y Greenwich Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s board of directors elected JeffRandall as president and CEO of the Fort Washington, Pa., company.Randall, formerly vice president, finance, succeeds Ed Thompson.The announcement of Thompson's resignation on May 11, as well asthe layoffs of all but about six employees, followed news that thecompany was discontinuing development of its two lead carbohydratedrugs intended for rheumatoid arthritis."The plan is to find someone interested in the remaining assets of thecompany, primarily the proprietary assets," Randall told BioWorld. Hesaid he anticipates some sort of merger or acquisition.y Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Carlsbad, Calif., presented datademonstrating prolonged cardiac transplant survival in mice using anantisense compound. Mice were treated with Isis' antisenseoligonucleotide to inhibit the expression of intercellular adhesionmolecule 1. Other findings included reduced damage to thetransplanted heart and that the compound worked synergistically withother immunosuppressive agents. Data resulted from a collaborationbetween Isis and Stanislaw Stepkowski, of the University of TexasHealth Science Center at Houston.y Oncor Inc., of Gaithersburg, Md., will conduct a program to evaluatethe utility of its ApopTag Apoptosis Detection kit for monitoring theeffectiveness of certain chemotherapeutic drugs in the treatment ofcancer. Research will be directed by Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz, directorof the Cancer Research Institute, New York Medical College inValhalla.

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