Published July 17 & 24 (EPO); July 11 & 18 (WO)

Alteon Glycosylation WO 96/20958

Ramsey, N.J. antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies to advanced glycosylation end products; fordiagnosis and therapy.

Boehringer Ingelheim IL-2 receptor- WO 96/21732

Ingelheim, Germany associated peptide

Gene for interleukin-2 (IL-2) receptor-associated polypeptide,encoded protein.

Bio-Technology General Human WO 96/20724

Iselin, N.J. insulin production

Production of recombinant human insulin by folding of a proinsulinhybrid polypeptide.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Topoisomerase EPO 723 018

Princeton, N.J. poisons

Expression vectors with human topoisomerase I, for detectingtopoisomerase inhibitors.

California, Univ. of Connective tissue WO 96/21006

Los Angeles phosphoprotein

Gene for mammalian bone connective tissue phosphoprotein,encoded protein, antibodies to it.

California, Univ. of Borna disease WO 96/21020

Oakland, Calif. virus

Genes for Borna disease viral proteins, encoded proteins, vectors,cells, antibodies; for diagnosis and therapy.

Catalytic Antibodies Proteolytic WO 96/21009

San Francisco enzyme screen

Proteolytic enzyme screen using bacteriophage containing DNAlibraries that are transfected into detector cell lines.

Chiron Controlled WO 96/20947

Emeryville, Calif. polynucleotide mixtures

Methods for controlled synthesis of polynucleotide mixturesencoding peptide mixtures with desired target activity.

Chiron Viagene Gene delivery WO 96/20731,

Emeryville, Calif. devices 20732 & 21015

Non-traumatic administration of combination gene delivery devicesat multiple sites; for inducing immunity.

Chiron Viagene Bacteriophage- WO 96/21007

Emeryville, Calif. mediated gene therapy

Bacteriophage-mediated gene transfer systems targeted to receptorsin eukaryotic cells; for gene therapy.

Chiron Viagene High titer WO 96/21014

Emeryville, Calif. recombinant retroviruses

Production and administration of high titer recombinant retroviruseswith genes for heterologous proteins.

Chiron Viagene Factor VIII WO 96/21035

Emeryville, Calif. retroviral vectors

Retroviral vectors for directing expression of full length Factor VIII,plasmids, host cells, particles.

Chiron Viagene Nucleic acid WO 96/21036

Emeryville, Calif. condensation

Less immunogenic nucleic acid condensing agents generated usingpolycations; for gene delivery.

Ciba Corning Diagnostics Fungi nucleic WO 96/21741

Medfield, Mass. acid probes

Nucleic acid probes and primers specific to various species ofdisease-causing fungi.

Columbia Univ. Prostate tumor WO 96/21671

New York antigens

Genes for prostate tumor antigens, encoded proteins, antibodies; fordiagnosis and therapy.

Dana-Farber Cancer Inst. Cancer- WO 96/21021

Boston associated helicase

Cancer-associated gene for a testis-associated helicase with multiplefunctions, encoded protein.

Human Genome Sciences Deoxycytidine WO 96/21724

Rockville, Md. kinase 2

Gene for human deoxycytidine kinase 2, encoded proteins; fortreating cancer and viral diseases.

Human Genome Sciences Geranylgeranyl WO 96/21736

Rockville, Md. pyrophosphate synthetase

Gene for human geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthetase, encodedprotein, antibodies.

Innovir Labs External guide WO 96/21731

New York sequences

Stabilized external guide sequence molecules that cleave specificRNAs using their RNase P activity.

INSERM (Natl. Inst. Adrenoleuko- WO 96/21733

Hlth. Med. Res.) dystrophy vector


Recombinant vector containing gene associated withadrenoleukodystrophy; for therapy.

Japan Res. Develop. Corp. Oncogene EPO 723 014

Saitama, Japan product ligand

Gene for DOCK180, encoded protein which binds to the proto-oncogene product CRK, antibodies to this protein.

Johns Hopkins Univ. Colorectal WO 96/21026

Baltimore polymerase mutations

Gene for human polymerase gamma, mutations associated withcolorectal cancer; for diagnosis and therapy.

Karo Bio Thyroid hormone WO 96/21728

Huddinge, Sweden receptor defects

Transgenic animals with defective thyroid hormone receptor gene,derived cells; for identifying antagonists.

Keygene Simple sequence EPO 721 987

Wageningen, amplification

the Netherlands

Process for the selective amplification of restriction fragmentscontaining simple sequence repeats.

Leuven Res. & Develop. Less immunogenic EPO 721 982&

Leuven, staphylokinase WO 96/21016

the Netherlands

Gene for staphylokinase derivatives with reduced immunogenicity,site-directed mutated genes, encoded protein.

Leuven Res. & Develop. Steroid-induced EPO 721 984

Leuven, enhancer

the Netherlands

Upstream enhancer element from human tPA gene that is regulatedby steroids or retinoids, expression vector.

Mass. Gen. Hosp. Programmed WO 96/20721

Boston cell death genes

Genes involved in programmed cell death, encoded proteins; for celldeath control.

Mass. Inst. Technol. Composite DNA WO 96/20951

Cambridge, Mass. binders

Chimeric proteins with composite DNA-binding regions, genesencoding these chimeras.

Max Planck Inst. Receptor tyrosine WO 96/21013

Munich, Germany kinase

Gene for MDK1 receptor tyrosine kinase, encoded protein, fortreating signal transduction disorders.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) Melanoma antigens WO 96/21734

Bethesda, Md.

Genes for melanoma antigens, encoded antigens, antibodies; fordiagnostic assay.

New Jersey Univ. Med. Dent. Oxidative WO 96/21005

Newark, N.J. species control

Transgenic animals with genes for proteins that control oxidativespecies levels, cells derived from them.

Onyx Pharma Serine protein WO 96/20948

Richmond, Calif. kinase

Gene for the human serine protein kinase PAK65, encoded protein,identification of antagonists.

Otsuka Pharma Cytochrome EPO 723 021

Tokyo P4501A2 polymorphism

Method of detecting human cytochrome P4501A2 genepolymorphism in the untranslated region of the gene.

Planet Biotech Mucosal pathogen WO 96/21012

San Diego protection

Immunoglobulin preparations containing proteins that protect againstmucosal pathogens, production methods.

Procept Soluble T cell WO 96/21028

Cambridge, Mass. receptors

Genes for soluble heterodimeric T cell receptors, encoded proteins,antibodies; for binding assays.

Repligen Angiogenesis EPO 723 015

Cambridge, Mass. inhibition

Conjugate of platelet factor 4 (PF4) or an angiogenesis-inhibitingfragment of PF4 with a second protein.

Rockefeller Univ. First Crk-SH3 WO 96/21011

New York domain ligands

Peptides showing high specificity and affinity for the first SH3domain of cellular Crk; for diagnosis and therapy.

Salk Inst. Farnesol-activated WO 96/21742

La Jolla, Calif. receptor

Nuclear receptor that is activated by farnesol, a cholesterol precursor;for metabolic modulation.

Stryker Osteogenic protein EPO 723 013

Kalamazoo, Mich. devices

Devices containing osteogenic proteins, genes for these proteins; forinducing bone growth.

Suzuki, K. Leukocyte activating EPO 723 016

Chiba-ken, Japan factor

Gene for the leukocyte activating factor LECT2a, encoded protein.

Thomas Jefferson Univ. SV40-based WO 96/20598

Philadelphia gene transduction

Gene transduction system using replication-deficient SV40 virus,production and use methods.

University Technol. Intl. Oil body WO 96/21029

Calgary, Alberta proteins

Genes for oil body proteins, encoded proteins, fusion proteins; forproduction of high value proteins.

Vermont, Univ. of Ribozymes WO 96/21730

Burlington, Vt.

Ribozyme with double-stranded RNA ligand binding site and asingle-stranded loop; for cleavage and ligation.

Virogenetics Poxvirus HTLV WO 96/21727

Troy, N.Y. antigens

Attenuated poxvirus vector containing human T cell lymphotrophicvirus (HTLV) antigens; for diagnosis and therapy.

Yamanouchi Pharma Phospholipase WO 96/20959

Tokyo antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies that inhibit the activity of type IIphospholipase A2; for treating heart attacks and stroke.

Zymogenetics Dimerized EPO 721 983

Seattle proteins

Production of secreted biologically active protein dimers usingfusions with dimerizing proteins.

Zymogenetics Cow Factor XIII WO 96/21025


Gene for bovine Factor XIII, encoded protein, host cells, productionmethods; for modifying foodstuff water binding.

_Compiled By Chester A. Bisbee

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