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Phone: +61 3 9234 1188 www.autogenlimited.com.au

Greg Collier, chief scientific officer ASX:AGT


Autogen Ltd. is an Australian biotechnology research and development company specializing in using gene discovery approaches to identify novel therapeutic targets, and which has technology platforms in genomics.

Autogen’s research and development program has access to a number of human DNA collections derived from various populations around the world with high prevalence rates of common metabolic diseases and to the Israeli sand rat, an animal model of human disease. Autogen employs more than 40 Australian scientists.

Initially, the focus of research was directed toward obesity and diabetes; however, new programs have recently commenced that will expand the research and development portfolio into central nervous system disorders, such as depression and anxiety, and other common diseases with high prevalence. These new research programs will be the basis of future alliances with pharmaceutical partners.


Diabetes and obesity: Lipha SA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Merck KgaA.

Collaboration to use Autogen’s eXpress technology platform to functionally validate a selection of Sequenom’s candidate disease gene targets: Sequenom Inc.

Autogen has established research and licensing agreements with Deakin University, The International Diabetes Institute and Monash University.