Company** University/Agency/ Type Of Product Area Details (Month)
Nonprofit [Scientist] Agreement
Advanced The University of Research Development of nucleo- Advanced Magnetics will
Magnetics Inc. Minnesota collaboration side therapeutics with sponsor research over 3 years
[Carston Wagner] antiviral or antitumor (7/98)
Advanced Tissue The Massachusetts License Technology for growth Advanced Tissue licensed
Sciences Inc. Institute of Tech- of vascularized human rights to 3 patents for use in
nology and Children's tissues or organs on three- broad range of tissues and
Hospital, Boston dimensional biocompatible, organs (6/98)
biodegradable and non-
biodegradable polymer
scaffolds in vivo
American The National Institutes Research Evaluation of American Preclinical research; use of
Biogenetic of Health (NIH) collaboration Biogenetic's drug ABS-103 NIH's database to compare
Sciences Inc. (derivative of epilepsy drug efficacy and toxicity of ABS-
valproate) as therapy for 103 to that of other existing
epilepsy and experimental epilepsy
therapies (8/98)
The University of Research Development of assay that State of Maryland, through
Maryland collaboration detects presence of anti- Maryland Industrial Partner-
[Neil Constantine] bodies to human herpes ships agreement, will match
virus type 8 company's investment in
project (8/98)
AntexBiologics The National Institutes License Development of bacterial Antex licensed rights to 7
(OTC Bulletin of Health and fungal carbohydrate patents (10/98)
Board:ANTX) receptor technologies for
use in diagnostics and
Aurora The University of License Specific covalent labeling Aurora gets exclusive license
Biosciences Corp. California San Diego of recombinant protein (7/98)
[Roger Tsien] molecules inside living
cells (FLASH system;
involves fluorescent label)
AVI Biopharma The University of License Telomere mimics (syn- AVI Biopharma gets exclusive
Inc. Nebraska Medical School thetic oligonucleotides) for licenses to 9 issued patents,
treating cancer and other 6 pending patent applications
diseases; also, ultrasound and 1 provisional patent appli-
contrast agent (micro- cation (8/98)
bubbles coated with
albumin) to be used for
targeted drug delivery
Bio-Technology Duke University License Polyethylene glycol (PEG) Bio-Technology General licensed
General Corp. conjugates of recombi- exclusive worldwide rights
nant uricase to treat gout to technology from Duke and
and risk of kidney failure Mountain View Pharmaceuti-
cals Inc.; the latter will transfer
PEG technology to Bio-Tech-
nology General, which will
produce PEG-uricase conju-
gates, conduct clinical trials
and commercialize product;
partial funding provided by
the Israel-U.S. Binational
Industrial Research and Devel-
opment Foundation (8/98)
Biora AB University of Texas Two research Identification of new Each collaboration is for 3
(Sweden) Health Science Center collaborations indications for Emdogain years; further details ND (6/98)
[David Cochran] (protein-based gel for
and University of periodontal flap surgery);
Ulm (Germany) also, development of
[Axel Spahr] regenerative technologies
for periodontal treatment
and oral surgery
Cell The University of License Polyglutamic acid Cell Therapeutics licensed
Therapeutics Inc. Texas M.D. Anderson paclitaxel (water-soluble rights to product; further details
Cancer Center version of anticancer agent ND (7/98)
[Sidney Wallace; paclitaxel)
Chun Li]
Cel-Sci Corp. Naval Research Cooperative Joint development of CRADA is extension of 8/96
Institute of the Research and malaria vaccine via Cel- research agreement (7/98)
U.S. Navy Development Sci's ligand epitope antigen
Agreement presentation technology
(CRADA) (LEAPS; combines T-cell
binding ligand with disease-
associated peptide antigens)
Celsion Corp. Duke University Sponsored Use of Celsion's thermo- Celsion gets exclusive right to
(OTC Bulletin Medical Center research therapy system (heat-acti- negotiate worldwide licenses to
Board:CELN) [Mark Dewhirst] agreement vated, lipid-based encapsu- technology developed during
lates) as activating collaboration (6/98)
mechanism for targeted
drug delivery, gene therapy
and anti-angiogenesis
Cobequid Life The Loeb Research Sponsored Continued development ND (6/98)
Sciences Inc. Institute of Ottawa research of DNA vaccines for 2
(VSE:KQR; Hospital (Canada) agreement major emerging diseases
Canada) [Heather Davis] of farmed salmon
Creative The Miami Project to Research Use of Creative Bio- 2-year collaboration; details ND
BioMolecules Inc. Cure Paralysis (the collaboration Molecule's morphogenic (9/98)
University of Miami proteins (including OP-1)
School of Medicine) as therapies to enhance
recovery after injury or
damage to brain or spinal
Cyclacel Ltd.* Centre National de License Penetratin (16 amino acid Cyclacel gets exclusive world-
(Scotland) Recherche Scientifique peptide that acts as cyto- wide rights to product for use in
(CNRS; France) plasmic and nuclear trans- cancer (co-exclusive for cancers
[Alain Prochiantz] porter); Cyclacel will init- of central nervous system), auto-
ially use peptide in conjun- immune, cardiovascular, derma-
ction with its Pimetic drug tologic and inflammatory dis-
candidates (cell cycle con- eases; CNRS gets up-front fee,
trol peptide mimics) milestones and royalties (7/98)
Cytoclonal The University of License Breast cancer peptide Cytoclonal gets exclusive
Pharmaceutics California Los Angeles inhibitors (target estrogen worldwide rights; further
Inc. [Richard Pietras] receptors) details ND (8/98)
Dendreon Corp.* The Ludwig Institute License Use of Ludwig Institute's ND (8/98)
for Cancer Research human tumor antigen
NY-ESO-1 in Dendreon's
dendritic cell immuno-
therapy; initial targets are
prostate cancer and
multiple myeloma
Desmos Inc.* The University of Extension of Use of extracellular matrix Desmos will continue to fund
California Los Angeles research protein laminin-5 as sub- research; further details ND
[Yoko Mullen] collaboration strate for growth of human (6/98)
pancreatic islet cells (insulin-
producing cells to trans-
plant into diabetics)
Diacrin Inc. Massachusetts General License Immune system masking Diacrin gets exclusive license;
Hospital technology for long-term further details ND (7/98)
[Denise Faustman] acceptance of transplants;
involves attachment of anti-
body molecule to surface of
donor cell; focus on treatment
of porcine brain cells prior to
transplantation into patients
with Parkinson's disease,
Huntington's disease and
focal epilepsy
diaDexus LLC Cancer Research License Cervical cancer screening diaDexus gets exclusive world-
(joint venture Campaign Technology technology (details ND) wide license to technology,
between Incyte Ltd. (U.K.) which it will develop and com-
Pharmaceuticals [Ron Laskey; mercialize; terms ND (9/98)
Inc. and Smith- Nick Coleman;
Kline Beecham plc; Gareth Williams]
Digital Gene University of Illinois Research Use of Digital Gene's Institution gets fee-free access
Technologies at Chicago collaboration TOGA technology (total to TOGA technology; Digital
Inc.* [Douglas Feinstein] gene expression analysis) Gene reserves rights to commer-
to isolate genes whose cial applications of discoveries;
expression will block institution gets share of net
inflammatory responses revenue from commercialized
of the brain to neuro- products (6/98)
pathies (dementia,
Alzheimer's disease),
infections and diseases
Indiana University Research Use of Digital Gene's Institution gets fee-free access
School of Medicine collaboration TOGA technology (total to TOGA technology; Digital
[Ting-Kai Li; gene expression analysis) Gene reserves rights to commer-
Lucinda Carr] to identify mRNAs that cial applications of discoveries;
are differentially expressed institution gets share of net
in rats carrying natural revenue from commercialized
genetic variants for products (6/98)
alcohol preference
(model for alcoholism)
The Jackson Research Use of Digital Gene's Institution gets fee-free access
Laboratory collaboration TOGA technology (total to TOGA technology; Digital
[Wayne Frankel; gene expression analysis) Gene reserves rights to commer-
Gregory Cox] to study gene expression cial applications of discoveries;
in mice carrying natural institution gets share of net
genetic variants (nmd and revenue from commercialized
Mnm genes) that either products (8/98)
enhance or suppress
degeneration of motor
neurons (model for
amyotrophic lateral
Polish Academy of Research Use of Digital Gene's Institution gets fee-free access
Sciences collaboration TOGA technology (total to TOGA technology; Digital
[Ryszard Przewlocki] gene expression analysis) Gene reserves rights to commer-
to study effect of morphine cial applications of discoveries;
on brain gene expression institution gets share of net
and to identify genes for revenue from commercialized
addiction products (7/98)
The Salk Institute for Research Use of Digital Gene's Institution gets fee-free access
Biological Sciences collaboration TOGA technology (total to TOGA technology; Digital
[Inder Verma] gene expression analysis) Gene reserves rights to commer-
to study molecular basis cial applications of discoveries;
of oncogenesis; identifica- institution gets share of net
tion of genes regulated by revenue from commercialized
BRCA1 (functions as products (8/98)
tumor suppressor)
Digital Gene The Salk Institute for Research Use of Digital Gene's Institution gets fee-free access
Technologies Biological Sciences collaboration TOGA technology (total to TOGA technology; Digital
Inc. [Carrolee Barlow] gene expression analysis) Gene reserves rights to commer-
to identify differentially cial applications of discoveries;
expressed genes in mouse institution gets share of net
model system for ataxia- revenue from commercialized
telangiectasia (Louis Bar products (9/98)
The Scripps Research Research Use of Digital Gene's Institution gets fee-free access
Institute collaboration TOGA technology (total to TOGA technology; Digital
[Francis Chisari] gene expression analysis) Gene reserves rights to commer-
to identify cytokine-induced cial applications of discoveries;
antiviral proteins that cells institution gets share of net
infected with virus use to revenue from commercialized
destroy virus internally; products (9/98)
focus on chronic hepatitis
B virus infection
EntreMed Inc. The National Cancer Cooperative Research to advance studies This CRADA follows a letter of
Institute (NCI) of the Research and on endostatin (naturally intent signed in 8/97; 5-year
National Institutes of Development occurring fragment of agreement; Entremed will
Health Agreement collagen XVIII; angiogenic supply human endostatin pro-
[James Pluda] (CRADA) inhibitor) tein to NCI for specific preclin-
ical pharmacology, toxicology
and clinical studies (9/98)
Eos The Peter MacCallum Research Use of Eos' gene expression Parties will combine Eos' tech-
Biotechnology Cancer Institute collaboration profiling and bioinformatics nology with the Institute's
Inc.* (Australia) capabilities to identify genes access to clinical samples and
[Deon Venter] with diagnostic, prognostic tissue archives as well as mole-
and therapeutic potential in cular pathology (9/98)
breast and colorectal cancer
Genome Princeton University License Genes regulated by p53 Genome Therapeutics gets
Therapeutics [Thomas Shenk] tumor suppressor gene exclusive license and retains
Corp. right to sublicense or partner
its oncology program; Princeton
gets license fee and royalties
Genta Inc. The National Cancer Cooperative Development of Genta's Parties signed letter of intent to
Institute (NCI) of the Research and antisense compound G3139 form a CRADA, under which
National Institutes of Development as anticancer agent; G3139 they will collaborate in conduct-
Health Agreement targets BCL-2 gene (whose ing clinical trials on G3139
(CRADA) overexpression inhibits (6/98)
GlycoDesign The Samuel Lunenfeld License Recombinant inhibitors of GlycoDesign licensed patents;
Inc.* (Canada) Research Institute of transforming growth factor Lunenfeld Institute gets one-
Mount Sinai Hospital beta (TGF-B; based on bind- time payment plus royalties
(Canada) ing domain that regulates (7/98)
interaction of TGF-B with its
HemaSure Inc. The American Red Strategic Co-development of Parties renewed alliance for 5
(OTC Bulletin Cross alliance enhanced versions of Hema- years, with option to extend for
Board:HMSR) Sure's leukoreduction filters another 5 years (8/98)
Hoechst-Ariad Harvard School of Research Identification of genes that Hoechst-Ariad has option on
Genomics Center Public Health collaboration regulate smooth muscle cell exclusive license to any dis-
(joint venture be- [Arthur Lee] differentiation and are thus coveries (7/98)
tween Ariad involved in atherosclerosis
Pharmaceuticals and angiogenesis
Inc. and Hoechst
Marion Roussel Inc.)
Idun Emory University License Use of apoptosis model Idun gets exclusive license to
Pharmaceuticals [Xiaodong Wang] system (which uses extracts technology; further details ND
Inc.* of normal cells) to screen (8/98)
for compounds that
inhibit or activate apop-
Igen The Centers for Cooperative Development of rapid, Igen will develop test via its
International Inc. Disease Control Research and non-microscopic test to Origen technology; further
Development detect and quantify Crypto- details ND (9/98)
Agreement sporidium parvum parasites
(CRADA) in drinking water and fecal
Incyte Montefiori Medical License Use of defined hybrid- Incyte gets exclusive license to
Pharmaceuticals Center ization array to analyze technology plus sublicensing
Inc. [Leonard Augenlicht] gene expression in diagnosis rights; further details ND
and prognosis of disease, (10/98)
for disease risk evaluation
and to monitor effects of
drugs on gene expression
Introgen Imperial Cancer License Use of tumor suppressor Introgen gets exclusive option
Therapeutics Research Technology gene PTEN in cancer gene on license; Imperial Cancer gets
Inc.* Ltd. (U.K.) therapy; initially, combi- up-front payment; if Introgen
nation with Introgen's exercises option, Imperial Can-
adenovirus-mediated gene cer gets research funds, mile-
delivery system for treat- stones and royalties (6/98)
ing prostate and brain
Ligand The Salk Institute for License Non-peptide hormone Ligand exercised its option for
Pharmaceuticals Biological Studies 9-cis retinoic acid (active an exclusive license; it paid a
Inc. ingredient in Panretin Gel) one-time fee of $4.1M for a
fully paid-up license (5/98)
Medical Science The University of Research Additional clinical trials Research program will use
Systems Inc. North Carolina at collaboration on utility of Medical Sci- University's database on risk
Chapel Hill ence Systems' genetic factors (Atherosclerosis Risk
[Steven Offenbacher; susceptibility test for cor- in the Community); no further
James Beck; onary heart disease details (7/98)
Gerardo Heiss]
Millennium The University of Clinical Use of Millennium's 3-year collaboration in 2 phases;
Pharmaceuticals Texas M.D. Anderson collaboration genomics technologies to 1st phase focuses on collecting
Inc. Cancer Center identify gene targets and oncologic data from existing
[Robert Bast; Gabriel markers for prognosis, clinical samples and tissue col-
Hortobagyi; Jordan diagnosis and therapy of lections; in 2nd phase, Millen-
Gutterman; Waun-Ki cancer; also, correlation nium will help fund specific
Hong; Gordon Mills] of gene expression patterns research programs and provide
with chemotherapy limited access to its technol-
sensitivity/resistance ogies in exchange for certain
rights to inventions and dis-
coveries (8/98)
The University of Clinical Use of Millennium's 3-year collaboration; Millen-
Pittsburgh collaboration genomics technologies to nium gets access to Western
[Rajiv Dhir] identify gene targets and Pennsylvania Genitourinary
markers for prognosis, Tissue Bank for identification
diagnosis and therapy of of disease targets; Millennium
major diseases will provide financial support,
opportunities for collaborative
research programs and limited
access to its technologies in
exchange for certain rights to
inventions and discoveries (8/98)
MitoKor Inc.* The University of Research Mitochondrial and nuclear Partnership established through
California San collaboration genomics and proteomics the Biotechnology Strategic
Francisco research in Alzheimer's Targets for Alliances in
[Brad Gibson; disease; use of mass spec- Research Project (BioSTAR)
Martin Shetlar] trometry to study conse- (6/98)
quences of metabolic dys-
function and oxidative stress
OraPharma Inc.* The University of North Research Treatments and diagnostics OraPharma gets option on
Carolina at Chapel Hill collaboration for oral diseases, especially exclusive worldwide license to
[Ray Williams; periodontal disease all technology resulting from
Steven Offenbacher] program (9/98)
Pacific The National Cancer Cooperative Further clinical develop- Parties will jointly develop
Pharmaceuticals Institute (NCI) of the Research and ment of company's clinical plan, including certain
Inc. (OTC Bulletin National Institutes of Development chemosensitizing agent studies to be funded and con-
Board:PPHA) Health Agreement O6 benzylguanine ducted by NCI; company
(CRADA) retains right to conduct inde-
pendent clinical studies (8/98)
Paracelsian Inc. The Southern Research Research Animal experiments to Southern Research will test
Institute collaboration determine antitumor activ- compounds in mice; if success-
[Robert Struck] ity of series of traditional ful, parties will collaborate on
Chinese medicine herbal isolation of key compounds and
extracts seek R&D funds (7/98)
PathoGenesis The Cystic Fibrosis Product rights TOBI (tobramycin solution PathoGenesis acquired all
Corp. Foundation for inhalation) for managing rights to product and will make
cystic fibrosis patients with payments to Foundation over
Pseudomonas aeruginosa next 2 years (6/98)
PPL The Roslin Institute License Nuclear transfer technology PPL licensed exclusive world-
Therapeutics plc (Scotland) for nutraceutical and thera- wide rights to technology
(Scotland) peutic protein production in (6/98)
milk of livestock and rabbits
Ribi Immuno- The University of License Molecular adjuvant tech- Ribi gets exclusive worldwide
Chem Research Nebraska nology for use in immuno- license to technology (6/98)
Inc. [Sam Sanderson] therapy of cancer and infect-
ious diseases; involves class
of synthetic peptides that bind
to complement receptors
Ribozyme Duke University License Use of ribozymes to repair Ribozyme gets exclusive world-
Pharmaceuticals [Bruce Sullenger] genetic defect in beta-globin wide license to technology
Inc. gene; for treating sickle-cell (6/98)
Select Institut Curie and The Research Methods for targeting Select Therapeutics will fund
Therapeutics Inc. Centre National de la collaboration dendritic cells for stimula- research and gets option for
(OTC Bulletin Recherche Scientifique ting immune response; tech- exclusive worldwide license to
Board:SLPU) (France) nology based on expression technology (6/98)
of receptor for verotoxin
(naturally occurring protein
produced by strains of
Escherichia coli that binds
to receptors on certain
tumor types)
Selective The University of License Use of gene-activated Selective Genetics gets exclu-
Genetics Inc.* Michigan matrix technology to trans- sive license to technology
[Jeffrey Bonadio; fer genes into bone pro- (7/98)
Steven Goldstein] genitor cells and tissue
repair sites
Siga The Ludwig Institute Research Immunotherapeutic Parties will jointly own any
Pharmaceuticals for Cancer Research collaboration vaccines for melanoma, technology developed in
Inc. breast, bladder and ovarian collaboration (9/98)
cancer; combination of
Siga's vaccine delivery
system with Ludwig
Institute's tumor antigens
Small Molecule State University of New Sponsored Development and use of Small Molecule Therapeutics
Therapeutics Inc.* York at Stony Brook research cell-based functional screen will fund research in exchange
agreement; to identify signaling pro- for option on exclusive license
license teins in nuclear factor to any targets discovered
kappa-B (NF-kB) (6/98)
activation pathway
StressGen The University of Research Identification and optimi- Multi-institution collaboration
Biotechnologies Miami; The University collaboration zation of small molecules based on StressGen's 2/98
Corp. (Canada) of Connecticut; Hartford that modulate cellular exclusive license for University
Hospital production of stress of Miami's discovery platform
proteins; to promote cell of heat shock transcription
survival under conditions factors (7/98)
that cause tissue damage
Therion The Ludwig Institute License Use of Ludwig Institute's Therion will develop live
Biologics Corp.* for Cancer Research human tumor antigen recombinant pox virus vectors
NY-ESO-1 with Therion's that incorporate ESO-1 gene;
pox virus vectors to create Therion gets exclusive option
immunotherapeutics for to license gene for this use;
various cancers Ludwig Institute will conduct
1st clinical trials (9/98)
Tranzyme Inc.* University of Alabama License Series of patents on Tranzyme gets exclusive
(UAB) Research lentivirus vectors for license to patents (9/98)
Foundation gene therapy; also,
diagnostic assay for
HIV drug sensitivity
VaxGen Inc.* The National Institute Research Research on immune ND (8/98)
of Allergy and Infectious collaboration responses induced by
Diseases (NIAID) of preventive AIDS vaccine
the National Institutes AIDSVAX (recombinant
of Health gp120-based vaccine;
currently in North Ameri-
can Phase III trials); also
research on use of AIDS-
VAX in combination with
other vaccines being
studied by NIAID
Viragen Inc. and America's Blood Strategic Supply of usable human Viragen gets preferential access
its wholly owned Centers alliance leukocytes for manufactur- to 100% of leukocyte supply for
subsidiary Viragen ing of Omniferon (alpha- a minimum of 10 years; Blood
USA Inc. interferon) center and its members have
option of buying 13.6% of Viragen
USA's common stock on achieve-
ment of milestones (7/98)
The American Supply Supply of human leuko- Long-term supply agreement
Red Cross agreement cytes for production of for up to 15 years; further
Omniferon (alpha inter- details ND (9/98)
feron) and LeukoVax
Wisconsin The University of Research Preclinical development of ND (7/98)
Genetics Inc. Wisconsin-Madison collaboration monoterpenes (plant-
(subsidiary of derived compounds) as
Endorex Corp.) anticancer drugs
ZymeTx Inc. Oklahoma Medical License Family of compounds for ZymeTx acquired worldwide
(NASDAQ: Research Foundation treating HIV infection; lead rights to compounds (7/98)
ZMTX) compound ZX-0851 believed
to act by modifying HIV RNA
@ This chart covers the period between 5/28/98 and 10/26/98. For a chart that covers the period from 1/1/98 to 5/27/98, see the 6/15/98 issue of BioWorld Financial Watch.
ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available; VSE = Vancouver Stock Exchange
* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.
** Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols for public biotechnology companies can be found by referring to the BioWorld Stock Report For Public Biotechnology Companies on pp. 13-14.