Published Jan. 7 & 14 (EPO); Dec. 31 & Jan. 8 (WO)

Activated Cell Therapy WO 98/00544 Growth arrest gene Mountain View, Calif. Growth arrest gene, encoded protein; for use as a marker of cancerous and pre-cancerous conditions.

Ambion WO 98/00547 Ribonuclease-resistant RNAs Austin, Texas Ribonuclease-resistant RNAs, methods of making these RNAs; for protection of RNA preparations.

Asahi EPO 816 493, 816 494 & 816 495 Protein C activator Osaka, Japan Gene for a peptide promoting activation of protein C by thrombin, truncations, encoded proteins, production.

Baylor Coll. Med. WO 97/49804 Chromosomal disease models Houston Creation of defined chromosomal abnormalities using Cre recombinase; for studying chromosomal diseases.

Biogen WO 97/49808 CD2-associated intracellular proteins Boston Gene for CD2-associated intracellular proteins, encoded proteins; for T cell proliferation inhibition.

Biosignal WO 98/00538 G protein-couple receptor mimetics Montreal Peptides and peptidomimetics that modulate the function of G protein-coupled receptors; for therapeutics.

Boehringer Mannheim EPO 816 496 Kidney carcinoma T cells Mannheim, Germany T cells expressing receptors specific for kidney carcinomas, genes, proteins; for diagnosis and therapy [in German].

California, Univ. of WO 98/00013 Enhanced cancer cell death Oakland, Calif. Expression of double-stranded RNA-dependent kinase with addition of apoptosis-inducing agents; for therapeutics.

California, Univ. of WO 98/00014 Inner ear gene therapy Oakland, Calif. Adeno-associated viral vectors for introducing genes into the inner ear using an osmotic minipump.

Cancer Res. Camp. Technol. WO 97/49797 Cell-free DNA replication London Cell-free system for DNA replication using S phase cytosol or its components; for assaying DNA synthesis initiators.

Cell Therapeutics WO 98/00550 CDP-diacylglycerol synthase Seattle Gene for mammalian CDP-diacylglycerol synthase, encoded protein, purification; for affecting cell signaling.

Chiron EPO 818 466 Bacterially produced CSF-1 Emeryville, Calif. Biologically active human colony stimulating factor (CSF)-1 produced by bacteria, purification methods.

Chiron WO 98/00539 MMK3 interacting protein Emeryville, Calif. Mitogen-activated protein kinase-3 (MMK3) interacting protein; for modifying cell signal transduction.

Chiron WO 98/00541 & 00542 Retroviral gene delivery Emeryville, Calif. Retroviral gene delivery vehicles for obtaining measurable levels of recombinant proteins in body fluids and cells.

Chugai EPO 816 501 Protein kinase Tokyo Gene for a protein kinase, mutated genes, probes, encoded protein, plasmids, expression system.

Cornell Univ. WO 97/49827 Adipocyte gene transfer Ithaca, N.Y. Adenoviral-mediated gene transfer into adipocytes; for reducing obesity and enhancing blood vessel growth.

Dana-Farber Cancer Inst. WO 98/00535 HIV receptor ligand screens Boston b-chemokine receptors CCR3 and CCR5 that facilitate cellular entry of HIV; for ligand binding screens.

Exocell WO 97/49429 Glycated albumin antibodies Philadelphia Genes for genetically engineered immunoglobulins specific for glycated albumins; for treating diabetes.

Genentech WO 98/00543 HGF receptor agonists S. San Francisco Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) receptor agonists, including antibodies and fragments; for diagnosis and therapy.

Genetic Engin. & Biotech. Ctr. EPO 816 506 Recombinant antigen production Havana, Cuba Efficient expression of heterologous proteins in E. coli; for production of fusion proteins for vaccines.

Genetics Inst. WO 98/00554 ICE/CED3-like proteases Cambridge, Mass. Genes for interleukin converting enzyme (ICE)/CED3-like proteases, encoded proteins.

Gershwin, E., et al. WO 49720 Fusion protein Davis, Calif. Fusion protein having the E2 subunits of PDC, BCOADC, and OGDC.

Harvard Univ. WO 98/00435 Solid phase DNA purification Cambridge, Mass. Oligonucleotides linked to a solid phase support, metal chelation; for separation of single-stranded DNA.

Harvard Univ. WO 98/00552 Neural receptor tyrosine phosphatases Cambridge, Mass. Receptor tyrosine phosphatases from neural and pancreatic tissues, encoding genes.

Havlina, R.-M. EPO 816 508 Nucleotide derivative production Teltow, Germany Production of deoxy- and dideoxyfuranosides of nucleosides and nucleotides using multifunctional enzymes [in German].

Hayashibara Seibutsu EPO 816 499 Gamma-interferon induction Okayama, Japan Genomic DNA encoding a polypeptide that induces gamma-interferon production; for up-regulating interferon expression.

Hisamitsu Pharma EPO 816 487 HIV-producing cell Tosu, Japan Recombinant HIV-producing cell having stably integrated viruses that lack packaging signal, for HIV production.

Hisamitsu Pharma EPO 816 507 HIV-based cytotoxic vector Tosu, Japan Recombinant expression vector based on HIV that carries genes encoding cytotoxins.

Immuno WO 97/49812 OspC protein vaccines Vienna, Austria Recombinant, non-lipidized OspC protein, preparation methods; for Lyme disease vaccines.

Incyte WO 98/00540 Stem cell antigens Palo Alto, Calif. Genes for human stem cell antigens, encoded proteins, antisense, antibodies; for diagnosis and treatment.

Incyte WO 98/00553 Human hyaluronidase Palo Alto, Calif. Gene for human hyaluronidase, encoded protein, antisense, antibodies, production methods.

Italian Ministry of Univ. Sci. Res. WO 97/49726 Anticancer immunoconjugates Rome Gene for ribosomal inhibitor protein, encoded protein; for making immunoconjugates to treat cancer.

Janssen Pharma EPO 818 534 IL-12 gene regulatory sequences Beerse, Belgium Human interleukin (IL)-12 gene regulatory sequences, reporter gene linkage; for IL-12 activity assays.

Japan Sci. & Technol. EPO 818 533 Paxillins Kawaguchi, Japan Genes for the beta and gamma isoforms of paxillin, a focal adhesion protein, encoded proteins; for cancer diagnosis.

Kyowa Hakko Kogyo EPO 816 492 Alzheimer's-associated protein Tokyo Brain protein whose expression differs in Alzheimer's patients, encoding gene, mutations; for diagnosis.

LG Chemicals WO 98/00548 Hepatitis C drug assay Seoul, S. Korea Recombinant poliovirus with hepatitis C virus protease and its target sites; for assaying hepatitis C drugs.

Lilly EPO 816 498 Human glutamate receptor Indianapolis Gene for a human glutamate receptor, encoded proteins, fragments; for diagnosis and therapy.

Ludwig Inst. Cancer Res. WO 97/49417 GAGE tumor rejection antigens New York Genes for GAGE tumor rejection antigens, encoded proteins; for cancer diagnostics and therapeutics.

Ludwig Inst. Cancer Res. WO 97/49817 Glycogen phosphorylase tumor antigen New York Genes for brain glycogen phosphorylase tumor rejection antigen precursors, encoded peptides, antibodies.

Massachusetts, Univ. of WO 98/00566 Ribonucleotide methylation Boston Nucleic acid molecules for use in site-specific methylation of ribonucleotides; for modulating RNA structure.

Mayo Fdn. WO 98/00551 Hyaluronan synthase Rochester, Minn. Gene for hyaluronan synthase, encoded protein, purification methods.

Medigene WO 97/49824 Adeno-associated virus vectors Martinsreid, Germany Adeno-associated virus vectors retaining delayed expression and foreign gene sequences; for production

Montreal, Univ. of WO 98/00567 Herpes transforming fragment Montreal Oligo probe for a transforming fragment of the herpes simplex type 2 virus; for diagnosis and therapy.

NEC EPO 818 467 Binding detection peptide arrays Tokyo Generation of peptide arrays; for detection of binding and interaction sites of proteins.

Novartis WO 98/00523 Hematopoietic stem cell enrichment Basel, Switzerland Monoclonal antibodies to a hematopoietic stem cell marker; for enriching cells.

Novo Nordisk Biotech WO 97/49821 Fungal expression system Davis, Calif. Modification of cryptic splice sites in heterologous genes expressed in fungi; for recombinant protein production.

Onyx Pharma WO 97/49818 Phosphatidylinositol-3' kinase Richmond, Calif. Gene for G protein-regulated phosphatidylinositol-3' kinase, encoded protein, antibodies; for cell signaling.

Plant Genetics Inst. WO 97/49802 DNA repair transgenics Ganersleben, Germany Transgenic animals with an additional DNA repair gene; for treating DNA repair-associated diseases such as cancer.

Prockop, D.J., et al. WO 98/00555 Human N-proteinase Philadelphia Gene for human N-proteinase, encoded protein, production methods.

Queen's Univ. WO 97/49815 Retinoid metabolizing protein Kingston, Ontario Gene for retinoid metabolizing protein, encoded protein; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Res. Develop. Fdn. WO 98/00527 Human ARSA-1 gene Carson City, Nev. Gene for the human ARSA-1 protein, encoded protein, vectors, expression system; for therapeutics.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer WO 98/00524 Recombinant adenovirus production Antony, France Recombinant adenovirus production method using a packaging cell line.

Salk Inst. WO 97/49727 Transcriptional enhancer La Jolla, Calif. Transcriptional enhancer that increases cis-element activity, transcription factor that binds this enhancer.

Scientific Generics WO 98/00562 Electrochemical DNA denaturation Cambridge, U.K. Electrochemical denaturation of double-stranded DNA; for isothermal PCR amplification.

Sherbrooke, Univ. of WO 98/00537 Teleomeres and cell death Sherbrooke, Quebec Control of teleomere length by hnRNP A1 or UP1 or their derivatives; for modulating cell senescence.

Shionogi EPO 818 536 HTLV gene repressor Osaka, Japan T cell leukemia virus (HTLV) gene repressor, transcription binding factor; for studying cancer.

SmithKline Beecham EPO 816 497 Apoptosis-related requiem peptides King of Prussia, Pa. Human requiem peptides, encoding genes; for diagnosis and therapy of apoptosis-related diseases.

SmithKline Beecham EPO 816 502 Bacterial infection therapy Philadelphia Mur A-1 polypeptides and encoding genes from Streptococcus pneumoniae; for diagnosing and treating infections.

Snow Brand Milk Products EPO 816 380 Osteoclast maturation inhibitor Sapporo, Japan Gene for a protein that inhibits osteoclast maturation, encoded protein, production method.

Suntory EPO 816 504 Platelet activating factor acetylhydrolase Osaka, Japan Gene for platelet activating factor acetylhydrolase, encoded protein.

Swiss Central Health Labs WO 97/49809 Rhesus D antigen antibodies Berne, Switzerland Genes for antibody fragments that bind Rhesus D antigens, encoded proteins; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Takara Shuzo WO 97/49819 Amino-terminal deblocking enzyme Kyoto, Japan Gene for an amino-terminal deblocking enzyme, encoded protein; for amino acid sequence analysis.

Toray EPO 816 510 Active fused proteins Tokyo Process for producing biologically active fused proteins using linkers; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Toyo Boseki EPO 816 503 a-1-6 Fucosyltransferase Osaka, Japan Gene for a-1-6 fucosyltransferase, encoded protein, vectors, expression system.

Toyota Jidosha EPO 816 490 Mutant prenyl diphosphate synthetase Aichi, Japan Prenyl diphosphate synthetase with an amino acid residue change in its N-terminal region.

Tremblay, J., et al. WO 97/49807 Hypertension-related gene Mont-Royal, Quebec Gene for a hypertension-related calcium regulated protein from parathyroid cells; for therapeutics.

Tufts Univ. WO 97/49803 Transgenic production methods Medford, Mass. Transgenic animals produced by selective induction of genetic material into early embryo blastomeres.

Utah, Univ. of WO 98/00556 Cationic gene delivery complex Salt Lake City Cationic polymer and lipoprotein-containing system for efficient gene delivery.

Virginia, Univ. of WO 98/00164 Male contraceptives Charlottesville, Va. Monoclonal antibodies that agglutinate sperm surface glycoprotein; for use as an immunogen in a contraceptive.

Vlaams Inst. Biotechnol. WO 97/49805 Active site recognition molecules Zwijnaarde, Belgium Immune cell receptor-based recognition molecules that interact specifically with the active site of target molecules.

Wright, J.A., et al. WO 98/00532 Cancer inhibition Winnipeg, Manitoba Oligonucleotides from untranslated regions of housekeeping genes, encoded peptides; for inhibiting tumor cell growth.

Yakult Honsha WO 97/49820 Chromosomal gene insertion Tokyo Methods for transferring a foreign gene into a chromosome by recombination, thus eliminating the other vector genes.