HealthInsight (Minneapolis) has introduced a set of technology and services for health insurers, third-party administrators and employers that are proven to lower overall medical costs while improving the quality of care. The new platform will be used to determine and track health actions that are directly tied to benefit designs, which is instrumental in lowering health care costs. HealthInsight's technology helps to generate preventive and condition-specific health actions based on an individual's unique health status. Designed as a completely private-labeled health care solution, HealthInsight provides both health care organizations and employers with an efficient and economical way to implement value-based benefit solutions.

• ResMed (Vienna) said that it has introduced a new continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) mask designed to improve the patient experience and compliance. ResMed says the Swift FX is expected to help sleep apnea patients overcome issues related to wearing a mask at night and effectively providing them with a good night's sleep. The Swift FX is designed to have as little contact on the face as possible. The minimalism of the mask makes the therapy less intimidating and easy to accept. The mask is soft to wear and stable during sleep so the patient can move around and sleep on their side or back, positioning the tube as desired.

• Texas Instruments (Dallas) has introduced a sequencer and system health monitor that features power supply margining and comprehensive non-volatile error logging, allowing customers to diagnose power supply failures in their systems. The UCD90120 helps reduce board space by integrating 12 rails of sequencing; monitoring capability for up to 13 channels of voltage, current or temperature; and 10 channels of power supply margining. UCD90120 is designed for any system requiring sequencing and monitoring of multiple power rails including industrial, telecom infrastructure, servers and storage systems.

• Simbiote Development (Olive Branch, Mississippi) reported the release of two new applications, CareSentry and OrderSentry. CareSentry is designed specifically to help providers advance care management efforts and patient compliance with care plans. OrderSentry has been developed to provide reports that monitor lab and referral orders to ensure follow-up appointments are scheduled, and that results have been received and reviewed. CareSentry allows providers to conduct preliminary searches within the electronic health record to identify patients diagnosed with specific conditions such as diabetes. The application is loaded with parameters providers wish to monitor like A1c levels and trigger alerts during each patient encounter to ensure these services are scheduled.