Syntro Corp. announced Wednesday the formation of SyntroZeon L.C., a 50-50 joint venture between Syntro Venture Corp.(a wholly owned subsidiary of Syntro Corp.) and Nippon Zeon ofAmerica Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Zeon Co.Ltd. of Tokyo).

The joint venture was established as a Kansas-limited liabilitycompany, with headquarters in Lenexa, a suburb of KansasCity.

Syntro Zeon will commercialize a family of poultry vaccinesexpected to emerge from a collaborative product developmentprogram initiated by Syntro and Nippon Zeon in 1989.

Vaccines under development incorporate viral geneengineering technologies developed by Syntro and Nippon Zeonscientists. They are designed to deliver enhanced performanceagainst four of the most prevalent and economically importantdiseases affecting the poultry industry worldwide.

Syntro Corp. (NASDAQ:SYNT) of Kansas City and San Diego isworking on genetically engineered veterinary vaccines. Thecompany's stock closed Wednesday at $4.38, up 25 cents ashare.

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