Toronto-based Imutech Corp. temporarily has delayed the start ofPhase III trials of Virulizin for pancreatic cancer after batches of thedrug manufactured for the studies did not meet potencyspecifications.A company spokeswoman said a Phase I/II trial for HIV-relatedKaposi's sarcoma also has been postponed and supplies of Virulizinfor compassionate use programs have been suspended. TheVirulizin studies are being conducted in Canada.Delays in manufacturing the drug are expected to last about threemonths while the company reviews its production process. Virulizinis a bovine extract that stimulates the immune system. In Phase IICanadian trials the drug increased median survival times inpancreatic cancer patients from three and a half months to eightmonths.Imutech's stock (NASDAQ:IMUTF) closed Wednesday at $1,down 41 cents, or 29 percent. _ Charles Craig

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