DaVita to call Denver its corporate home

DaVita (Denver), a provider of kidney care services for those diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD), reported the home of its corporate headquarters will be located in Colorado. DaVita CEO/chairman Kent Thiry plans to move to the Denver area along with several other senior executives, but relocation efforts are not currently planned for teammates working in the current El Segundo, California headquarters or elsewhere around the company.

"DaVita's decision to move its headquarters is a great coup for metro Denver and the state of Colorado," said Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper. "DaVita is one of the biggest and the best in its industry. The company's decision reaffirms what we know is true about our community – that Denver is one of the best places in the nation to work and play. We are proud DaVita chose to call Colorado home."

Facility expansions for MedPlast

MedPlast (Tempe, Arizona) reported the expansion of its 70,000-square-foot facility in Westfield, Pennsylvania. The upgraded facility now includes a 45,000-square-foot clean room, which houses class 100,000 and class 10,000 molding and assembly operations. More than 60% of the facility's square footage is now dedicated to certified clean room production.

MedPlast's Westfield facility offers contract thermoplastic and elastomer manufacturing for customers in the healthcare and medical device industry. The company specializes in medical and surgical disposables such as syringes and other components used in fluid and IV delivery systems such as drip chambers, Y-sites, and male/female luer adaptors.

"Along with our engineering expertise and technical resources, MedPlast has extensive experience in thermoplastic and elastomer molding and assembly, enabling us offer custom designed products to our OEM partners," said Rich Aiello, general manager of MedPlast Westfield "The expansion of our Pennsylvania facility will provide better service in a controlled environment for our customers that demand highly specialized products manufactured to exacting standards."

MedPlast recently announced an expansion and new tool room upgrade at its West Berlin, New Jersey, facility, and a similar expansion is under way at the Tempe manufacturing plant.