A Medical Device Daily Staff Report

DR Systems (San Diego) and Mach7 Technologies (Burlington, Vermont) have reported a global alliance between DR Systems and Mach7.

"In Enterprise Imaging, there is no longer a clear distinction between intra-mural and extra-mural workflows. It takes a highly flexible and massively scalable workflow engine to configure and maintain today's dynamic healthcare IT environments," said Florent Saint-Clair, VP of corporate development for DR Systems. "This partnership opens up many exciting possibilities for our Enterprise-class customers who wish to increase the useful life of their existing infrastructure and IT solutions, yet extend their reach beyond their current technological boundaries. We are combining our 20 years of expertise and patented technology in diagnostics with the Keystone Engine's superb ability to unify diverse imaging workflows into one platform."

The DR Systems unity enterprise imaging platform can scale from small imaging centers to large regional and national IDNs. Mach7's Keystone Engine will facilitate integration with complex Enterprise, multidisciplinary workflows in the large hospital and multi-facility segments, and will give customers an affordable path to VNA deployment. The same level of mature workflow efficiency Radiology and Cardiology have long benefited from is now accessible to all departments of a hospital that rely on medical images for diagnostics.

In other agreements/contracts, Truven Health Analytics℠ (Ann Arbor, Michigan) reported that CHRISTUS Health (Houston), a 30 hospital, 5,000 bed organization located in seven U.S. states, has completed a multi-year agreement for broad access to Micromedex Clinical Knowledge Suite for evidence-based Drug, Toxicology, Disease, Neonatal and Pediatric clinical resources and tools.

With this agreement, CHRISTUS Health clinical staff in 22 facilities will now have unlimited access to their Micromedex Solution. A single solution for clinicians, such as nurses, physicians and pharmacists, Micromedex provides evidence-based clinical content like drug interactions, poisonous substance identification, patient-specific disease treatment options and Pediatric dosing information to help care-givers make informed and confident patient safety, medication, and care management decisions.

Micromedex evidence-based resources are impeccably sourced, referenced in context, rigorously reviewed and updated, and are the industry standard for completeness and comprehensiveness. In the last 12 months, about eight million searches of clinical content resources have been conducted by clinicians and healthcare professionals in healthcare systems and hospitals, pharmaceutical and Industrial organizations around the globe in the Micromedex 2.0 platform alone.

"We selected Micromedex as our clinical decision resource in large part because it meets a robust set of needs for comprehensive and reliable evidence-based information across our health system. Micromedex has the drug and medication information our pharmacists, nurses and physicians trust – and it will also provide complete Pediatric and Neonatal information for our NICU and PICU departments, and the Toxicology information our Emergency Department, depend on. Leveraging Micromedex as a single solution for our clinical content helps our organization ensure our clinicians have access to dependable, consistent information when delivering patient care across the care continuum," said Luke Webster, MD, chief medical information officer, CHRISTUS Health.

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