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Agilent Technologies (Santa Clara, California) reported the creation of a Materials Sciences Solutions Unit (MSSU) within its Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis business (LSCA).

Michael Gasparian has been named VP and general manager of the MSSU, which will focus on developing a microscopy and optical spectroscopy business that can be leveraged into the electronics, materials testing, life sciences and chemical analysis markets.

Agilent's Nanotechnology Measurement Division will be transferred to the new unit, effective May 1, and the company's new nanotechnology products, including Atomic Force Microscopy, will be part of the MSSU as well.

Chris van Ingen, president of LSCA and Agilent senior VP, said that the creation of the MSSU "underscores Agilent's commitment to grow in new markets. Because of our expertise in both the electronics and bioanalytical markets, we are in a unique position to leverage these capabilities to address emerging customer needs in this new market space."

Agilent develops products for the life sciences and chemical analysis, communications, and electronics.

AG Mednet launches diagnostic network

AG Mednet (Boston) has introduced what it said is the "world's largest diagnostic imaging exchange network."

The company said its new network enables hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers of all sizes to provide the highest standard of scan interpretation to referring physicians, improving patient care and service.

AGMednet said that pharma, biotech, device and clinical research organizations utilizing imaging technology can now use its automated system to recruit imaging sites and exchange secure images, reducing time and costs.

"The use of diagnostic imaging is increasing across nearly every facet of healthcare. On the clinical side, the number of radiologists qualified to interpret these scans has not kept pace and, on the research side, the volume of studies being sent through couriers is making their management very difficult," said Abraham Gutman, founder and CEO of AG Mednet.

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