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Disclosed Funding ($M)

Terms/Details (Date)

3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (NYSE:BMY)

Development agreement/applies 3-D's proprietary technologies to discover, refine and develop novel, small-molecule pharmaceuticals directed to gene-based biological targets identified by Bristol-Myers


3DP will receive up-front licensing and technology access fees amounting to $23.5M and committed research funding of $14.4M over the first three years, as well as payments for the purchase of an undisclosed number of ThermoFluor high-throughput screen-ing workstations; Bristol-Myers will receive exclusive worldwide rights to compounds discovered or developed through the collaboration, access to 3DP's proprietary Discover-Works technology platform and non-exclusive licenses for patented applications involving 3D Directed-Diversity combinatorial chemistry and chemi-informatics, ThermoFlour high-throughput screening and Protein Expression refolding technology; Bristol-Myers will become the first subscriber to 3DP's Proteomica G protein-coupled receptor structural genomics database (7/00)

Abgenix Inc. (ABGX)

Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT)

Research and license collaboration/use of Abgenix's XenoMouse technology to generate fully human antiibodies to several disease targets for Abbott


Abgenix could receive research, license fees and milestone payments, plus royalty payments on future product sales by Abbott (5/00)

Abgenix Inc. (ABGX)

SmithKline Beecham plc (UK; NYSE:SBH)

Research collaboration/use of Abgenix's XenoMouse technology to generate fully human monoclonal antibodies to an undisclosed target


Abgenix will receive a research license payment and could receive additional fees and milestone payments, plus royalties on future product sales by SB (5/00)

Adolor Corp. (ADLR)

Santen Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Japan)

License and development agreement/topical uses of ADL 2-1294 (loperamide) for the treatment of ophthalmic


Adolor will receive an up-front payment and may receive milestones and royalties on net sales; the companies have agreed to negotiate an agreement for Adolor to market and sell products to hospitals in the U.S. (5/00)

Affymetrix Inc. (AFFX)

Janssen Research Foundation and the R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute (both units of Johnson & Johnson [NYSE:JNJ])

Technology access and license/J&J entities gain broad access to standard and custom GeneChip arrays, instrumentation and expression for use in pharmaceutical research and development activities


Access is provided under EasyAccess Silver agreement terms; JRF and PRI also obtained a license to produce and use nucleic acid arrays for gene-expression monitoring as part of internal research efforts (7/00)

Affymetrix Inc. (AFFX)

Merck & Co. Inc. (NYSE:MRK)

Upgrade to 10/96 technology access agreement for Affymetrix's GeneChip array technology


Under EasyAccess Silver agreement, Merck gains access to standard and custom GeneChip arrays, instrumentation and software for monitoring gene expression; Merck also obtained a license to produce and use nucleic acid arrays for gene-expression monitoring as part of internal research efforts (6/00)

Affymetrix Inc. (AFFX)

Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG)

Technology access/P&G will gain broad access to Affymetrix's standard and custom GeneChip arrays, instrumentation and software to monitor gene expression for use in research and development activities; P&G affiliates also have the option to access the technology on the same terms


P&G has preferred access to both standard and custom products under EasyAccess Silver Agreement (5/00)

Alkermes Inc. (ALKS)

Glaxo Wellcome plc (UK; NYSE:GLX)

License/use of Alkermes' AIR technology for pulmonary drug delivery of multiple product candidates in four respiratory disease therapeutic categories


Glaxo gains exclusive worldwide rights to products resulting from the collaboration and will provide Alkermes with development funding, milestone payments and royalties on sales; each company will have manufacturing rights and obligations, and Glaxo is responsible for clinical trials, regulatory approvals and marketing; Glaxo will make an equity purchase of Alkermes common stock (6/00)

Arrow Therapeutics Ltd.* (UK)

Triangle Pharmaceuticals Inc. (VIRS)

Development agreement/development of novel antiviral agents


Arrow will contribute the target, high-throughput screening (HTS) technology and compound library; Triangle will contribute preclinical and clinical development expertise; Triangle will cover up-front research funding and will make contingent development milestone payments as well as paying royalties on sales (7/00)

Atugen AG* (Germany)

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. (Switzerland)

Research collaboration/use of Atugen's Gene-Bloc technology to study gene function in vivo


Atugen will identify gene-expression inhibitors (GeneBlocs) in cell-based assays, and Roche will utilize the GeneBlocs for in vivo applications (6/27)

Axon Instruments Inc.*

AstraZeneca (UK; NYSE:AZN)

Development collaboration/development of an automated electrophysiology system for higher throughput drug screening


AstraZeneca will supply a prototype instrument and key technology to Axon Instruments, which will develop it into a production-quality drug screening system for non-exclusive use by AstraZeneca, and for sale by Axon to other pharmaceutical companies (5/00)

Battelle Pulmonary Therapeutics Inc. (division of Battelle Memorial Institute*)

Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT)

License agreement/Battelle will license to Abbott new products and drug delivery technology to develop therapies for a variety of respiratory diseases


ND (6/00)

Celera Genomics (NYSE:CRA)

American Home Products Corp. (NYSE:AHP)

Database subscription/subscription to all of Celera's current genomics databases


Subscription includes access to the Celera Discovery System, which includes a comprehensive set of bioinformatics systems and tools for viewing, browsing and analyzing genomic information; AHP has an option to obtain a non-exclusive license to certain other Celera intellectual property (7/00)

Cetek Corp.*

Schering-Plough Research Institute (unit of Schering-Plough Corp.; NYSE:SGP)

Research agreement/use Cetek's proprietary techgenomic targets


Cetek will develop assays for SPRI's targets and screen against libraries from SPRI (6/00)

Corvas (CVAS)

Schering-Plough Corp. (NYSE:SGP)

Development agreement/development of synthetic antiviral compounds for the prevention of hepatitis C virus infection


Corvas will receive $2.5M from Schering-Plough for the exclusive license of its technology and intellectual property related to drugs for the treatment of hepatitis C; Corvas may receive future royalties (5/00)

CuraGen Corp. (CRGN)

Ono Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Technology collaboration/use of CuraGen's platform of functional genomic technologies to gain a greater understanding of how genes influence and affect drug efficacy and toxicity


Expandable, two-year collaboration in which Ono and CuraGen will collaborate in the application of molecular toxicology (6/00)

CV Therapeutics Inc. (CVTX) <

Fujisawa Healthcare Inc. (Japan)

Development and marketing collaboration/development of CV-3146, a short-acting selective adenosine receptor agonist


FHI receives exclusive North American rights to CVT-3146 and backup compound; CVT will be responsible for managing the CVT-3146 clinical development program; FHI will be responsible for selling and marketing the product in North America; CVT will receive $10M from FHI and may receive up to an additional $24M in cash, based upon development and regulatory milestones; FHI will reimburse CVT for 75 percent of the development costs, and if approved by the FDA, CVT will receive royalties based on sales (7/00)

Discovery Therapeutics Inc.*

Bayer AG (Germany)

License agreement/two Phase II anti-inflammatory drug candidates


Discovery Therapeutics acquired two Phase II anti-inflammatory drug candidates from Bayer; agreement terms include license and milestone fees, plus royalties (7/00)

Elitra Pharmaceuticals Inc.

LG Chemical Ltd.

Research and development collaboration/the two companies will collaborate on the discovery and development of novel antimicrobial drugs for up to five years; Elitra and LG Chem will jointly share responsibilities for global development of all drug


Elitra will retain exclusive marketing rights in all territories outside of North America and Western Europe; both companies will pay reciprocal royalties on sales of products in their exclusive commercial territories; Elitra will receive $30M in the form of an up-front equity investment, research funding and milestone payments, assuming that the research continues for the full five-year term and only one compound from the collaboration reaches the market (5/00)

Emisphere Technologies Inc. (EMIS)

DuPont Pharmaceuticals (unit of DuPont [NYSE:DD])

Development and marketing agreement/oral formulations of heparin and low-molecular-weight heparin utilizing Emisphere's proprietary drug delivery technology


Emisphere will receive payments consisting of up-front fees, milestones and royalties (6/00)

Eos Biotechnology Inc.*

Aventis Pasteur Ltd. (unit of Aventis SA; NYSE:AVE)

Research collaboration/harness new approaches to prevent the recurrence of cancer in patients treated with more traditional therapies; the two companies will identify novel genomics-derived targets for the development of cancer vaccines in two specific undisclosed fields


Aventis will obtain an exclusive license to develop vaccines against selected targets identified by Eos in return for up-front payment and research and development funding; Eos will receive milestone and royalty payments on products resulting from the collaboration that are eventually commercialized by Aventis (6/00)

GeneFormatics Inc.*

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (NYSE:BMY)

Research agreement/identificaiton of novel therapeutic targets using GeneFormatics' Fuzzy Functional Form technology


GeneFormatics will apply its Fuzzy Functional Form technology to proprietary gene sequences of interest in an effort to elucidate the function of encoded proteins; Bristol-Myers will use the technology in a first step toward a more comprehensive agreement (7/00)

GeneFormatics Inc.*

Schering-Plough Research Institute (unit of Schering-Plough Corp. [NYSE:SGP])

Research agreement/identification of novel therapeutic targets using GeneFormatics' Fuzzy Functional Form technology


GeneFormatics will apply its proprietary Fuzzy Functional Form technology to proprietary gene sequences of interest in an effort to elucidate the function of encoded proteins (6/00)

Genome Therapeutics Corp. (GENE)

Schering-Plough Corp. (NYSE:SGP)

Contract sequencing/sequencing information


Genome Therapeutics will generate high-quality DNA sequence information in support of gene discovery projects at Schering-Plough; Genome Therapeutics will employ its proprietary sequencing techniques, automation, bioinformatics and quality control procedures to generate sequence reads and provide analysis of the sequenced regions (6/00)

Idec Pharmaceuticals Corp. (IDPH)

Taisho Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Research and development agreement/development of antibody therapeutics against macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) for the treatment of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases


Agreement is valued at approximately $35M, including $18.5M in fixed R&D funding over the next four years; remaining value represents patent license fees and conditional milestones; Idec will share any such milestones with Cytokine PharmaSciences; Idec will retain exclusive commercialization rights in North, Central and South America, and Taisho will have exclusive commercialization rights in the rest of the world, paying Idec royalties on sales of therapeutic antibody products in its exclusive territories (6/00)

Immuno-Designed Molecules SA* (France)

Sanofi-Synthelabo (France)

Research and development collaboration/covers IDM's usage of Sanofi-Synthelabo's protein interleukin 13 (IL-13); IL-13 will be used by IDM to prepare therapeutic vaccines designed to treat a number of cancer types


IDM grants Sanofi-Synthelabo a right to an exclusive commercialization license of IDM IL-13-based cellular vaccines in Europe; each product involved will be subject to a specific licensing agreement; Sanofi-Synthelabo has taken a participation in IDM stock capital (5/00)

Incyte Genomics Inc. (INCY)

American Home Products Corp. (NYSE:AHP)

Database agreement/access to Incyte's gene sequence databases for use in drug discovery and development


Agreement includes access to Incyte's exclusive gene patent portfolio and ZooSeq and PathoSeq databases; Incyte could receive future milestone payments and royalties (7/00)

Insmed Inc. (INSM)

Taisho Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Development agreement/development of Insmed's lead compound, INS-1, for the treatment of Type II diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome


Taisho gains marketing rights for INS-1 in Japan and other Asian countries; Insmed will retain all rights to INS-1 in the rest of the world, including North America and Europe and will receive royalties on product sales in Japan and other Asian countries; Taisho will fund 20 percent of development costs in North America and Europe; the pre-commercialization value of the agreement is $32M, which includes license fees and payments for certain development and regulatory milestones (7/00)

LifeSpan BioSciences Inc.*

Novartis AG (Switzerland; NYSE:NVS)

Database subscription/a subscription to what LifeSpan says is the first database of information on the expression and localization of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs)


Novartis will receive early access to localization data on GPCR targets, which will be added continuously to the database throughout a two-year period; Novartis will have the opportunity to prioritize the list of GPCR genes to be included in the database based on its internal interests (5/00)

Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc. (LGND)

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (NYSE:BMY)

Research collaboration/will focus on the discovery, design and development of orally active compounds that selectively modulate the mineralocorticoid


Ligand will receive an undisclosed payment and may receive up to $8.6M in research funding if research continues through 4/04, as well as additional undisclosed milestone payments and potential royalties; BMS will receive exclusive worldwide rights to all indications for compounds discovered in the field under this collaboration (5/00)

MedImmune Inc.(MEDI)

SmithKline Beech-am Biologicals (unit of SmithKline Beecham plc [UK;NYSE:SBH])

License agreement/Med-Immune's Streptococcus pneumoniae vaccine technology


SmithKline will pay up-front paymentand future milestones totaling more than $30M, plus royalties on product sales (7/00)

Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. (MLNM)

Eli Lilly and Co.(NYSE:LLY)

Extension of 10/95 research collaboration in cardiovascular disease


The five-year partnership, originally due to expire in 10/00, will continue at least through 10/01,

Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. (MLNM)

Aventis Pharma (unit of Aventis [France; NYSE:AVE])SA

Research collaboration and technology transfer/joint effort to discover targets and develop and commercialize drugs for inflammatory diseases; joint development of drug discovery technologies; transfer of key elements of Millennium's technology platform to Aventis


Alliance includes four separate arrangements covering inflammation, technology development, technology transfer and an equity investment; under technology transfer component, Aventis gains rights to Millennium's drug discovery technologies in exchange for payments up to $200M over a fiveyear period; under equity investment agreement, Aventis will invest $250M in Millennium common stock ($150M at closing and two $50M purchases in 2001); the inflammation and technology development agreements call for joint funding (6/00)

Millennium Predictive Medicine (MPMx; majority-owned subsidiary of-Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. [MLNM])

Becton Dickinson and Co. (NYSE:BDX)

License agreement/colon cancer diagnostics


BD paid MPMx a licensing fee in exchange for certain research and development rights to select diagnostic markers and related intellectual property developed by MPMx; BD has option to exercise a commercial license in the future (7/00)

Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. (MLNM)

Biacore AB (Sweden;BCOR)

Research collaboration/co-development of a new generation of surface plasmon resonance array chip technology for use in high-through-put biological evaluations for drug discovery


Each company will commit a dedicated research team to the joint program;Biacore will supply and develop all necessary SPR technology expertise, array chips, consumables and software;Millennium will contribute specific assay and drug discovery applications expertise;Biacore will have rights to market instrument- related developments; Millennium will benefit from early access to the technology and effect on productivity in the company's drug-discovery programs (6/00)

Modex Therapeutics Ltd. (Switzerland;SWX:MDXN)

Novartis AG (Switzerland;NYSE:NVS)

Research and development collaboration/evaluate Modex's Encapsulated Cell Therapy (ECT) system's potential to treat solid tumors through the continuous delivery of an undisclosed protein


Novartis will fund all research and evaluation up to 18 months;Novartis will then have the option to license the ECT technology for this clinical indication and other protein-responsive diseases

Myriad Genetics Inc.(MYGN)

Hitachi Ltd.(Japan; NYSE:HIT)

Marketing and research agreement/ based upon Myriad's proprietary high-throughput proteomic screening technology, Pro-Net; Hitachi and Myriad will exploit the ProNet facility to expedite the discovery of novel protein-protein interactions for Japanese customers


Myriad will receive an up-front license fee payment of $15M and research funding totaling $11M over 3 years (5/00)

Neurocrine Biosciences Inc. (NBIX)

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Development collaboration/Neurocrine's NBI-6024, an altered peptide ligand for diabetes


Taisho gains exclusive rights for diabetes in Europe and Asia, plus an option for rights elsewhere; Neurocrine could receive $45M in licensing and option fees, milestone payments and expense reimbursement; Taisho will also pay royalties on sales (7/00)

Orchid BioSciences Inc. (ORCH)

Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. (MLNM)

Service agreement/Orchid will perform SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) scoring on samples provided by Millennium


ND (7/00)

Pharmacopeia Inc. (PCOP)

Pharmacia Corp.(NYSE:PHA)

Restructuring of 12/98 two-year drug discovery collaboration


Pharmacia terminated agreement six months earlier and paid Pharmacopeia a termination fee, which will give Pharmacopeia the same revenue that it would have received under full two-year collaboration; under a new agreement, Pharmacia's rights to all lead compounds have terminated; however, Pharmacia intends to repurchase certain rights to two classes of novel lead compounds identified by Pharmacopeia under the original collaboration (7/00)

Progen Industries Ltd.(Australia;PGLAF)

Medigen Biotechnology Corporation*

Research and development agreement/develop-

A$11 (US$6.3)

Under a subscription agreement, Medigen will purchase an equity stake in Progen for $11M; the equity comprises approximately 2.75M shares at A$4 (US$2.41) and 1M options; Progen will receive a 19.9 percent equity stake in Medigen and certain anti-dilution rights; Medigen will be entitled to receive 15% of Progen's future PI-88 revenues generated from cancer and cardiovascular diseases subject to a successful joint venture alliance 6/00)

ment of Progen's PI-88 for the potential treatment of cancer and cardiovascular disease

Protein Design Labs Inc.(PDLI)

Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Japan)

License agreement/Protein Design Labs' antibody humanization patents (non-exclusive license)


Chugai will receive non-exclusive,worldwide licenses under PDL's antibody humanization patents for an undisclosed number of Chugai antibody targets; Chugai will pay PDL non-refundable, non-creditable up-front signing and licensing fees totaling $6.04M, annual maintenance fees and royalties on any product sales (5/00)

Protein Design Labs Inc.(PDLI)

Toagosei Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Development agreement/antibody against vascular endothelial growth factor developed by Toagosei and humanized by PDL; PDL and Toagosei will develop the antibody for potential uses in the treatment of cancer


PDL has exclusive development and marketing rights to anti-VEGF antibody in North America and the first option to obtain exclusive rights to market the antibody in Europe and other markets, except Japan, where Toagosei has exclusive rights to market SMART anti-VEGF; PDL will direct the clinical development program, and the companies will share development costs and profits from sales of the antibody in markets outside Japan (5/00)

Protein Design Labs Inc.(PDLI)

American Home Products Corp.(NYSE:AHP)

License agreement/AHP has exercised its option to obtain a nonexclusive license under PDL's antibody humanization patents to market Mylotarg (gemtuzumabozogamicin for injection) in Japan and other Asian countries


PDL will receive an additional non-refundable, non-creditable signing and licensing fee from AHP and will be entitled to annual maintenance fees and royalties on any Mylotarg sales (5/00)

ReNeuron* (UK)

Novo Nordisk A/S (Denmark)

License agreement/ Novo Nordisk out-licensed the development project NNC 05-1869 (ReN1869) and a group of related compounds to ReNeuron


Under the terms of the agreement,ReNeuron is responsible for the Phase II clinical development program (5/00)

SangamoBioSciences Inc. (SGMO)

R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute[unit of Johnson &Johnson (NYSE:JNJ)]

Research collaboration/development of small-molecule screening platform for the identification of novel therapeutics


Once developed, the small-molecule screening platform will be made available to others in the industry through Sangamo (6/00)

Scios Inc.(SCIO)

Eli Lilly and Co. (NYSE:LLY)

Extension of 4/97 research collaboration focusing on finding potential drugs that will prevent the progression of Alzheimer's disease by inhibiting the buildup of amyloid, a protein in the brain of victims


The collaboration will now run through 2001 (5/00)

Serono (Switzerland;NYSE:SRA)

Knoll AG (subsidiary of BASF; Germany)

License/patents covering monoclonal antibodies to tumor necrosis factor


Knoll will pay a license fee, milestone payments and royalties on sales (7/00)


Centocor Inc.(subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson [NYSE:JNJ])

License/patents covering monoclonal antibodies to tumor necrosis factor


Centocor will make undisclosed cash payments, but will pay no royalties on sales of products covered by the patents; the license is part of a settlement of litigation filed by Serono against Centocor in the District Court of the Hague in the Netherlands (7/00)

SkyePharma plc(UK; SKYE)

Merck KGaA (Germany)

Development agreement/development of an innovative formulation of a Merck KGaA compound, based on SkyePharma's proprietary Geomatrix oral controlled-release technology


SkyePharma will be responsible for scaling up the process, providing materials for clinical trials and assisting Merck in the compilation of its regulatory dossier;SkyePharma will manufacture the product on behalf of Merck at its FDA-inspected production facility near Lyon, France; Merck will pay SkyePharma's development costs;additionally, SkyePharma will receive royalties on sales in return for an exclusive license to market and distribute the product worldwide (5/00)

Texas Biotechnology Corp.(AMEX:TBC)

Schering-Plough Corp. (NYSE:SGP)

Research and license agreement/ development of VLA-4 antagonists (integrin A4B1) for treatment of asthma from Texas Biotechnology's library of VLA-4 antagonists and second integrin antagonist;Texas Biotechnology will be responsible for optimizing a lead compound and additional follow-on compounds; Schering-Plough will be responsible for all costs associated with the worldwide product development and commercialization of the compound, and will pay up-front licensefee, development milestones and royalties on product sales (7/00)


Schering-Plough gains exclusive rights to develop, manufacture and market all compounds

Third Wave Technologies Inc.*

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. (unit of Novartis AG [NYSE:NVS])

Development agreement/development of the firsthigh-density panel of 10,000 SNP assays spaced across the human genome; assay panel will use Third Wave's Invader technology to detect single nucleotide polymorphisms released by the SNP Consortium on 5/1/00


Agreement provides Third Wave with certain rights to diagnostic applications and improvements arising from Novartis' use of the Invader technology; Third Wave also has rights to commercialize the panel (6/00)

Third Wave Technologies Inc.*

SmithKline Beecham Biologicals (unit of SmithKline Beecham plc [UK; NYSE:SBH])

Evaluation/Third Wave's proprietary Invader operating system for use in therapeutic vaccine (Pharmaccines) applications


Third Wave will develop proprietary Invader assays for genotyping and gene expression analysis for use in SBB's Pharmaccines program; SBB will evaluate the assays with an eye toward later using the Invader assay system for reporting of patient results (6/00)

Trega Biosciences Inc. (TRGA)

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.(Switzerland)

License/Trega's IDEA predictive model for use in drug discovery programs


Roche licensed the product following successful validation study (7/00)

Tripos Inc. (TRPS)

Lipha SA (France;subsidiary of Merck KgaA)

Research agreement/use of Tripos' technologies for the discovery of drug candidates for the treatment of metabolic and other associated diseases


Tripos will receive a technology license fee and payments for its research and discovery services (6/00)

Tularik Inc.(TLRK)

Japan Tobacco Inc. (Japan)

Development collaboration/discovery and commercialization of products for the treatment of metabolic diseases


Tularik will form a wholly owned subsidiary to conduct the research; Japan Tobacco will pay $25M up front and will make research and other payments to Tularik in excess of $50M during the five-year term of the agreement; companies will share expenses and profits equally; Japan Tobacco has the option to buy the subsidiary (5/00)

Unigene Laboratories Inc. (OTC BB: UGNE)

Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd. (China)

Distribution agreement/distribute injectable and nasal calcitonin products for the treatment of osteoporosis


Joint venture will manufacture and calcitonin products in China and possibly other selected Asian markets; in the first phase of the collaboration, SPG will contribute its existing injectable calcitonin license to the joint venture (6/00)

United Therapeutics Corp. (UTHR)

Toray Industries (Japan)

License and development agreement/sustained-re-lease formulations of the oral prostacyclin Beraprost for all vascular and cardiovascular diseases


United gains exclusive North American rights to develop and commercialize sustained-release formulations of Beraprost; United will pay Toray $1M plus 200,000 shares of common stock and will grant 500,000 additional shares upon the transfer by Toray to United of sustained-release clinical material; additional payments totaling $0.75M are due to Toray for milestones, along with a daily dosage fee and a variable percent of revenues (6/00)

Vical Inc. (VICL)

Aventis Pharma AG (unit of Aventis SA; NYSE:AVE)

License agreement/use of naked DNA gene transfer technology to deliver angiogenic growth factor


Aventis Pharma gains rights to Vical's naked DNA gene transfer technology; Vical received an initial payment of $1.5M and could receive milestones and royalties (7/00)

Xenon Genetics Inc.*

Warner-Lambert Co. (now part of Pfizer Inc. [NYSE: PFE])

Development agreement/identification of drug targets and lead compounds for treatment of high levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol


Warner acquired exclusive rights to develop and commercialize products and agreed to provide up to C$87M (US$57.75M) in up-front payments, equity purchase, research funding and milestones for the first product commericalized; subsequent products will result in additional payments (5/00)


# The information in the chart does not cover agreements between biotech companies or agricultural agreements.

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk; unless otherwise noted, stock symbols listed are on the NASDAQ market.

ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available

AMEX = American Stock Exchange; LSE = London Stock Exchange; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over The Counter Bulletin Board.

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