PCR INVENTOR HONOREDKary B. Mullis has been awarded the 1991 National BiotechnologyVentures Award for his 1984 discovery of a DNA amplificationprocess known as polymerase chain reaction. Mullis, now aconsultant in La Jolla, Calif., developed polymerase chaintechnology, while a scientist at Cetus Corp..IatroMed, Inc., a Phoenix, Ariz. developer of bone regenerationproducts, has promoted Frank P. Magee, vice president of researchand development, to executive vice president. Magee will nowsupervise clinical and regulatory affairs as well as R&D. James T.Ryaby, formerly a graduate research associate at Mount Sinai Schoolof Medicine, will become director of research..Steven S. Cowell has resigned as vice president and controller ofCetus. to become vice president and chief financial officer ofAgouron Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: AGPH), a La Jolla, Calif.developer of rational drug design products for use against infectiousdiseases..Barry W. Steiger, formerly vice president of clinical development forQuadra Logic Technologies Inc., has become vice president of medicalaffairs for MGI Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ: MOGN) of Minneapolis, adeveloper and marketer of drug treatments for disorders associatedwith cancer. -- Jeff Hutkoff

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