Merge Healthcare regains Nasdaq compliance

Merge Healthcare (Milwaukee) it has received notification from the Nasdaq stock market that the company had regained compliance with Nasdaq marketplace rule 4450(a)(5) and that Nasdaq now considers the matter closed.

The company was notified on April 2 that it was not in compliance with the minimum bid price rule because shares of its common stock had closed at a bid price of less than $1 for 30 consecutive business days. At that time, in accordance with marketplace rule 4450(e)(2), the company was provided with 180 calendar days, or until Sept. 29, to regain compliance. Since then, the company's common stock maintained a closing bid price at $1 or greater for at least 10 consecutive business days.

Merge Healthcare makes medical imaging software.

Fonar receives Nasdaq compliance letter

Fonar (Melville, New York) said that on July 8 it received a letter from Nasdaq indicating that the company is not in compliance with marketplace rules 4350(e) and 4350(g) due to the fact that it has not yet solicited proxies and held its annual meeting for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2007.

The notice indicated that the company's securities would be subject to delisting from the Nasdaq Capital Market unless the company requested a hearing before a Nasdaq listing qualifications panel.

Fonar makes MRI equipment.