The FDA has cleared for marketing DynaCirc CR, a controlled-releaseversion of Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Corp.'s antihypertensive drugisradipine that can be taken once-a-day. The compound was developedjointly by Sandoz of East Hanover, N.J., and Alza Corp. of Palo Alto,Calif.DynaCirc CR incorporates Alza's OROS osmotic controlled-releasetechnology and represents an alternative to Sandoz's currentlymarketed isradipine compound, DynaCirc, that must be administeredtwice a day. Sandoz spokesman William O'Donnell declined todisclose either DynaCirc CR's market potential or details of thedivision of profits from the drug between Sandoz and Alza.The new drug application for DynaCirc CR was submitted to FDA bySandoz and Alza in early January of this year. Sandoz conductedclinical trials of DynaCirc CR and found the drug was effective andwell tolerated by patients with mild-to-moderate hypertension. Mildand transient side effects associated with DynaCirc CR, such as edema,headaches and dizziness, were similar to those produced by DynaCirc.DynaCirc CR will be marketed by Sandoz, starting in early 1995, andmanufactured in 5 mg and 10 mg strength tablets by Alza. _ LisaPiercey

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