A Medical Device Daily

Medical Home Products (MHP; St. Petersburg, Florida), a provider of medical self-test kits and diabetic supplies, said it has issued a letter of intent to acquire Strictly Diabetics (Lauderhill, Florida), a diabetic supply company.

"Strictly Diabetics has a strong customer base and established Medicare and Medicaid licenses in most of the United States," said Paul Mathis, president and CEO of MHP. "Our combined purchasing power will provide a significant increase in our revenues as well as enable us to achieve further cost reductions increasing our margins. The completion of this acquisition will have a significant positive effect on our revenues for 2005 and should improve our return on investment for our shareholders."

OmniCorder Technologies (East Setauket, New York) reported that it has entered into a consulting agreement with Dr. Michael Anbar, the founding scientist of the company. As part of this agreement, the company will acquire a patent on complementary technology developed and held by Anbar. Terms of the purchase were not disclosed.

OmniCorder Technologies will obtain U.S. patent No. 5,771,261 from Anbar, which comprises methods and apparatus for assessment of mental stress effects involving the measurement of periodic changes in skin perfusion.

Using a remotely mounted infrared camera, dynamic area telethermometry (DAT) measures the autonomic nervous activity by monitoring and quantitatively analyzing the modulation of cutaneous perfusion.

Anbar will work with the company's senior management to provide support and assistance to advance its commercialization strategy, "expand its clinical applications and enhance new product development efforts."

OmniCorder said that Anbar was the first person to discover the presence of endogenous nitric oxide (NO) in the circulation of humans and other mammals. This was before anyone understood its biosynthesis, physiological activity or its role in neuromuscular transmission, including vasodilation.

"After 10 years of infrared and telethermometry research, Anbar conceptualized Dynamic Area Telethermometry (DAT) and proposed the role of NO in skin hyperthermia associated with cancer, as well as the importance of NO in the progression of neoplastic disease," OmniCorder said.

"We are delighted to have Dr. Anbar return to the company as a scientific advisor," said Denis O'Connor, president and CEO of OmniCorder. "He is the world's leading authority on dynamic area telethermometry and its integration with infrared imaging to provide meaningful medical diagnostics and treatments. We hope to build on his in-depth knowledge of the technology and its practical clinical applications to advance our commercialization strategy, expand our clinical applications and drive new product development efforts."