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(Country; Symbol)


Terms/Details (Date)

Affymetrix Inc. (AFFX)

Axon Instruments Inc. (ASX:AXN)

Axon got rights covering the manufacture and sale of scanners and software for conventional spotted microarrays

The deal inlcudes an option for an extension to cover diagnostic applications; it does not involve Affymetrix's GeneChip technology (4/12)

Avid Bioservices Inc. (subsidiary of Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc.; PPHM)

Halozyme Therapeutics Inc. (OTC BB:HZYM)

Avid will manufacture Halozyme's first recombinant human enzyme

The enzyme will be used in the development of products designed to offer synthetic alternatives to enzymes used in the infertility and ophthalmology markets (4/12)

Cell Analysis*

Impath Inc. (OTC BB:IMPHQ)

Cell Analysis' Quantitative Cellular Assessment system, which analyzes tumor cells

Impath will provide the system exclusively to its clients, with launch expected in 2Q:04; terms were not disclosed (3/16)

Cell Signaling Technology Inc.*

Zeptosens AG* (Switzerland)

Deal for the use and resale of certain CST reagents by Zeptosens in conjunction with its protein microarray platform

The reagents will be used with Zeptosens' ZeptoMARK CeLyA product; terms were not disclosed (4/19)

Cell Signaling Technology Inc.*

ProQinase GmbH* (Germany)

CST will distribute the full line of ProQinase's purified enzymes

Combining the enzymes with CST's phos pho-specific antibody reagents is expected to create value in kinase discovery; terms were not disclosed (3/29)

Cobra Biomanufacturing plc (UK;LSE:CBF)

Oncolytics Biotech Inc. (Canada;ONCY)

Cobra will manufacture and supply Reolysin for Phase I and II trials

The product is based on Oncolytics' formulation of the human reovirus; terms were not disclosed (4/5)

Cobra Biomanufacturing plc (UK; LSE:CBF)

Avidex Ltd.* (UK)

Cobra will manufacture Avidex's lead cancer drug through Phase I trials

The product is based on soluble monoclonal T-cell receptor technology; terms were not disclosed (3/9)

Epitomics Inc.*

Strategic Diagnostics Inc. (SDIX)

Joint marketing and services agreement under which SDI will refer third parties to Epitomics for rabbit hybridoma services

As part of the deal SDI will provide custom polyclonal service for rabbit hybridoma development to Epitomics; terms were not disclosed (3/17)

Exiqon A/S* (Denmark) Genomics Trilogy platform

U.S. Genomics Inc.*

Worldwide license agreement to incorporate Exiqon's Locked Nucleic Acid chemistries into reagent kits for the U.S.

Reagents incorporating the technology are expected to be introduced in the third quarter; terms of the deal were not disclosed (4/14)

Third Wave Technologies Inc. (TWTI)

Innogenetics NV (Belgium; Euronext:INNX)

Innogenetics will distribute Invader molecular diagnostic products in Europe in the field of genetic testing

Innogenetics will make minimum payments to Third Wave during the deal's four-year term (4/27)

Transgenomic Inc. (TBIO)

Regado Biosciences*

Transgenomic will manufacture the two components of an antidote-controlled, regulatable anticoagulant therapy

Transgenomic also will provide related services in support of Regado's advancement toward an IND filing (3/22)


* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.

Unless otherwise noted, stock symbols listed are on the Nasdaq market.

ASX = Australian Stock Exchange; LSE = London Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board.