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Northstar Neuroscience (Seattle) reported completion of enrollment and randomization in its EVEREST investigational study, a pivotal trial of cortical stimulation for the treatment of hand/arm impairment in chronic stroke survivors.

EVEREST, a national, multi-center, single-blinded, randomized clinical trial, is investigating cortical stimulation in conjunction with intense physical rehabilitation to improve hand and arm function in chronic stroke survivors compared to survivors that have received intense physical rehabilitation alone. The trial is being conducted at 21 leading stroke centers throughout the U.S. and when complete will include data from over 150 subjects.

Nawzer Mehta, VP of clinical affairs, said, “Northstar is proud of our combined achievements in meeting this important milestone on the way to study completion.”

Over the coming months, therapy will be completed on the final subjects in EVEREST and follow-up data regarding functional improvement and other outcome measures will be analyzed.

Northstar develops neurostimulation therapies for neurological injury, disorder and disease.

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