Products for H. Pylori-



Affymetrix Inc.

Selected GeneChip probe arrays, reagents, systems and software

Amersham Pharmacia Biotech (Sweden)

3-year non-exclusive worldwide sales and marketing agreement; details ND (12/97)

Agouron Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Japan Tobacco Inc. (Japan)

Viracept (HIV protease inhibitor for treating HIV infection and AIDS; FDA approved for sale in 3/97)

Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. (Switzerland)

Binding letter of intent; marketing; Europe and other areas outside North America, Japan and Asia; Roche will pay Agouron and Japan Tobacco $40M plus royalties on sales; Roche will share responsibility for getting product approval in Europe and other countries; Agouron and Japan Tobacco get $18M at once and $22M when product approved in Europe (MAA submitted 2/97) (1/97)

Agouron Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Japan Tobacco Inc. (Japan)

Viracept (HIV protease inhibitor) for treating HIV infection and AIDS (approved by FDA 3/97)

Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. (Switzerland)

Roche gets exclusive marketing rights in several Asian territories; Agouron and Japan Tobacco get $6M plus royalties; Roche will seek approval in China, India, Turkey, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam (7/97)

Alza Corp.

Hoechst Marion¿s Ditropan (oxybutynin chloride) and trademark (for treating urge urinary incontinence)

Hoechst Marion Roussel Inc. (sub- sidiary of Hoechst AG; Germany)

Alza acquired rights to market drug in U.S.; Alza will make up-front payment and additional payments if it meets specified sales levels; Hoechst Marion will manufacture and package product (9/97)

Alza Corp.

Nicoderm (transdermal nicotine product) for smoking cessation

SmithKline Beecham plc (NYSE:SBH; U.K.)

SmithKline has right to commercialize Alza¿s product in People¿s Republic of China and Japan; Alza will get up-front fees and milestones; Alza will manufacture and sell product to SmithKline (4/97)

Alza Corp.

Nicoderm (transdermal nicotine product) for smoking cessation

SmithKline Beecham plc (NYSE:SBH; U.K.)

Expansion of 4/97 marketing agreement; SmithKline gets rights to commercialize product internationally (except Australia, Canada, South Korea and New Zealand); Alza gets up-front and milestone payments; Alza will manufacture and sell product to SmithKline at all-inclusive price (11/97)

Alza Corp.

Alza¿s OROS formulation of pseudoephedrine nasal decongestant (once-daily oral control- led release system)

Warner-Lambert Co. (NYSE:WLA)

Warner-Lambert will distribute product (Sudafed 24 Hour) in U.S. starting 1Q:98; Alza gets up-front payment; Warner-Lambert gets semi-exclusive product rights; Alza will manufacture product and gets royalties (12/97)

Anika Therapeutics Inc.

Orthovisc (hyaluronic acid) for treating osteoarthritis of the knee (PMA filed 12/97)

Grupo Ferrer Inter- nacional SA (Spain)

Long-term exclusive agreement for Ferrer to distribute product in Spain and Portugal (10/97)

Anika Therapeutics Inc.

Orthovisc (hyaluronic acid) for treating osteoarthritis of the knee (PMA filed 12/97)

Zimmer Inc. (subsid- iary of Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.; NYSE: BMY)

Long-term exclusive marketing and distribution agreement in U.S., Canada and select Asia-Pacific markets; Anika got $2.5M on signing and will get $20.5M on milestones; Anika will manufacture product for Zimmer; companies will share revenues (11/97)

Aphton Corp.

Gastrimmune (immunotherapeutic product for all cancer applications)

Pasteur Merieux Con- naught (member of Rhone-Poulenc Group; France)

20-year marketing agreement; Aphton is responsible for all product development and approvals; Pasteur Merieux Connaught will market, sell and distribute product in U.S., Canada, Europe and Mexico; Aphton will supply product; Aphton gets $10M up front; Aphton will get majority of profits on sales (2/97)

Aronex Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Nyotran (liposomal formulation of anti- fungal drug nystatin) (currently in Phase III trials in U.S. and Europe for treating systemic fungal infections in immunocompromised cancer patients)

Grupo Ferrer Internacional SA (Spain)

Agreement to commercialize and market product in Spain and Portugal; Ferrer will file Marketing Authorization Application in Spain; Aronex will get fees and royalties (5/97)

Atrix Laboratories Inc.

Atridox (biodegradable polymer incorporating doxycycline) for use as subgingival treatment for periodontal disease (NDA submitted 3/97)

Block Drug Co. (NASDAQ:BLOCA)

Block exercised its option (from 12/96) to market Atridox in Canada; Atrix will seek other distribution channels in Europe, since Block let that option expire (9/97)

Aviron Inc.

Aviron¿s cold-adapted intranasal influenza vaccine (contains atten- uated virus)(currently in Phase III clinical trials)

Evans Medical (subsidiary of Medeva plc; NYSE:MDV; U.K.)

Commercial manufacturing contract; Evans Medical will produce Aviron¿s vaccine on a commercial scale (the companies have an existing agreement that covers manufacturing of clinical trial supplies of vaccine) (5/97)

Bio-Technology General Corp.

OxSODrol (recombinant human superoxide dis- mutase) for treating bronchopulmonary dysplasia in premature neonates with respiratory distress syndrome (current- ly in U.S. Phase III trials)

Ares-Serono SA (Switzerland)

Ares-Serono has exclusive worldwide marketing rights (except U.S., Japan, Canada and Israel); Bio-Technology General will manufacture and supply product and gets license fees and milestones totaling $21M; Bio-Technology General also gets royalties (9/97)

Bio-Technology General Corp.

BioLon (viscoelastic 1olution of sodium hyaluronate) for use in ophthalmic surgical procedures

Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Rohto gets exclusive license for Japan and other Pacific Rim countries; Rohto will register product in its territories; Bio Technology General gets signing payment and future milestones (2/97)

Biogen Inc.

Avonex (recombinant interferon-beta for treat- ing relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis)

Genesis Pharma SA (Greece)

Distribution in Greece (3/97)

Bioject Medical Technologies Inc.

Betaseron Needle-Free System: Needle-free injection device and disposable syringes for patient self-adminis- tration of Betaseron (beta-interferon for treating multiple sclerosis)

Berlex Laboratories Inc. and Schering AG (Germany)

Schering and Berlex cancelled the 7/96 supply contract with Bioject; the FDA told Schering it would have to conduct additional clinical studies in order to use non-traditional delivery mechanism for Betaseron; Schering decided not to pursue this avenue; Schering must convert its $1.6M note due from Bioject into 0.46M shares Bioject at $3.50 each; Schering must pay Bioject for all product ordered to date (1/97)

Biomatrix Inc.

Synvisc (elastoviscous hylan biopolymer for treating osteoarthritis of knee)

Bayer AG (Germany)

Marketing; Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Mal- aysia, Israel; BioMatrix gets licensing fee of $5M (includes initial and milestone pay- ment); BioMatrix will manufacture and supply product to Bayer; Bayer is responsible for obtaining marketing approvals in its territories (4/97)

Biomatrix Inc.

Synvisc (elastoviscous hylan biopolymer for treating osteoarthritis of knee)

Wyeth-Ayerst (subsidiary of American Home Products Corp.; NYSE:AHP)

Marketing; U.S., Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Greece and certain countries in the Middle East and Central Europe; Biomatrix gets $23M, $4M on signing and $19M on launch of product in Europe, FDA approval and launch of product in U.S.; Biomatrix will manufacture product; companies will copromote in U.S. and Europe for up to 5 years (2/97)

Cangene Corp. (TSE:CNJ; Canada)

Leucotropin (granulocyte macrophage-colony stimulating factor)

HealthCare Asia Ltd. (Hong Kong)

10-year licensing and distribution agreement for Hong Kong and China; HealthCare Asia will be responsible for clinical trials and regulatory approvals in its territories (8/97)

Cangene Corp. (TSE:CNJ; Canada)

Cangene¿s product WinRho SD (polyclonal antibody that contains high levels of antibodies to Rho [D] antigen on red blood cells) for preventing hemolytic disease of the newborn and for treating immune thrombocytopenic purpura

Octapharma AG (Switzerland)

Octapharma has exclusive 7-year agreement covering 16 countries of the European Union and Norway; Octapharma will package, market and distribute product; it will also be responsible for obtaining regulatory approvals where necessary (3/97)

ChemTrak Inc.

ChemTrak¿s HpChek (rapid whole blood test for antibodies to Helicobacter pylori, which causes peptic ulcers and stomach cancer)

Astra Merck Inc.

ChemTrak reacquired U.S. marketing rights and will get $2.4M from Astra Merck in payment; Astra Merck said the product did not fit its main business focus (9/97)

ChemTrak Inc.

HIV home testing and counseling services

Selfcare Inc.

Licensing, distribution and marketing; Europe; Selfcare will license ChemTrak¿s home HIV testing system and augment its European operations with local reference labs and counseling centers; ChemTrak gets up-front license fee, milestones and portion of the profits (1/97)

Chiron Diagnostics (unit of Chiron Corp.)

Critical care and routine chemistry reagents

Shanghai Long March Trace Medical Science Co. Ltd. (People¿s Republic of China)

Shanghai Long March will manufacture and distribute products in People¿s Republic of China; Chiron Diagnostics will also acquire 22 0.000000e+00quity stake in Shanghai Long March (10/97)

Cholestech Corp.

Cholestech LDX System (point-of-care diagnostic device for performing multiple tests, including full lipid panel, from one drop whole blood)

AmeriSource Health Corp. (NYSE:AAS)

AmeriSource will distribute LDX System to pharmacies in U.S.; Cholestech is guaranteed to get at least $7M over 2 years (4/97)

CoCensys Inc.

Parke-Davis¿ drug Cognex for treating Alzheimer¿s disease

Parke-Davis (division of Warner-Lambert Co.; NYSE:WLA)

Termination of co-promotion and marketing agreement (from 10/95); Parke-Davis will phase out active detailing, marketing and patient support for product; companies are negotiating a replacement product (6/97)

CoCensys Inc.

Parke-Davis¿ drug Zarontin (ethosuximide) for treating pediatric epilepsy

Parke-Davis (division of Warner-Lambert Co.; NYSE:WLA)

CoCensys will promote product in U.S. to neurologists; companies will share in increased sales over current baseline; this 1-year agreement will be extended automatically to 5 years if sales reach certain levels (7/97)

CollaGenex Pharma- ceuticals Inc.

Parke-Davis¿ drug Ponstel (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) for short-term relief of moderate pain resulting from dental procedures

Parke-Davis (division of Warner-Lambert Co.; NYSE:WLA)

CollaGenex will market and promote Ponstel to the professional dental community (5/97)

Connetics Corp.

Ridaura (oral formulation of gold salt) for 2nd-line therapy of rheumatoid arthritis

Pharmascience Inc. (Canada)

Connetics sold Canadian marketing rights and signed supply agreement with Pharmascience; Connetics already sold initial quantity for $1.4M (12/97)

Connetics Corp.

Ridaura (oral formulation of gold salt) for 2nd-line therapy of rheumatoid arthritis

SmithKline Beecham plc (NYSE:SBH; U.K.)

Connetics acquired marketing rights to the drug from SmithKline in 12/96; Connetics amended the terms of its payment obligations, cutting the payment due 1/98 from $6M to $1M with the remaining $5M to come later in 1998 and 1999 (12/97)

Cortecs International Ltd. (U.K.)

Oral calcitonin for treating post-menopausal osteoporosis (currently in Phase II/III European clinical trials)

Ferrer International SA (Spain)

Marketing; Spain; 10-year agreement (1/97)

Cygnus Inc.

Nicotrol (smoking cessation patch)

Pharmacia & Upjohn Inc. (NYSE:PNU)

Pharmacia & Upjohn exercised option to buy U.S. manufacturing rights to product, Cygnus gets certain undisclosed amounts as payment plus royalties on worldwide sales (3/97)

Cytogen Corp.

ProstaScint (monoclonal antibody that targets prostate-specific antigen, radiolabeled) for use as in vivo imaging agent for prostate cancer

C.R. Bard Inc. (NYSE:BCR)

Bard¿s urologic division will market product to U.S. urologists; Cytogen will mar- ket to medical imaging community in U.S. (2/97)

DepoTech Corp.

DepoCyt (sustained-release formulation of chemotherapeutic drug cytarabine) for treating patients with neoplastic meningitis (NDA sub- mitted 4/97 and accepted for filing 7/97)

Pharmacia & Upjohn SpA (affiliate of Pharmacia & Upjohn Inc.; NYSE:PNU)

Pharmacia & Upjohn will market product outside U.S.; DepoTech gets $19M (initial cash payment and regulatory milestones); DepoTech retains manufacturing rights and is responsible for all ongoing clinical trials; Pharmacia & Upjohn responsible for regu- latory filings outside U.S.; DepoTech gets share of net sales (7/97)

Deprenyl Animal Health Inc. (subsidiary of Draxis Health Inc.; Canada)

Draxis¿ Anipryl (for treating canine Cush- ing¿s disease and canine cognitive dysfunction)

Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE)

Pfizer gets rights to market, sell and distribute product worldwide; Draxis gets US$41M in exchange (US$15M on closing, US$10M on FDA approval for congitive dysfunction sup- plementary claim and US$16M on regulatory approval in other major markets); Draxis gets royalties based on sliding scale (11/97)

Draxis Health Inc. (Canada)

Mylan¿s formulation of the cancer drug paclitaxel (for treating refractory breast and ovarian cancer)

Mylan Laboratories Inc. (NYSE:MYL)

Draxis gets exclusive rights to market drug in Canada; Mylan will provide all FDA sub- missions and any additional clinical data; Draxis responsible for obtaining regulatory approval in Canada; Draxis and Mylan will share profits (1/97)

Draxis Health Inc. (Canada)

Mylan¿s generic products that fit into Draxis¿ marketing niches

Mylan Laboratories Inc. (NYSE:MYL)

Draxis will market Mylan¿s products in Canada; Mylan will provide to Draxis its FDA submissions as well as additional clinical and other data relating to products that Draxis selects for marketing; Draxis is responsible for obtaining approvals in Canada; companies will share profits (9/97)

Elan Corp. plc (NYSE:ELN; Ireland)

Dainippon¿s anti-epileptic drug Zonisamide (pending FDA approval)

Dainippon Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Elan has exclusive sales and marketing rights to product in North America (5/97)

Epitope Inc.

OraSure oral specimen collection device (for AIDS testing)

SmithKline Beecham plc (NYSE:SBH, U.K.)

Termination of marketing agreement (from 2/95); Epitope reacquired worldwide rights; SmithKline decided to discontinue its plan to develop and market over- the-counter disease detection products (7/97)

Genentech Inc.

Roferon-A (recombinant interferon alfa-2A) for oncology indications (hairy cell leukemia, AIDS-related Kaposi¿s sarcoma and chronic myelogenous leukemia)

Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. (division of Roche Holding Ltd.; Switzerland)

Genentech will market Roche¿s product (patents on which Genentech licensed to Roche in 1980) in U.S. for its approved oncology indications; Roche will continue to market product for treating chronic hepatitis C infection (which it is co-promoting with Gilead Sciences under a 9/96 agreement); terms and details ND (1/97)

Genetronics Biomed- ical Ltd. (TSE:GEB)

FDA-approved anti-cancer drug sterile Bleomycin sulfate for use with Genetronics¿ electroporation therapy

Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT)

Genetronics will purchase drug from Abbott; companies will also develop a custom packaged Bleomycin product for mar- keting in oncology market (11/97)

Gensia Sicor Inc.

Brevibloc (injectable beta-blocker used in surgery for short-term treatment of tachycardia and hypertension)

Sanofi Winthrop U.K. Ltd. (unit of Sanofi SA; France)

Distribution; U.K. and Ireland (3/97)

Genzyme Corp.

Sepra product line (bioresorbable products, mainly composed of modified hyaluronic acid); for reducing the incidence, extent and severity of postoperative adhesions

Kaken Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Kaken gets rights to co-market Seprafilm and Sepracoat in Japan; it has option for co-marketing rights for Sepragel; Genzyme will get a distribution rights fee and mile- stones; companies will share equally the profits from Kaken¿s sales (2/97)

Gliatech Inc.

Adcon-L and Adcon-T/N products (semisynthetic carbohydrate polymeric gels); barriers to post-surgical adhesions

Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Licensing and marketing agreement; Chugai gets exclusive rights to products in Japan; Chugai will fund and conduct all clinical trials and regulatory filings in Japan (1/97)

Glyko Biomedical Ltd. (TSE:GBL)

Glyko¿s diagnostic product line for genetic diseases, osteoporosis, others (both FDA-approved and those under development)

Toyobo Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Marketing; Japan; initial term is 10 years with provisions for renewal (3/97)

Immunex Corp.

Enbrel (soluble tumor necrosis factor) for treating advanced rheumatoid arthritis (Phase III trials completed)

Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories (division of American Home Products Corp.; NYSE:AHP)

Long-term agreement for Wyeth-Ayerst to promote product in North America for all indications except oncology, where Immu- nex has exclusive promotional rights; Immunex gets $100M in milestones (inclu- ding $15M on signing, $20M on filing with FDA and $30M on FDA approval for treating advanced rheumatoid arthritis); other milestones will be triggered by label expansion for patients with early-stage rheumatoid arthritis and achievement of certain product sales targets; Immunex will be reimbursed for most of its development costs of getting approval for new indica- tions in North America; Wyeth-Ayerst will assume majority of commercial expenses for 1st 2 years (9/97)

Immunomedics Inc.

Infectious disease imaging agent LeukoScan (antibody fragment that binds to white blood cells, labeled with technetium-99m; approved in Europe 2/97)

Eli Lilly and Co. (NYSE:LLY)

Lilly¿s German division will distribute product in European countries where it is approved for sale; Lilly may distribute other Immunomedics products in future (12/97)

Integra LifeSciences Corp.

Integra Artifical Skin (bovine tendon-derived implantable matrix with an outer layer of a silicone-based substitute for epidermis)

Century Medical Inc. (subsidiary of Itochu Corp.; Japan)

Century has exclusive rights to import and sell product in Japan; Century will oversee and manage clinical trials in Japan (7/97)

Interferon Sciences Inc.

Alferon N Injection (natural-source, human leukocyte-derived multispecies alpha interferon) (in Phase III trials for HIV and hepatitis C infection; FDA aproved for treating genital warts)

Alternate Site Distributors Inc. (subsidiary of Bergen Brunswig Corp.; NYSE:BBC)

Alternate Site is sole U.S. distributor (5/97)

Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Fomvirisen (ISIS 2922; antisense drug) for treating AIDS-related cytomegalovirus retinitis (currently in international Phase III trials)

Ciba Vision Corp. (division of Novartis AG; Switzerland)

Isis gets $20M in pre-commercialization fee and milestones through time of regulatory approval in U.S. and Europe; Isis will manufacture and sell product to Ciba Vision; Ciba Vision will market product worldwide and be responsible for regulatory approvals outside U.S. and Europe; Ciba Vision has option on exclusive license to 2nd-generation antisense compound (ISIS 13312, now in preclinical stage) for same indication (7/97)

Lidak Pharmaceuticals

Lidakol (long-chain fatty alcohol that interferes with viral entry into target cells) as topical treatment for oral herpes

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (NYSE:BMY)

Bristol-Myers cancelled its marketing rights to Lidakol in North America but did not cite a reason (12/97)

LifeCell Corp.

AlloDerm (human tissue product for use in periodontal procedures)

Dentsply International Inc. (NASDAQ: XRAY)

The companies reached an international distribution agreement in 6/96; since then, Dentsply lost its implant division in an arbitration decision, and LifeCell has reacquired rights to market and sell product (4/97)

The Liposome Co. Inc.

Abelcet (amphotericin B lipid complex) for treating severe systemic fungal infections

Wyeth-Ayerst International Inc. (division of American Home Products Corp.; NYSE:AHP)

Wyeth-Ayerst will market product in Italy and France; further details ND (8/97)

The Liposome Co. Inc.

Abelcet (amphotericin B lipid complex) for treating severe systemic fungal infections

Wyeth-Ayerst International Inc. (division of American Home Products Corp.; NYSE:AHP)

Wyeth-Ayerst will market product in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden; further details ND (12/97)

Matrix Pharmaceutical Inc.

AccuSite Injectable Gel (biodegradable protein matrix containing 5-FU and epinephrine) for treating genital warts

Dompe Farmaceutica (unit of the Dompe Group; Italy)

Distribution, sales and marketing in Italy (3/97)

MedImmune Inc.

Synagis (a.k.a. MEDI-493; humanized monoclonal antibody to respiratory syncytial virus, RSV) for preventing

Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT)

Exclusive worldwide marketing alliance consists of 2 agreements: distribution outside the U.S. (where Abbott has right to market and distribute product, which Med- Immune will manufacture and sell to gets commission on sales above certain threshold); MedImmune has received $15M payment, will get $30M when product is approved in U.S. and Europe and gets $15M on achievement of certain sales levels by Abbott (total $60M) (12/97)

MedImmune Inc.

Synagis (see above)

Dr. Karl Thomae GmbH (subsidiary of Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH; Germany)

Manufacturing and supply agreement; Thomae will supplement MedImmune¿s own product capacity for product and will receive periodic payments in exchange; details ND (12/97)

OraVax Inc.

Evans¿ live-attenuated yellow fever vaccine Arilvax (caused by mosquito-borne virus)

Evans Medical (subsidiary of Medeva plc; NYSE:MDV; U.K.)

OraVax will be exclusive marketer and distributor of product in U.S. and will work with Evans to introduce product into other international markets; OraVax will conduct clinical trials and register product in U.S., both activities funded by Evans; OraVax will market to both civilian and military groups (9/97)

Pacific Pharmaceuticals Inc. (formerly Xytronyx Inc.)

Periodontal Tissue Monitor kit (disposable biochemical test that detects elevated levels of aspartate aminotransferase associated with tissue necrosis; FDA approved 6/97)

SteriOss Inc.

5-year renewable agreement on product distribution; Steri-Oss will be exclusive distributor in North America and other countries (excluding Europe and Japan) (letter of intent 5/97; definitive agreement 8/97); also, SteriOss got exclusive rights to distribute product in Europe (12/97)

Penederm Inc.

Topical drugs Avita (retinoic acid cream acne treatment) and Mentax (butenafine HCl 1% antifungal cream)

Allergan-Lok Produtos Pharmaceuticos Ltda. (Brazil; subsidiary of Allergan Inc.; NYSE: AGN)

Allergan-Lok licensed products and will pursue regulatory approvals; Penederm gets milestones and royalties; Allergan-Lok will manufacture products and market in Central and South America (11/97)

Penederm Inc.

Akne-Mycin and Cloderm (topical prescription dermatology products)

Center Laboratories (unit of Merck KGaA; Germany)

Co-promotion and marketing in U.S. of Center Labs¿ products; companies will share profits (1/97)

Penederm Inc.

Topical drug Mentax (butenafine HCl 1% antifungal cream) for treating athlete¿s foot, ringworm and groin fungus

Mylan Laboratories Inc. (NYSE:MYL)

Companies will co-promote product to primary care physicians and general practitioners in U.S.; companies will also share profits (12/97)

Penederm Inc.

DuraScreen (sunscreen formulated via TopiCare delivery system)

Pierre Fabre Inc. (subsidiary of Pierre Fabre SA; France)

Marketing; U.S. over-the-counter (OTC) market (1/97)

QLT PhotoTherapeutics Inc. (Canada)

Photofrin (light-activated drug for photodynamic therapy of cancer)

American Home Products Corp. (NYSE: AHP) and its wholly owned subsidiary American Cyanamid Co.

Revision of certain agreements that define American Home¿s contractual relationship with QLT and its role as primary manufacturer of Photofrin (QLT and American Cyanamid¿s original agreement dates from 12/87); new manufacturing and supply agreement extends for 5 years American Home¿s obligation to manufacture global supply of Photofrin; QLT will pay American Home undisclosed sum for QLT¿s decisions in 1994 and 1995 to reacquire marketing rights outside Japan (1/97)

Quidel Corp.

Quidel¿s QuickVue 1-step Helicobacter pylori test; Procter & Gamble¿s Helidac therapy (both are products for H. pylori- caused duodenal ulcers)

The Procter & Gamble Co. (NYSE:PG)

Companies will co-promote products to physicians as part of disease management program; 1-year agreement is renewable (1/97)

RiboGene Inc.*

RiboGene¿s product Emitasol (intranasal metoclopramide) for treating delayed-onset emesis associated with chemotherapy

CSC Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Austria)

CSC Pharmaceuticals will develop and market product in Eastern Europe and the Russian Federation; RiboGene gets up-front payment and royalties (7/97)

Scotia Holdings plc (Scotland)

Scotia¿s drug SC103, for treating complications of diabetes

Ajinomoto Co. (Japan)

Ajinomoto gets exclusive rights to develop and market drug in Japan and several other Asian countries; Scotia gets up-front fee and milestones (3/97)

Sequus Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Amphotec (a.k.a. Amphocil; lipid-based colloidal dispersion of amphotericin B) for treating systemic fungal infections

Bayer Inc. (Canada; unit of Bayer AG; Germany)

Marketing and distribution; Canada; Bayer has exclusive rights in Canada for 5 years, after which Sequus has option to co-market (1/97)

Sequus Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Amphocil (a.k.a. Amphotec; lipid-based colloidal dispersion of amphotericin B) for treating systemic fungal infections

CritiCare Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (India)

Marketing, sales and distribution in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka; CritiCare gets exclusive rights for 5 years, after which Sequus has option to co-market (11/97)

Sequus Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Amphocil (a.k.a. Amphotec; lipid-based colloidal dispersion of amphotericin B) for treating systemic fungal infections

Genesis Pharma SA and M.S. Jacovides & Co. Ltd. (Greece; Cypros)

Marketing, sales and distribution in Greece and Cypros; distributors have exclusive rights for 5 years, after which Sequus has option to co-market; financial terms ND (8/97)

Sequus Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Amphocil (a.k.a. Amphotec; lipid-based colloidal dispersion of amphotericin B) for treating systemic fungal infections

Samyang Group (South Korea)

Marketing, sales and distribution in South Korea; Samyang has exclusive rights for 5 years, after which Sequus has option to co-market; financial terms ND (7/97)

Sequus Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Amphocil (a.k.a. Amphotec; lipid-based colloidal dispersion of amphotericin B) for treating systemic fungal infections

Tecnofarma S.A.I.C.F. & Laboratorios Raffo SA (Argentina)

Marketing and distribution in South America; Tecnofarma has exclusive rights for 5 years, after which Sequus has option to co-market; financial terms ND (6/97)

SuperGen Inc.

Nipent (pentostatin) for treating hairy cell leukemia (FDA-approved)

Warner-Lambert Co. (NYSE:WLA)

SuperGen acquired Nipent from Warner-Lambert in 9/96 and now will supply it exclusively back to Warner-Lambert for worldwide distribution (excluding North America) (10/97)

Synsorb Biotech Inc. (Canada)

Synsorb Pk (product that binds to toxins secreted by bacteria in gastroenteric tract) for preventing hemolytic uremic syndrome

Pharmascience Inc. (Canada)

Marketing and distribution; Canada; Synsorb Biotech will complete product development, including ongoing Phase III trials; Synsorb Biotech will also manufacture and package product (1/97)

Texas Biotechnology Corp.

Novastan (argatroban; small-molecule inhibitor of thrombin) for use as anticoagulant therapy in patients with heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (rolling NDA submitted in 7/97)

SmithKline Beecham plc (NYSE:SBH; U.K.)

SmithKline has rights to market product in U.S. and Canada for all indications; Texas Biotech will get $11.5M up front (of which $3M is equity), milestones up to $20M and royalties; SmithKline will also fund part of development expenses for other indications; Texas Biotech has option to co-market for other indications (8/97)

Therapeutic Antibodies Inc.

3 emergency products (all polyclonal antibodies): CroTAb (antidote to snake bites), DigiTAb (antidote to digoxin poisoning) and TriTAb (antidote to overdose of tricyclic antidepressants)

Altana Inc. (subsidiary of Altana AG; Germany)

Altana will pay $23M for U.S. distribution rights; Therapeutic Antibodies gets $4.5M in milestones in 1998 and 1999; $5.5M in other milestones tied to FDA approvals; bonus payment of $13M tied to 1st 3 years of each product¿s sales; Therapeutic Antibodies gets 500f revenues; Therapeutic Antibodies responsible for clinical development, regulatory submissions, manufacturing and packaging (10/97)

TheraTech Inc.

Transdermal patch containing testosterone (Androderm; for hypo- gonadism in men)

Astra AB (Sweden)

Astra has exclusive distribution and marketing rights in Germany, Austria and Switzerland; TheraTech gets signing fee, milestones and royalties; TheraTech retains manufacturing rights and certain future co-promotion rights (9/97)

TheraTech Inc.

Transdermal patch containing oxybutynin (for treating urinary urge incontinence; currently in Phase I trials in Japan)

Meiji Milk Products Co. Ltd. and Sankyo Co. Ltd. (both Japan)

Companies agreed to jointly develop and market product in Japan; TheraTech and Meiji Milk will develop, Sankyo gets exclusive distribution rights (10/97)

TheraTech Inc.

Transdermal patch containing testosterone (Androderm; for treating male hypogonadism)

Schwarz Pharma AG (Germany)

Schwarz Pharma gets exclusive distribution and marketing rights in 13 European and East European countries; TheraTech gets signing fee, milestones and royalties; TheraTech retains manufacturing rights and option to co-market (12/97)

TheraTech Inc.

Transdermal patch containing testosterone (for hypogonadism in men)

SmithKline Beecham plc (NYSE:SBH; U.K.)

TheraTech reacquired marketing rights to product in those countries where SmithKline is currently not marketing; SmithKline will continue to market in North America, U.K. and Ireland; TheraTech now gets rights in the rest of Europe, Australia and New Zealand (4/97)

ViroPharma Inc.

Pleconaril (broad-spectrum picornavirus anti-viral product candidate)

Seloc AG (Switzerland) and Sicor SA (France)

Seloc and Sicor will manufacture product for ViroPharma¿s clinical trial needs and will scale up a synthetic process for production of commercial quantities (5/97)

Vysis Inc. (IPO pending)

Integrated line of genomic assessment products (advanced genetic imaging workstations, nucleic acid probes and related reagents)

TWC Biosearch Inter- national (Hong Kong); Darbara Singh & Sons (India); MED-INS (Germany) and Bioelectronica SA (Argentina)

Separate agreements for product distribution in China, Turkey, India, Canada and Argentina; terms ND (8/97)

Zonagen Inc.

Vasomax (immediate-release oral formulation of phentolamine mesylate) for treating male erectile dysfunction (Phase III trials complete)

Schering-Plough Corp. (NYSE:SGP)

Schering Plough gets exclusive worldwide marketing rights; Zonagen gets $10M up front with subsequent milestones up to $47.5M; Zonagen also gets escalating royalties and has right to co-promote in U.S. to urologists (total value $57.5M) (11/97)