Status (Date)**


NeoRx Corp.

Skeletal Targeted Radiotherapy (STR)

Molecule that tightly binds holmium-166 and targets the bone marrow

Multiple myeloma

Presented Phase I/II data at International Society for Experimental Hematology meeting in Monaco (7/14)

NeuroVir Therapeutics Inc.*


Genetically engineered herpes simplex virus designed to selectively infect and kill tumor cells while not invading and damaging normal brain tissue

Recurrent glioblastoma

Released preliminary Phase I results (7/6)

NeXstar Pharmaceuticals Inc.

NX 211

Liposomal formulation of lurtotecan, a topoisomerase inhibitor

Advanced-stage solid tumors

Initiated enrollment in Phase I trial (7/13)

Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Chiron Corp.


Chemically synthesized ribozyme; specifically inhibits formation of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor (VEGFr)


Announced results of Phase Ia and Ib trials (7/14)

Valentis Inc.

Interleukin-12 gene therapy using the company's PINCProtective, Interactive, Non-Condensing) gene delivery system

Squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck

Initiated Phase I/II trial (7/21)


Cerus Corp. and Baxter Healthcare Corp. (NYSE:BAX)

Pathogen inactivate system for platelets based on light-activated psoralen compound, S-59


Initiated enrollment in Phase III trial (7/22)

CV Therapeutics Inc.andInnovex Inc. (subsidiary of Quintiles Transnational Corp.)


Perzine acetamide

Stable angina

Initiated 2nd pivotal Phase III trial, testing the drug in combination with other antianginal drugs (7/7)

Interneuron Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Incara Pharmaceuticals Corp.


Bucindolol HCl; non-selective beta blocker with vasodilating properties

Congestive heart failure

Terminated Phase III study early based on Data Safety and Monitoring Board's interim analysis revealing no statistically significant survival advantage (7/29)

LifeCell Corp. and Pharmacia &Upjohn (NYSE:PNU)


Platelet preservation solution used in conjunction with recombinant thrombopoietin (which P&U licensed from Genentech Inc.)

Preservation of rhTPO-stimulated autologous platelets for reinfusion to counter thrombocytopenia during chemotherapy

Initiated safety and clinical efficacy trial (7/28)

Scios Inc.


Nesiritide; human B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP; naturally occurring peptide in the heart)

Decompensated heart failure

Phase II study data published in 7/99 issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (7/15)


Cephalon Inc. and H. Lundbeck A/S (Denmark)


Orally active and cell- and blood-brain-barrier permeable small-molecule inhibitor of stress-activated protein kinase pathway

Neurodegenerative diseases

Initiated Phase I trial in healthy volunteers (7/22)

Neurocrine Biosciences Inc.


Compound that enhances action of GABA by binding to specific sites on the GABA-a receptor; chemically distinct from benzodiazepines


Initiated Phase II trial (7/30)

Sibia Neurosciences Inc.


Altinicline; small molecule that is selective for certain nicotinic actycholine receptor (NAChR) subtypes in the brain; the receptors regulate the release of dopamine and acetylcholine

Parkinson's disease

Reported results from 2 Phase II trials; product did not prove statistically significant benefit vs. placebo (7/21)


Insmed Pharmaceuticals Inc.


D-chiron inositol; small, carbohydrate-based molecule (oral)

Type II diabetes

Presented "late breaking" results of Phase II diabetes trial at American Diabetes Association meeting


Aviron and Wyeth Lederle Vaccines (unit of American Home Products; NYSE: AHP)


Nasal spray formulation of influenza vaccine; attenuated, cold-adapted live virus vaccine

Prevention of influenza infection

Results of Phase III study published in 7/14 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (7/13)

BioChem Pharma Inc. (Canada)

Zeffix (FDA-approved)

Lamivudine; nucleoside analogue (oral dosage)

Hepatitis B

Reported new, 3-year data at Zeffix launch meeting in Hong Kong (7/8)

Enzo Biochem

Immune modulation product consisting of specific hepatitis B proteins delivered orally

Hepatitis B infection

Initiated first clinical trial (7/26)

IntraBiotics Pharmaceuticals Inc.*


Naturally occurring antibiotic

Vancomycin-resistant enterocci infection that kills gram-positive bacteria

Completed Phase II trial (7/14)

Medinox Inc.*


Compound that binds and inactivates nitric oxide

Intradialytic hypotension

Initiated Phase I/II trial (7/1)

Trimeris Inc.


HIV fusion inhibitor; administered as monotherapy by subcutaneous injection (oral)

HIV infection

Initiated Phase I trial (7/1)

ViroPharma Inc.


Oral liquid formulation of a small molecule inhibitor of several RNA viruses (blocks replication)

Viral respiratory infection

Reported results from three Phase II trials (7/13)


Alizyme plc (LSE:AZM)


Anti-inflammatory steroid linked to Colal colonic delivery system

Inflammatory bowel disease

Completed Phase I trial (7/29)

Bio-Technology General Corp.


Recombinant superoxide dismutase product (intrathecal administration)

Prevention of asthma and neurodevelopmental deficits in premature infants

Released data from Phase III trial (7/12)

Cambridge Antibody Technology Group plc,BASF Pharma(unit of BASF AG; Germany), and Genitics Institute (subsidiary of American Home Products Corp.; NYSE:AHP)


Anti-interleukin-12 fully human monoclonal antibody

Autoimmune and inflammatory disorders

Initiated Phase I trials (7/9)

Ergo Science Corp.

Ergoset tablets

Low-dose, oral formulation of bromocriptine (ergot alkaloid; generic dopamine agonist)


Phase II study failed to show statistically significant benefit vs. placebo (7/9)

Labopharm Inc.* (Canada) and Sepracor Inc.


Solid, controlled-release formulation of Sepracor's Xopenex [therapeutically active (R)-isomer of racemic albuterol]


Completed Phase I trial (7/6)

MedImmune Inc.and Bio-Transplant Inc.


Humanized monoclonal antibody that binds to CD2 antigen receptor found on T cells and natural killer cells-

Steroid-resistant, severe graft-vs.-host disease

Presented data from Phase I/II trial at the 28th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Experimental Hematology in Monte Carlo (7/12)

Nastech Pharmcaceutical Co.

Intranasally delivered scopolamine; naturally occurring tertiary amine antimuscarinic agent

Treatment and prevention of motion sickness

Completed Phase III trials (7/8)

Tanox Inc.*


Anti-IgE monoclonal antibody

Reduction of allergic reactions to

Initiated Phase I/II trial (7/13)

Theratechnol-ogies Inc. (Canada; MSE:TH; TSE:TH.WT)

ThGRF 1-44

Analogue of growth hormone releasing factor

Potential indications include cardiomyopathy, growth hormone deficiency and muscle-wasting conditions

Completed Phase I trial (7/5)

Xoma Ltd. and Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA)


Humanized monoclonal antibody to CD11a receptor on T cells (involved in both T

Moderate to severe plaque psoriasis

Presented results from Phase II study at Canadian Dermatology Association meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia (7/7)

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