European Patent Disclosures Published Jan. 7, 13 (EPO), Jan. 7(WO), Jan. 6 (GB)

Abbott Laboratories Ligase chain WO 93/00447Abbott Park, Ill. reaction (LCR)"Gap-filling" LCR amplifies target nucleic acids. Probes withspecific sequences claimed for a number of pathogens.

Advanced Tech. (Cambridge) Plant starch EPO 521 621Cambridge, England productionPlant cell transformed with chimeric gene comprising antisensecoding sequence alters starch constitution, but not total output.

American Cyanamid Co. Cytomegalo- EPO 521 427Stamford, Conn. virus inhibitionMarker gene put into human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) genomeidentifies non-essential genes; screens for compounds thatinhibit HCMV.

Applied Research Systems Heterodimeric EPO 521 586Curaao, Neth. Antilles hormonesBioactive human FSH and other alpha and beta subunithormones, synthesised in cells transfected with DNA encodingeach chain.

Atomic Energy Commission Guinea-pig WO 93/00438Paris, France Hb promoterAmplifier (domains I, II) and silencer (domain III) sequencesisolated from guinea-pig Hb promoter; their use in geneticengineering.

Bio-Technology General Recombinant WO 93/00443New York apolipoprotein EPurifying human Apo E from recombinant bacterial cells, withenhanced yield, minimal protein degradation, by addingneutralized fatty acids.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. Killer T cell WO 93/00431New York receptor geneRecombinant cytotoxic T lymphocyte 4A receptor as B7 antigenligand, expressed as fusion protein to regulate T cellinteractions.

British Technology Group Chimeric WO 93/00434London phage-coat proteinChimeric protein can form part of MS-2 capsid assembly,comprises sequence of phage coat protein, modified byrelocating cysteine.

Calif. Inst. Biologic. Res. Hybrid proteins, WO 93/00356La Jolla, Calif. binding sitesHybrid proteins containing repressor proteins, substitutedbinding sites, amino acid and DNA sequences encoding hybrids;preparation methods.

California, University of Lyme disease WO 93/00448Berkeley, Calif. diagnosisA chromosomal gene of Borrelia burgdorferi encodes 79kDantigen suitable for vaccine; its antibody permits diagnosis.

Cancer Research Campaign Papillomavirus WO 93/00436London vaccinationPapillomavirus subunit (particularly BPV2, BPV4), cloned as afusion protein with beta-galactosidase, effects tumorprevention, regression in calves..

Celltech Ltd. Humanized mono- GB 2 257 145Slough, Berks., UK clonals to TNFaRecombinant, humanized, antibodies against human TNFa, fordiagnosis and therapy, particularly of septic, endotoxic orcardiovascular shock.

Chemo-Sero-Therapeutic Recombinant EPO 522 535Kumamoto, Japan Marek's vaccineMutated Marek's disease virus, incorporating exogenous genefragment, creates multivalent live vaccine to protect fowl.

CNRS (Natl. Sci. Res. Ctr) Chicken-gene WO 93/00430Paris tumor probe"Concatenation of nucleotides" hybridizable with nov gene ofchickens, as probes for detecting tumor development,differentiation.

Columbia University Fibrinolysis, WO 93/00364New York fibrin-ogenolysis testDetecting Aa, fragment in a fibrinogen-containing humansample, contacted with complex-forming Aa, chain, andmonoclonal antibody.

Dana-Farber Canncer Inst. Leukocyte- WO 93/00111Boston blocking monoclonalsAntibodies against murine Leukocyte Adhesion Molecule 1(LAM-1) for blocking leukocytes from inflammation or tissueinjury sites.

Dominko, Tanja Screening EPO 521 674Oregon, Wisc. cows' eggsMaturing bovine oocytes, denuded of cumulus cells, in culture;observing polar body ejection, assaying eggs' developmentalpotential.Erziehungsdirektion Brain-tumor WO 93/00427Zurich, Switzerland gene therapyDiagnostic and therapeutic uses of genes and their encodedproteins, (e.g., myelin-associated protein), which can inhibitmalignant neurite outgrowth

Farmitalia Carlo Erba Hirudin purifi- WO 93/00363Milan, Italy cation, assayPolymerizing hirudin to produce antigen, to create antibody foridentification,immunopurification, quantitative determinationof hirudin.

Fuji Yakuhin KKK Rheumatoid EPO 522 169Toyama, Japan arthritis assayTwo monoclonals, each against one of two antigenicdeterminants on human stromelysin present in body fluid, todiagnose rheumatoid arthritis.

GeneLabs Inc. DNA-binding WO 93/00446Redwood City, Calif. moleculesCompetition assay for screening libraries of synthetic orbiological compounds for their ability to bind specific DNA testsequences.

Genetics Institute Recombinant WO 93/00432Cambridge, Mass. bone proteinsPurified genetically engineered bone morphogenetic protein-9(BMP-9), for treating bone and cartilage defects, woundhealing, tissue repair.

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