A Medical Device Daily

Precision Medical Devices (PMD; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) reported that it has obtained its first Canadian patent allowance.

This is the fourth patent issued to PMD this year alone, in the fourth different country, coming after the company's first patents issued in both Europe and Japan, and its sixth patent issued in the U.S.

The company has applied for patent coverage of its unique bionic, telemetrically controlled urethral valve device designed to treat severe urinary incontinence, among other things, in most of the major industrialized countries in the world piggybacking on the five patents it has already obtained in the U.S on its Flow Control Device product.

PMD continues to apply for patent coverage in all of its other target markets for all of the U.S.-issued patents.

The company also has applied for additional U.S. patents, which are currently patent-pending, and continues to work on other unique and proprietary product ideas, which may also be patentable.

The company's current portfolio of six U.S. and now, seven foreign patents, covering two products, with another product in the patent-pending stage, represents what is expected to be significant intrinsic value for the company.

Radient's AMDL unit in Onko-Sure agreement

Radient Pharmaceuticals reported that its wholly owned subsidiary AMDL Diagnostics (both Tustin, California) has entered into a two-year distribution agreement with Tarom Applied Technologies (Petach-Tikva, Israel) for the marketing and sales of its Onko-Sure in vitro diagnostic (IVD) cancer test.

Tarom is an established, privately-owned distributor of products in the biomedical sector with more than 20 years of exclusive representation for OEM diagnostic systems and reagents, biotech and research products and veterinary systems. The company is the exclusive distributor to the Israeli market and sells outside of Israel to manufacturers in the diagnostic and biomedical fields. The company's customers include medical centers and hospitals, clinical laboratories, universities, Ministry of Health labs, and biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Tarom also works directly with the Israeli Ministry of Health on licensing issues and other related matters.

Tarom will market and distribute Onko-Sure to medical centers, hospitals, clinical laboratories, university labs, and Ministry of Health labs throughout Israel. This includes implementing a marketing strategy to drive product awareness, engage heathcare decision makers and thought-leaders, lab directors, physicians, and patients and healthcare consumers throughout Israel.

Currently, Onko-Sure is used as an IVD pan cancer screening and monitoring tool in Taiwan, Korea, India, and Vietnam. It is cleared in the U.S. as an IVD cancer test for the monitoring of colorectal cancer . The test is also approved by Health Canada for the detection and monitoring of lung cancer in Canada.

Spectros inks two distribution deals

Spectros (Portola Valley, California), a developer of advanced molecular sensing and imaging devices which shed light on life-threatening diseases, reported that it has signed exclusive distribution deals for both its T-Stat VLS Tissue Oximeter and Sensors. The markets covered include Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Suriname, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Turkey, and Russia. The values of the deals were not disclosed.

Founded in 1995, Spectros develops tissue oximeters and sensors for various uses with applications in critical care, gastroenterology, colon-rectal surgery, plastic surgery, and vascular surgery. T-Stat VLS

The T-Stat franchise includes the T-Stat VLS Tissue Oximeter, utilizing Visible Light Spectroscopy (VLS), a multi-wavelength, noninvasive, continuous, real-time monitor of absolute hemoglobin oxygen saturation. The T-Stat Sensors allow for ischemia monitoring in various applications, including critical care (neonatal, pediatric, and adult), gastroenterology (G.I. ischemia diagnosis), colon-rectal surgery (anastomosis), plastic surgery (free flaps), and vascular surgery (AAA, TAAA, and EVAR).

Spectros markets advanced molecular sensing and imaging devices that shed light on ischemia and cancer. The company's lead product, the T-Stat Tissue Oximeter, was the first medical device FDA approved as sensitive to ischemia, an insufficient blood flow to tissue. T-Stat is the only commercially available tissue oximeter that utilizes state-of-the-art visible light spectroscopy (VLS) technology. The company is also developing molecular diagnostic tools for breast and prostate cancer that are currently in phase I/II clinical trials supported by the National Cancer Institute.