• A.D.A.M. (Atlanta) has introduced the Medzio, a new mobile health application designed specifically for iPhone users. With A.D.A.M.'s consumer health information as the foundation, Medzio brings together some of the most progressive healthcare companies to create a new and unique Mobile Health Network that offers consumers a powerful way to interact and collaborate on-the-go about their health. The Medzio Mobile Health Network will help consumers determine when and where to seek care, and how much that care should cost. Medzio is now available as a free download at the iPhone App Store. Some applications of the Medzio are first aid information; interactive health information; interactive health information; local care access; and a mobile health network.

• Cardiac Science (Bothell, Washington), a global leader in AED, ECG, cardiac stress test, cardiac rehab, and Holter devices that connect to EMR and HIS systems, reported that it completed certification for its HeartCentrix ECG connectivity software with the Sage Software Healthcare (Tampa, Florida) Intergy EHR electronic health records system. Sage is a developer and provider of computer-based practice management and electronic medical record systems (EMR) for medical group practices and healthcare systems. Sage's current and future Intergy clients will be readily able to communicate with HeartCentrix connectivity software from Cardiac Science, pulling data directly from monitoring devices into the electronic health record. Similarly, Cardiac Science's customers can choose Sage as their EMR partner and be assured the patient information will flow smoothly into the health record. Designed to communicate seamlessly with EMR software, HeartCentrix solutions help streamline workflow in multiple healthcare environments. HeartCentrix – which enables seamless data transfer from Burdick and Quinton brand electrocardiograph devices, cardiac stress, and Holter monitoring devices to physician EMR software – can be installed with a new Sage Intergy EHR implementation or into an existing Intergy system.

• Eclipsys (Atlanta) said it is unveiling a new version of its PeakPractice solution featuring functionality directly aimed at the clinical and financial needs of ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). The new functionality in the integrated, .net-based electronic medical record (EMR)/practice management (PM) solution features an enhanced supply chain module that supports creation of a single solution that automates inventory supply management, clinical documentation and billing processes. Also, the functionality supports electronically filing for both professional (HCFA 1500) and facility (UB04) billing. Integration capabilities with the physician office EMR database also enable physicians utilizing an ASC for outpatient surgeries to gain single charting capabilities to avoid recreating the patient record.

• Fletcher-Flora Health Care Systems (Anaheim, California) reported the release of an entry-level, web-based laboratory data management solution leveraging the robust design of the FFlex eSuite laboratory information system. The basic package includes order entry, result review, consolidated reporting, and quality control for a single user station and a single instrument. Additional users and instruments can be added as desired. Completing the package is a streamlined system implementation process that enables a new FFlex eSuite MGR to be up and running in a very short time frame.

• GlobalMedia (Scottsdale, Arizona) reported the introduction of the TransportAV — a portable medical consultation system that operates in real-time. Mounted on a stretcher, TransportAV allows for medical consultation from the field directly to the clinic or hospital where a patient is being transported. GlobalMedia says the system features a military-grade touch-screen PC, a controllable camera, echo canceling microphone, a ClearSteth Stethoscope, a TotalExam examination camera, and a Bluetooth wireless keyboard with headset for private conversations.

• Microlife Medical Home Solutions (Golden, Colorado) said it has launched two clinically validated and practice-tested solutions designed to help improve healthcare quality and reduce healthcare costs by transforming physician practices to a patient-centered model of care. The company said the WatchBP and WatchWT programs will allow physicians to better assess and treat hypertension and obesity thereby reducing future health complications and medical expenditures.

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