Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co. Ltd., of Osaka, Japan, said it has enacted an organizational realignment and a number of changes in executive positions as well as other key posts, effective Oct. 1: Shinichiro Katayanagi senior strategic officer – North America non-oncology business; Masashi Yabuki deputy senior director, corporate service center; Masakazu Hashimoto project director, early phase drug research; Takeo Ishiyama project director, late-phase drug research; Setsuko Yamamoto senior director, research planning and coordination; Isao Shimizu senior director, external innovation development office; Michiko Ono senior director, pharmacology research unit; Katsunori Tsuboi senior director, chemistry research unit; Kiyoko Bando senior director, preclinical research unit; Hidetaka Nagata senior director, platform technology research unit/ senior director, genomic science laboratories; Teruya Murata senior director, development planning and management; Kenichi Otani senior director, development regulatory affairs/ director, development RA group, development regulatory affairs; Takuya Taguchi deputy executive director, sales and marketing division/ senior director, sales and marketing management; Toshinobu Shiina senior director, distribution management/ director, wholesaler service group, distribution management; Hiroshi Takaoka senior director, Kita-Kanto branch; Yasutoshi Araki senior director, Yokohama branch; Hidekatsu Kuroda deputy senior director, hospital promotion, Tokai branch; Takayuki Sato senior director, Keiji-Hokuriku branch; Masaichi Fujimoto senior director, Osaka Branch/ deputy senior director, hospital promotion, Osaka branch; Koji Yamazaki senior director, Kyushu branch/ deputy senior director, hospital promotion, Kyushu branch.