* Geltex Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Waltham, Mass., adopted ashareholder rights plan to thwart any unwanted takeover attempts.The company said it knows of no such plan but believes the actionprudent.

* Genetics Institute Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., said early results froma feasibility study of its recombinant human bone morphogeneticprotein-2 for maxillary sinus floor augmentation showed radiographicevidence that all 12 patients appeared to have new bone formation.Ten of 12 had sufficient bone to receive dental implants.

* ID Biomedical Corp., of Burnaby, British Columbia, said its IDVaccine Corp. subsidiary signed a memorandum agreement with theUniversity of Tennessee Research Corp. for development of theuniversity's vaccine against group A streptococcus.

* Incyte Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Palo Alto, Calif., and ScienceApplications International Corp., of San Diego, are collaborating todevelop a next-generation robotic system for Incyte's high-throughput DNA sequencing operations. Terms were not disclosed.

* Neose Technologies Inc., of Horsham, Pa., said the underwritersfor its 2.25-million-share initial public offering purchased anadditional 337,500 shares at $12.50 per share, bringing total proceedsto $32.3 million.

* Neurobiological Technologies Inc., of Richmond, Calif., began asecond Phase II study with its non-opioid analgesic, Dynorphin A.The double-blind, placebo-controlled study will test the peptide as anadjunct to morphine in managing post-surgical pain.

* PerSeptive Biosystems Inc., of Framingham, Mass., saidshareholders approved the issuance of stock for the acquisition ofPerSeptive Technologies II Corp., which was formed in 1993 andcontracted with PerSeptive to conduct research and development inthe areas of diagnostics, screening, DNA and protein sequencing andDNA and peptide synthesis.

* Unimed Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Buffalo Grove, Ill., closed aprivate placement of 1.4 million shares for gross proceeds of $8.4million. Also, Chairman John Kapoor exercised 800,000 warrants,bringing in another $1.7 million.

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