Biotech Company** Product Pharma Partner Type Arrangement/Geographic Area/
(Country) (Country) Details (Date)
Access Pharma- Aphthasol (amlexanox Paladin Labs Inc. Letter of intent to license product for mar-
ceuticals Inc. (OTC oral paste 5% for treat- (subsidiary of Pharma- keting in Canada; Paladin will be respon-
Bulletin Board:AXCS) ing aphthous ulcers; science; Canada) sible for obtaining regulatory approval in
FDA-approved) Canada; Access gets milestones and royal-
ties (8/98)
Aphthasol (amlexanox Strakan Ltd. (U.K.) Letter of intent to license product for mar-
oral paste 5% for treat- keting in U.K. and Ireland; Strakan will
ing aphthous ulcers; be responsible for obtaining regulatory
FDA-approved) approvals in U.K. and European Commun-
ity; Access gets milestones and royalties
Affymetrix Inc. Development of Gene- Hewlett-Packard Co. Extension of 2/97 manufacturing agree-
Array scanner to read (NYSE:HWP) ment; Hewlett-Packard will continue to
DNA probe arrays make confocal lasers to be sold as part of
Affymetrix's GeneChip system through
2002 (8/98)
American Biogenetic Thrombus precursor Corgenix Medical Corgenix will distribute product in North
Sciences Inc. protein (TpP) diagnostic Corp. (OTC Bulletin America and will collect and share clinical
kit; immunoassay that Board:COGX) data with American Biogenetic Sciences
measures soluble fibrin; (8/98)
for diagnosing blood
clot formation
Aviron FluMist (nasal spray CSL Ltd. CSL gets exclusive rights to market prod-
formulation of influ- (ASX:CSL; Australia) uct in Australia, New Zealand and certain
enza vaccine; cold- other South Pacific countries; companies
adapted live virus will jointly conduct clinical trials in Aus-
vaccine) tralia; companies will share profits; Aviron
has option to get warrants for CSL com-
mon stock on achievement of milestones
Cangene Corp. WinRho SDF (hyper- CSL Ltd. 5-year exclusive agreement with optional
immune product for (ASX:CSL; Australia) 2-year extension; CSL will distribute prod-
preventing hemolytic uct in Australia; companies will work to-
disease in newborns) gether toward product approval in Austra-
lia; CSL has guaranteed purchase of spec-
ified minimum quantities (9/98)
Celgene Corp. Celgene's chirally pure Biovail Corp. Biovail gets exclusive marketing rights in
version of Ritalin for International Canada; Biovail will buy $2.5M in Celgene
treating children with (TSE:BVF; Canada) stock at 25% premium to market; Celgene
attention deficit hyper- gets licensing fees and royalties (6/98)
activity disorder
Centocor Inc. Retevase (reteplase; Biovail Corp. Biovail gets exclusive distribution rights in
recombinant plasmino- International Canada; Centocor gets $4M up front plus
gen activator) for (TSE:BVF; Canada) royalties; Centocor will sell product to
treating acute myocar- Biovail (9/98)
dial infarction
Cephalon Inc. Modafinil (oral formu- Dompe SpA (Italy) Dompe will market, sell and distribute
lation of synthetic com- products in Italy; terms ND (6/98)
pound that is thought
to affect alpha-adre-
nergic receptors in the
brain; a.k.a. Provigil)
for treating narcolepsy;
also Myotrophin (recom-
binant human insulin-
like growth factor) for
treating amyotrophic
lateral sclerosis
Medtronic's intrathecal Medtronic Inc. Renewal of co-promotion agreement; Ceph-
baclofen therapy for (NYSE:MDT) alon will co-promote product through 4/99
intractable spasticity to neurologists and physiatrists in U.S. (7/98)
CollaGenex Periostat (oral drug con- Applied Analytical Applied Analytical will manufacture prod-
Pharmaceuticals Inc. sisting of sub-antibiotic Industries Inc. uct for sale in U.S. (6/98)
dose of doxycycline) for (NASDAQ:AAII)
periodontal disease
Periostat (oral drug con- Laboratoires Pharma- Pharmascience gets exclusive license to
sisting of sub-antibiotic science (subsidiary of market product in France and certain
dose of doxycycline) for Groupe Expanscience; related territories; CollaGenex gets up-front
periodontal disease France) fee, milestones and royalties (8/98)
Cortecs plc (U.K.) Macritonin (oral form- Ferrer Internacional Ferrer will distribute product in Latin
ulation of salmon SA (Spain) America; it gets semi-exclusive rights in
calcitonin) for treating Brazil and Argentina and exclusive rights
postmenopausal elsewhere except Mexico; agreement also
osteoporosis includes the Philippines; Ferrer responsible
for regulatory approvals; Cortecs will
manufacture and sell product to Ferrer;
Cortecs gets royalties (8/98)
Genentech Inc. Herceptin (humanized Hoffmann-La Roche Roche gets exclusive marketing rights out-
monoclonal antibody to Ltd. (Switzerland) side U.S.; Genentech gets "substantial" up-
HER2 growth factor front fee, milestones and royalties; com-
receptor) for treating panies will contribute equally to global
HER2-overexpressing development costs; agreement includes
metastatic breast cancer joint global development of product for
treating other solid tumors (7/98)
Genetic Instrumentation for Takara Shuzo Co. Ltd. Takara gets exclusive rights to distribute
MicroSystems Inc.* DNA microarrays (Japan) instrumentation in Japan, China, Taiwan
and Korea; Takara also gets exclusive
rights to use technology to manufacture
DNA chips; Genetic MicroSystems gets
milestones and royalties and an equity
investment from Takara (9/98)
Genzyme Corp. Thyrogen (recombinant Knoll Pharmaceutical 5-year exclusive agreement to jointly mar-
human thyroid stimulat- Co. ket product in U.S.; Genzyme gets up-front
ing hormone) for use payment (8/98)
in monitoring recurrence
of thyroid cancer
Hyal Solarase (topical 3% Altana Inc. (subsidiary Agreement in principal for Altana to get
Pharmaceutical Corp. diclofenac gel) for of Byk Gulden Lomberg worldwide marketing rights (except where
(TSE:HPC; Canada) treating actinic kera- Chemische Fabrik already licensed); Hyal gets up-front fee and
tosis (precancerous GmbH; Germany) royalties; companies will also jointly devel-
skin lesions) op Hyanalgese-D for uses other than pain
of osteoarthritis (7/98)
ID Biomedical Corp. ID Biomedical's gene- Mitsubishi Chemical Memorandum of intent; Mitsubishi will be
(Canada) based tests for detecting Corp. (Japan) exclusive distributor in Japan (7/98)
Staphylococcus aureus
and vancomycin-resis-
tant Enterococcus
Immunomedics Inc. CEA-Scan (radiolabeled Syncor International Syncor will distribute product in U.S. (9/98)
monoclonal antibody- Inc. (NASDAQ:SCOR)
based in vivo diagnos-
tic imaging agent for
colorectal cancer)
Interneuron Oral citicholine for Ferrer Internacional SA Ferrer gets worldwide license (except in
Pharmaceuticals Inc. protecting brain tissue (Spain) U.S. and Canada) to Interneuron's patent
from cerebral infarc- rights relating to this indication for the prod-
tion following ischemic uct; Interneuron gets royalties (7/98)
The Liposome Co. Abelcet (amphotericin Wyeth-Ayerst Inter- Wyeth-Ayerst will market product in
Inc. B lipid complex) as 1st- national Inc. (division Greece (7/98)
line therapy for crypto- of American Home
coccal meningitis and Products Corp.;
2nd-line therapy for NYSE:AHP)
severe systemic fungal
Matritech Inc. NMP22 Test Kit: urine- Laboratory Corporation Companies will co-market product in U.S.
based immunoassay for of America Holdings (9/98)
bladder cancer (detects (NYSE:LH)
presence of nuclear
matrix protein)
Penederm Inc. Topical drug Mentax Pedinol Pharmacal Inc. Pedinol will promote product to podiatrists
(butenafine HCl 1% in U.S.; companies will share profits (7/98)
antifungal cream) for
treating athlete's foot
Ribi ImmunoChem Melacine melanoma Schering-Plough Corp. Amendment to 3/98 marketing agreement,
Research Inc. vaccine (lysed, purified (NYSE:SGP) giving Schering-Plough exclusive rights
cells from 2 human worldwide (adds Canada to its territories)
melanoma cell lines (6/98)
combined with Detox
Scios Inc. SmithKline's Paxil SmithKline Beecham Scios will co-promote product in U.S.;
(paroxetine HCl, a plc (NYSE:SBH; U.K.) further details ND (9/98)
selective serotonin
reuptake inhibitor) for
treating depression
and anxiety
Sequus Amphocil (a.k.a. Farma-APS Produtos Exclusive 5-year agreement for Farma to
Pharmaceuticals Inc. Amphotec; lipid-based Farmaceuticos Ltd. market, sell and distribute product in
colloidal dispersion of (Portugal) Portugal (7/98)
amphotericin B) for
treating systemic fungal
# This chart does not include any marketing and/or distribution agreements that involve agricultural product development. The information in the chart covers the time period between 6/16/98 and 9/21/98.
ASX = Australia Stock Exchange; ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange
** Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols for public biotechnology companies can be found by referring to the BioWorld Stock Report For Public Biotechnology Companies on pp. 13-14.