitor that competitively binds to unique lectins on cancer cells and disrupts the metastatic process

Colorectal carcinoma

Initiated Phase II trial (6/5)

Techniclone Corp. (TCLN)


Tumor necrosis therapy; chimeric monoclonal antibody that targets DNA-associated histone antigens, labeled with I-131 (targets necrotic center of tumor)

Brain cancer

Expanded Phase II trial to include the University of Miami as a site (6/1)

Vion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (VION) and Boehringer Ingelheim (Germany)


Porfiromycin; anticancer agent selective for hypoxic cancer cells

Non-resectable head and neck cancer<

Combination of Promycin and radiotherapy failed to beat radiotherapy alone in a Phase III trial (6/22)

Xenova Group plc (UK; XNVA)


Inhibitor of topoisomerase I and II

Colorectal cancer

Reported disappointing results from one of four Phase II open-label studies; no complete or partial responses were observed (6/1)


Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AMLN) and Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NYSE:AVE)


Antioxidant that inhibits vascular cell adhesion molecule expression in human vascular cells

Prevention of restenosis following angioplasty or other procedures to open clogged arteries

Initiated first Phase I trial (6/1)

AVI BioPharma Inc. (AVII)


Synthetic polymer antisense compound targeting c-myc oncogene, which has been implicated in cell proliferation


Initiated Phase II trial (6/28)

Avigen Inc. (AVGN)


Gene therapy; use of adeno-associated viral vector to deliver the factor IX gene

Hemophilia B

Reported Phase I/II trial results and announced plan for second trial at the annual meeting of the American Society of Gene Therapy in Denver (ASGT); discussed plan for a second, liver-directed trial (6/5)

Biopure Corp. (BPUR)

Hemopure (HBOC-201)

Hemoglobin glutamer-250 (bovine); each unit of product contains approximately 30 grams of purified, chemically cross-linked hemoglobin in 250 ml of a balanced salt solution

Alternative to blood cell transfusion in refractory auto-immune hemolytic anemia

Results of using the product on a compassionate-use basis to treat a patient with life-threatening anemia was reported in the 6/1 issue of the New England Journalof Medicine (6/1)

Corvas International Inc. (CVAS)


Injectable anticoagulant recombinant protein, discovered in its original form in blood-feeding hookworms

Prevention of deep vein thrombosis in patients undergoing orthopedic surgery

Completed enrollment in Phase II trial (6/20)

Centocor Inc. (subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson; NYSE:JNJ) and Eli Lilly and Co. (NYSE:LLY)

ReoPro and Retavase (both FDA-approved)

Reopro (abciximab) is a multireceptor, monoclonal antibody inhibitor of of glycoprotein (GP) IIb/IIIa, (alpha V beta 3) and MAC-1; Retavase is a recombinant tissue plasminogen activator

Heart attack

Data from combination trial of ReoPro and Retavase published in Circulation (6/19)

Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA)


Recombinant humanized anti-CD18 monoclonal antibody fragment

Heart attack

Preliminary results of Phase II trial showed the product failed to meet primary objectives (6/16)


Boston Life Sciences Inc. (BLSI)


Radioimaging probe for dopamine neurons

Diagnosis of attention deficit disorder

Clinical trial scored highest in panel set up to judge quality and scientific importance of papers presented at the psychiatry session of the SNM meeting (6/7)

Cephalon Inc. (CEPH)

Provigil (FDA-approved)

Modafinil; oral formulation of synthetic compound that is thought to affect alpha adrenergic receptors in the brain

Sleep deprivation

Reported results of three trials at the 14th Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies (6/21)

Genzyme Corp. (GENZ)


Implants of fetal pig neural cells; intended to function as replacement for brain cells lost to disease

Parkinson's disease

Extended milestone timeline to initiate Phase III trial by six months, to 12/31 (6/29)

Merck & Co. Inc. (NYSE: MRK)


Substance P antagonist


Company reported it is proceeding with ongoing Phase II trials, though enrollment is taking longer than expected (6/14)

Nastech Pharmaceutical Co. Inc. (NSTK)


Intranasal formulation designed to improve nasal absorption of butorphanol tartrate, the active ingredient in Stadol NS

Acute migraine pain

Reported Phase I results (6/15)

Pharmos Corp. (PARS)


Non-psychotropic synthetic analogue of marijuana (intravenous)

Severe traumatic brain injury

Company appointed Quintiles Ltd. (UK subsidiary of Quintiles Trans-national Corp. [QTRN]) to monitor and manage data for European Phase III trial scheduled to begin in the third quarter (6/13)



Chromax (marketed)

Bioavailable source of chromium picolinate

Sydrome X

Reported data from a pre-clinical trial at the 60th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association in San Antonio, Texas (ADA) (6/14)

Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AMLN)


Synthetic exendin-4; 39-amino-acid peptide that exhibits anti-diabetic activity similar to the mammalian hormone glucagon-like peptide

Type II diabetes

Reported data from dose-frequency Phase II study (6/9)

Aradigm Corp. (ARDM) <

AERx Pumonary Delivery System (insulin)

Insulin delivered via fine aerosol mists that are deposited deep into the lung; handheld electonic inhaler guides patient to breathe correctly and consistently

Type I diabetes

Presented results of Phase II trial at the ADA meeting (6/12)

Inhale Therapeutic Systems Inc. (INHL), Aventis Pharma (France; NYSE:AVE) and Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE)


Dry powder formulation of recombinant insulin, delivered via pulmonary delivery

Types I and II diabetes

Presented 30-month Phase II data at the ADA meeting (6/14)


Atrix Laboratories Ltd. (subsidiary of Atrix Laboratories [ATRX])

Atridox (FDA-approved)

Doxycycline 8.8% product applied as a gel to affected area, where it conforms to the shape of the periodontal pocket and solidifies, releasing doxycyline over a period of about 7 days

Periodontal disease

Presented study results at International Association of Dental Research in Washington, D.C. (6/5)

Aviron (AVIR)


Genetically engineered live virus vaccine


Initiated Phase I trial (6/30)

Cel-Sci Corp. (AMEX:CVM)


Natural mixture of human cytokines, including interleukin-2


Presented data on safety and cell-mediated immunity at the 1st International Conference on Vaccine Development and Immunotherapy in HIV in Palm Beach, Fla. (6/30)

Eli Lilly and Co. (NYSE: LLY)


Recombinant human activated protein C

Severe sepsis

Stopped enrollment on recommendation of independent data and safety monitoring board, which found positive results for the endpoint of 28-day all-cause mortality (6/29)

Enzo Biochem Inc. (NYSE:ENZ)


Orally available viral protein

Chronic hepatitis B

Commenced Phase II trial (6/14)

Enzo Biochem Inc. (NYSE:ENZ)


Genetic antisense medicine; insertion of gene that synthesizes antisense molecule to HIV-1 directly into blood cells (patient's stem cells treated ex vivo to render them HIV-resistant, then reinfused into patient)

HIV infection

Reported preliminary results of Phase I trial data at the ASGT meeting (6/2)

Gilead Sciences Inc. (GILD)

Tenofovir DF

Orally administered nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor

HIV infection in antiretroviral naove patients

Initiated enrollment in a second multinational Phase III trial (6/12)

Hemispherx Biopharma Inc. (AMEX:HEB)


Double-stranded synthetic RNA compound poly I: poly C12U

HIV infection

Initiated Phase II/III trial (6/20)

The Immune Response Corp. (IMNR) and Agouron Pharmaceuticals Inc. (subsidiary of Pfizer Inc. [NYSE:PFE])


Envelope depleted, inactivated AIDS virus (emulsified with adjuvant); therapeutic vaccine

HIV infection

Companies said enrollment in 96-week, randomized blinded trial, previously announced 5/10, was halted while protocol changes are reviewed (6/9); presented preliminary interim results from Phase II trial at the 5th European Conference on Experimental AIDS Research in Madrid (6/21)

IntraBiotics Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IBPI)

Ramoplanin Oral

Naturally occurring antibiotic that kills Grampositive bacteria

Prevention of bloodstream infection due to the presence of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus in cancer patients known to carry VRE bacteria in their intestines

Initiated Phase III trial (6/29)

Micrologix Biotech Inc. (Canada; TSE:MBI)


Antibiotic targeting Propionibacterium acnes


Completed Phase I trial (6/28)

Oxo Chemie Inc. (subsidiary of Oxo Chemie AG; Switzerland)

Macrokine (WF10)

Macrophage regulation drug containing proprietary chlorite

Hepatitis C infection

Initiated Phase II trial (6/29)

Palatin Technologies Inc. (AMEX:PTN) and Mallinckrodt Inc.(NYSE: MKG)


Antibody-based infection imaging agent

Diagnosis of equivocal appendicitis

Presented positive results of Phase III trial at the SNM meeting and reported the FDA's Medical Imaging Drugs Advisory Panel would review the biologics license application for LeuTech on 7/10 (6/7)

Pathogenesis Corp. (PGNS)

TOBI (FDA-approved)

Tobramycin solution for inhalation


Initiated enrollment in Phase II trial (6/29)

Peptide Therapeutics Group plc (UK; LSE:PTE)


Live attenuated yellow fever vaccine

Prevention of yellow fever in travelers

Reported positive results in a pivotal Phase III trial (6/5)

Triangle Pharmaceuticals Inc. (VIRS)


Potent, selective inhibitor of HIV-1 protease that belongs to the cyclic ureas

HIV infection

Presented initial results of Phase I/II trial at the 4th International Workshop on HIV Drug Resistance and Treatment Strategies (IDRT) in Sitges, Spain (6/12)

Triangle Pharmaceuticals Inc. (VIRS)


Dioxolane purine nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor that is rapidly converted in humans into its active metabolite, DXG

HIV infection

Presented data on the antiviral acitivity of DAPD in HIV-infected patients who have failed multiple antiviral drugs and results from short-term Phase I/II trial at the IDRT meeting (6/12)


Axys Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AXPH)

APC 2059

Topical cream formulation of tryptase inhibitor (tryptase involved in mast cell-mediated inflammation)

Ulcerative colitis

Completed interim data analysis of Phase II trial and decided to continue the study through the end of the year as planned (6/1)

Biomatrix Inc. (NYSE:BXM)

Synvisc (FDA-approved)

An elastoviscous hylan therapeutic

Osteoarthritis of the hip

Reported preliminary results of clinical trial at the Annual European Congress of Rheumatology in Nice, France (6/29)

Cangene Corp. (Canada; TSE:CNJ)


Recombinant human growth hormone

Short stature in children with growth hormone deficiency and girls with Turner's Syndrome

Initiated two separate pivotal trials (6/2)

Cellegy Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CLGY)


Proprietary formulation of nitroglycerin ointment

Anal fissures

Reported positive results of Phase III trial at the annual meeting of the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons in Boston (ASCRS) (6/27)

Cellegy Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CLGY)


Proprietary formulation of nitroglycerin ointment

Reduction of pain in patients undergoing hemorrhoid surgery

Reported trial results at ASCRS meeting (6/27)

Connetics Corp. (CNCT)


Recombinant human relaxin


Data from Phase II trial were published in the 6/6 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine (6/6)

Discovery Laboratories Inc. (DSCO)

SuperVent Aerosol Solution

Tyloxapol (non-anionic alkalaryl and polyether alcohol); anti-inflammatory inhibitor of NF-(kappa)B

Cystic fibrosis

Reported additional data from Phase IIa trial (6/1)

Genelabs Technologies Inc. (GNLB)


Dehydropieandosterone (DHEA); naturally occurring hormone produced by the adrenal glands

Systemic lupus erythematosus

Reported statistically significant positive results from the second Phase III trial at the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Endocrine Society in Toronto (6/23)

Gliatech Inc. (GLIA)

Adcon T/N

Gel developed to inhibit postsurgical adhesions following tendon and peripheral nerve surgeries

Patients receiving tendon or peripheral nerve surgeries

Reported results of blinded, randomized trial at the Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand 5th Congress in Barcelona (6/28)

Gliatech Inc. (GLIA)

Adcon-L (FDA-approved)

Anti-adhesion barrier gel (semisynthetic carbohydrate polymer)

Reduction of peridural scar associated with lumbar diskectomy surgery

Presented data at the International Intradiscal Therapy Society 13th Annual Meeting (6/13)

Human Genome Sciences Inc. (HGSI)


B lymphocyte stimulator that stimulates B cells to mature into plasma B cells, which produce antibodies

Common variable immunodeficiency

Initiated clinical trials (6/23)

Immunex Corp. (IMNX) and Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals (the pharmaceutical division of American Home Products Corp. [NYSE:AHP])

Enbrel (FDA-approved)

Entanercept; recombinant, soluble T75 tumor necrosis factor receptor (TNFr) linked to the Fc portion of human IgG1

Adult rheumatoid arthritis that inadequately responds to disease-modifying drugs

Presented U.S. and European long-term clinical trial data at 15th Annual Meeting of the European League Against Rheumatism in Nice, France (6/23)

Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corp. (IART)


Peripheral nerve regeneration conduit; bioresorbable collagen tube that is sutured to each end of the severed nerve bundle

Median nerve injuries

Initiated enrollment in Phase II trial (6/28)

Maret Pharmaceuticals Inc.*


Peptide analogue of the human hormone angiotensin

Restoration of red blood cells to minimize anemia in end-stage renal disease

Initiated Phase I/II trial (6/6)

NitroMed Inc.*


Nitric oxide-enhanced compound of the alpha2 blocker Vohimbine

Female sexual arousal disorder

Reported Phase II results at the 26th International Academy of Sex Research Conference in Paris (6/26)

Novavax Inc. (AMEX: NOX)


Topical cream formulation containing nanosome encapsulated testosterone

Testosterone-deficient post-menopausal women

Initiated Phase I trial (6/20)

OraSense Ltd. (joint venture of Elan Corp. plc [Ireland; NYSE:ELN] and Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc. [NYSE: ISIP])


Oral formulation of ISIS 2503, an inhibitor of H-ras (anticancer)


Presented results from a proof-of-concept Phase I trial at the American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics and the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Boston; trial in healthy volunteers was designed to test the feasibility of oral delivery of antisense products (6/5)

StressGen Biotechnologies Corp. (TSE:SSB)


Recombinant fusion product composed of heat shock protein 65 (Hsp65) from Mycobacterium bovis BCG and the protein E7, derived from the human papilloma virus

Anal dysplasia

Based on interim analysis of Phase II trial, company will proceed directly into a Phase III trial (6/26)

Targeted Genetics Corp. (TGEN)


Gene therapy; use of adeno-associated viral vector to deliver normal CFTR (cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator) gene into nasal passage

Cystic fibrosis

Presented Phase I data at the ASGT meeting (6/5)

Techniclone Corp. (TCLN) and Schering AG (Germany)


LYM-1 murine monoclonal antibody to HLA-DR10 protein (cell surface marker present on 80% of lymphoma cells), labeled with I-131

Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Schering subsidiary Berlex Laboratories will initiate Phase II/III trial (6/22)

United Therapeutics Corp. (UTHR) and Cortech Inc.


Serine elastase inhibitor

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

United Therapeutics discontinued UT-77 drug development project based on preclinical results and Phase II trial (6/27)


* Privately held.

Unless otherwise noted, the stock symbols listed for public companies are on the Nasdaq market.

AMEX = American Stock Exchange; LSE = London Stock Exchange; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over the Counter Bulletin Board; CDNX = Canadian Venture Exchange TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange

ND = Not disclosed.

ADA = The 60th annual meeting of the American Diabetes Association in San Antonio, Texas.

ASCRS = The annual meeting of the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons in Boston

ASGT = The 3rd annual meeting of the American Society of Gene Therapy in Denver.

SNM = The 47th annual meeting of the Socieyt of Nuclear Medicine in St. Louis.

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