Helix Medical (Carpinteria, California) reported expanded capabilities with new manufacturing operations in Baldwin Park, California; Gloucester, Massachusetts; and Shenzhen, China.

"Through our Gloucester and Baldwin Park operations, Helix Medical now offers its customers a combined manufacturing experience of over 50 years," said Jorg Schneewind, CEO of Helix Medical. "We are well positioned to meet the needs of our customers with these additional manufacturing operations and continue our hallmark service offerings of extrusion and custom molding of platinum-cured silicone products for the medical device, healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotech industries."

Helix Medical is a subsidiary of Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership and its operations comprise the Health Care Products division of Freudenberg-NOK.

EMS moves headquarters to Exton, PA

Education Management Solutions (EMS; Exton, Pennsylvania) a maker of software for the management of clinical skills training and assessment at medical, nursing, and allied health schools and hospitals, said it has moved its corporate headquarters to the Oaklands corporate center in Exton.

The company said the move from Malvern, Pennsylvania, increases EMS' office capacity by more than 100% to support the company's rapid growth over the past few years and aggressive hiring plans.

"We are fortunate to be experiencing growth in difficult economic times," said Anurag Singh, president/CEO. "The move to the Oaklands corporate center provides EMS with the additional office space we require for efficient operations and the room to expand as we continue to grow our business."

JZZ Technologies forms Omnigenics Medical

JZZ Technologies (Phoenix) reported the formation of Omnigenics Medical. The new division is being established to meet the demand for JZZ products from the medical and rehabilitative service sectors.

JZZ Technologies said it has partnered with Innovative Insurance Specialists and Mason Consulting Group to support the design, development and management of the new division and resultant products.

"Omnigenics Medical is well positioned to take advantage of the $1.7 trillion dollar healthcare service industry. Forty million Americans, who turn 65 over the next 12 years, are intent on retaining an active and athletic lifestyle. Our medical and physical therapy customers will use our product to support the maintenance and recovery of maximum physical functionality. Our product helps reduce and eliminate expensive inpatient care by relying on less costly and more effective therapeutic services," said Aaron Pines, president/CEO of JZZ Technologies.

Omnigenics' new product, ROMTech, is an electromagnetic motion capture system utilizing sensors placed on the body to capture any range of motion. The reports created detail the specific range of motion as compared to the AMA standard for that joint. One test will provide all three planes, sagittal, frontal, and transverse which with current technology cannot be done.

S&N wound products more readily available

The Advanced Wound Management Division of Smith & Nephew (St. Petersburg, Florida) said that its negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) products will be available in nine of the ten designated metropolitan areas included in the first phase of the competitive bidding program administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in the U.S.

The program, which is scheduled to take effect in July, was established, in part, to ensure that Medicare patients have access to quality homecare products and services and that these and their providers meet Medicare's new financial and quality standards.

Pacer Health in new HQ location

Pacer Health (Miami) said the company has moved its headquarters to a new location.

"We are continuing to see strong demand for our expertise and service offerings and we are making the investments in infrastructure to enable us to maximize our growth opportunities," said CEO/chairman Rainier Gonzalez. "This move enables us to meet the increased demand for space as the company continues to grow."

Pacer Health Corporation's new corporate headquarters is located in Miami Lakes, Florida.

Pacer Health focuses on financially distressed businesses in all market segments.