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Calypso Medical Technologies (Seattle), a developer of real-time localization technology used for the precise tracking of tumor targets, reported that it has entered into a strategic development agreement with Varian Medical Systems (Palo Alto, California) to jointly develop products integrating its Calypso System with Varian's radiotherapy treatment technologies.

The two companies will jointly develop products that integrate the Calypso System with Varian's technologies. Further terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Calypso Medical's technology uses miniature implanted transponders to provide precise, continuous, real-time information about the location of the tumor target during external beam radiation therapy. Any movement by the patient, including internal movement of the tumor, has the potential to compromise treatment accuracy. In contrast to other tumor targeting solutions, Calypso's technology provides continuous tumor position information, objectively, thereby enabling the correct radiation dose to be delivered to the tumor while minimizing the amount of radiation misapplied to normal tissue.

The Calypso technology is complementary to Varian's technology for delivering intensity-modulated radiotherapy, including RapidArc radiotherapy.

"This strategic development agreement will facilitate advanced treatment capabilities through the integration of the Calypso System with Varian's market-leading radiotherapy technologies," said Eric Meier, president/CEO of Calypso. "We believe these efforts may prove beneficial for prostate patients as well as some of the more difficult radiation therapy targets such as pancreas and lung. In the near term, two exciting joint development efforts will integrate the motion management capabilities of our Calypso System with Varian's state-of-the-art treatment platform. This agreement will provide the framework for the joint development of Real-Time MLC Tracking, a future capability demonstrated by both companies last year, which causes the radiation beam to move in concert with the tumor target based on real-time tracking data provided by the Calypso System."

"It can augment the image-guidance tools that are integral to Varian's technology, and enable us to better follow both normal respiratory motion and to react to unanticipated shifts in the target position – for example, when a patient coughs or moves. These capabilities could lead to entirely new treatment approaches for hard-to-treat tumors. We look forward to working with Calypso Medical to integrate our technologies," said Dow Wilson, president of Varian's Oncology Systems business.