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3M Health Care (St. Paul, Minnesota) and Materials Management Microsystems (Microsystems; Mequon, Wisconsin) reported plans to establish connectivity between Materials Management's SPM sterile processing information system and 3M Attest Auto-readers and 3M Steri-Vac EO Sterilization Systems.

The companies said the collaboration will provide hospitals with more streamlined data collection, documentation and reporting capabilities because results from the Attest Auto-reader and Steri-Vac System will download directly into Microsystems' sterile processing information system.

Under the agreement, Microsystems will offer additional modules to its existing software application that will include enhanced sterilization monitoring documentation capability and connectivity to Attest Auto-readers and Steri-Vac Systems. It said that with these new offerings, clients will enjoy greater accuracy and simplicity in the documentation process as more information will move electronically and more information will reside in a single location.

"Connecting our Auto-readers and Steri-Vac Systems with Microsystems' world-class sterile processing software system is a natural next step in 3M's effort to provide hospitals with the sterilization tools they need to deliver the highest standard of sterilization monitoring assurance," said Doug Patton, sterilization assurance global business manager for 3M Health Care.

"We believe the data sterile processing departments will now have as a result of this new connectivity will change the dynamic between the sterile processing department and the OR," he said. "Sterile processing now will have real-time quantifiable data to demonstrate quality control and sterilization effectiveness."

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