* Interferon Sciences Inc., of New Brunswick, N.J., presented a preliminary analysis of its Phase III double-blind study of Alferon N (natural alpha interferon) injection in HIV patients. The presentation came during a pre-filing meeting with the FDA. Alferon N Injection already is approved for sale in Mexico, Germany, Singapore and Hong Kong.

* Matritech Inc., of Newton, Mass., and Curtin Matheson Scientific/Fisher HealthCare (CMS), of Houston, signed an agreement for CMS to distribute Matritech's NMP22 Test Kit for the management of bladder cancer patients. Matritech in 1996 launched the kit, based on nuclear matrix protein detection, for those at risk for recurrence of bladder cancer.

* Megabios Corp., of Burlingame, Calif., acquired patent rights and a technology portfolio in the area of rheumatology by way of an exclusive license agreement and collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh. Megabios has issued about 120,000 shares of stock to the university in exchange for an exclusive license to a broad family of patents and patent applications relating to in vivo and ex vivo gene therapy for joint diseases, using either viral or non-viral delivery systems. In July 1996, the university's researchers began the world's first clinical trial using a gene-based therapeutic to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

* Quantum Biotechnologies Inc., of Montreal, entered an agreement with Hoffman-La Roche Ltd., of Basel, Switzerland, and the Perkin-Elmer Corp., of Norwalk, Conn., to manufacture and sell native and recombinant Taq DNA polymerase and other thermostable enzymes for use the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) process. Quantum plans to develop, manufacture and market a full range of application-specific thermostable polymerases and research products and kits for PCR related technologies.

* Quintiles Transnational Corp., of Research Triangle Park, N.C., expanded its Washington operations into new facilities in Rockville, Md., nearer to the FDA. The new office serves to consolidate strategy development and regulatory affairs services.

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