Published April 6 (EPO); March 31 (WO)

Akzo NV Epstein-Barr WO 94/6912 Arnheim, Netherlands. detectionPeptide (and its monoclonal) reactive with viral antibodies; fordetection of EBV or anti-EBV antibodies in test fluid.

Arch Development Corp. Radiation-reactive WO 94/6916 Chicago, Ill. promoterDNA comprising radiation-responsive enhancer-promoter linked toregion encoding polypeptide(s); for inhibiting tumor growth.

Ballivet, Marc Chemical synthesis EPO 590 689 Geneva, Switzerland catalysis Genetic engineering of proteins or peptides to catalyze chemicalreactions that synthesize a compound of interest. [In French]

Behringwerke AG Prodrug/drug EPO 590 530 Marburg, Germany activation A fusion prodrug has an antigen-binding region that binds an enzymeto produce a cytotoxic drug. [In German]

BioEnergy Intl. Ethanol from WO 94/6924 Gainseville, Fla. biomassExpression host transformed by genes encoding alcohol dehydrogenaseand pyruvate decarboxylase; for high-yield ethanol.

California, Univ. of Lymphocyte WO 94/6908 Berkeley, Calif. transductionTransgenic animals and stem cells with a disrupted lymphocyte CD24transduction locus; human transduction expression.

Cognis Bio/Env. Inst. Stabilizing resin WO 94/6905 Dsseldorf, Germany proteaseIn a subtilisin-like resin protease, temperature stability is raised byintroducing glutamine acid radical into sequence.

Connecticut, Univ. of Prolonging gene WO 94/6922-23 Storrs, Conn. expressionInhibiting endosome-lysosome fusion enhances expression ofpolynucleotide inserted into cell by a binding agent.

DNX BioTherapeutics Pig-human organ WO 94/6903 Princeton, N. J. graftingTo modify pig organs for grafting into humans, transfer GPI-linkedproteins from donor carrier cells to a membrane tissue.

Duke University Deriving epitopes WO 94/6934 Durham, N. C.Generating nucleic acids encoding antibodies immunologically cross-reactive with non-nucleic acid immunogens.

Enichem SpA Human nerve EPO 590 721 Milan, Italy expressionExpressing human nervous system receptors in Schizosaccharomycespombe cells via a modified cloning vector.

Fukuda, H., et al. Recombinant WO 94/6914 Osaka, Japan ethyleneEthylene is produced by inserting gene of a producing enzyme into "aneasily handleable bacterium such as Escherichia coli."

Gist-Brocades NV Recombinant Phaf- EPO 590 707 Delft, Netherlands fia rhodozyma WO94/6918Transformed Phaffia rhodozyma strain; vectors; marker genes.

Hoechst Japan Ltd. Sulfatase-like EPO 590 309 Tokyo proteinsOsteogenic protein OSF-8 degrades proteoglycan sulfates; fordiagnosis, therapy of bone metabolic diseases.

Hozier, John Sub-chromosomal WO 94/6816 Merritt Island, Fla. cDNAs cDNA libraries consisting of clones comprising cDNAs that hybridize to defined sub-chromosomal regions.

Johnson & Johnson Epstein-Barr WO 94/6470 San Diego, Calif. antibodiesEpstein-Barr virus-specific polypeptides, for production of antibodies; to diagnose, treat EBV-associated diseases.

La Jolla Allergy/Imm. HIV fusion WO 94/6469 Inst. La Jolla, Calif. polypeptideCompositions containing a fusion polypeptide comprising an antibodybinding domain and an HIV-derived epitope.

La Jolla Cancer Res. Fdn. Enzymatically EPO 590 747 La Jolla, Calif. active proteinsNovel b16 N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase, and acceptor molecule,leukosialin, CD43, for enzyme's core activity.

Louisiana State Univ. Disease-proofing EPO 590 301 Baton Rouge, La. plantsInhibiting viral, bacterial, fungal and insect plant pathogens by genesencoding polypeptides countering their attack.

Maryland, Univ. of Bursal disease WO 94/6904 College Park, Md. virusA hitherto-unseen virus causing infectious bursal disease in poultry;monoclonal antibody-based vaccine.

Mass. Genl. Hospital Ikaros gene WO 94/6814 Boston, Mass.Protein encoded by Ikaros, a T-cell pathway regulatory gene.

Merck & Co. Interleukin 1b WO 94/6906 Rahway, N. J. precursor cDNA encoding converting enzyme to murine interleukin-1bprecursor; for converting precursor to mature IL-1b .

Merck Patent GmbH Lung cancer WO 94/6929 Darmstadt, Germany immunoreagent180-kD epitope for NCAM antigen, corresponding antibody, have highavidity, specificity to small-cell lung carcinoma.

MRC (Med.Res. Coun.) Virus-aiming WO 94/6920 London antibodyRetrovirus particles displaying functional antibody fragment on theirsurface; to target virus to cells for gene delivery.Mt. Sinai School of Med. Neuro-disease WO 94/6282 New York City animal models Transgenic animal models for neurodegenerative diseases display, e.g.,neurofibrillary tangles, aluminum sensitivity.

NIH (Natl.Insts.Hlth.) Preventing WO 94/6909 Bethesda, Md. metastasisBinding hepatocyte growth factor scatter factor with metprotooncogene protein; to prevent tumor metastasis.

NIH (Natl.Insts.Hlth.) Hepatitis E WO 94/6913 Bethesda, Md. antigenStructural region of hepatitis E strain from Pakistan, cloned ineukaryotic expression system; as antigen for vaccine, diagnosis.

NYC Pub. Hlth. Res. Inst. Replication/ WO 94/6928 New York CIty translation Batch and continuous cell-free protein synthesis, in which translationand mRNA replication are polymerase-coupled.

Pitman-Moore, Inc. Cat immuno- WO 94/6471 Mundelein, Ill. deficiencyRecombinant polypeptide for preparing vaccine compositions todiagnose, treat, feline immunodeficiency virus infection.

Rochester, Univ. of Inflammatory WO 94/6919 Rochester, N.Y. cyclooxygenaseMammalian cell line expresses glucocorticoid-regulated inflammatoryprostaglandin G/H synthase, but not PGHS.

Rockefeller University Universal MHC WO 94/6813 New York City allogenModified major histocompatibility (MHC) molecules aid antigenrecognition by humoral and cellular immune arms; render any cellcontaining them antigenic.

Santiago de Compostella U. Lateral cell WO 94/6902 S. de Compostella, diffusion SpainCell culture plate diffuses molecules through a side-wall barriermembrane; aids microscopic observation, manipulation.

Scripps Research Inst. RSV monoclonals WO 94/6448 La Jolla, Calif.Human monoclonal antibodies bind and neutralize respiratory syncytialvirus antigens A and B; for diagnosis, therapy.

SmithKline Beecham Tick and cow WO 94/6463 King of Prussia, Pa. cell linesImmortalized tick and bovine T cell lines; diagnostic reagents; vaccinecompositions. SmithKline Beecham Recombinant flu WO 94/6468 Philadelphia, Pa. vaccine "Novel vaccine composition capable of conferring multi-strainimmunity against influenza A."

Takeda Chemical Inds. D-pantothenic EPO 590 857 Osaka, Japan acidSynthesizing D-pantothenic acid by bringing an Enterobacteriacaeaproducer microbe in contact with b-alanine

Tennessee, Univ. of Multivalent WO 94/6421 Knoxville, Tenn. vaccineDNA encoding epitopes used in multivalent hybrid protein vaccines; tocontrol group A streptococcus-related rheumatic fever.

Toray Industries Stem-cell EPO 590 156 Tokyo promoterProtein that promotes undifferentiated hemopoietic stem cell growth; totreat bone-marrow suppression and dysfunction.

Unilever PLC Bacterial food WO 94/6917 London productsFood-grade recombinant plasmid for modifying metabolic pathways ofa lactic acid bacterium; food and feed products obtained.

Viagene, Inc. Cat leukemia WO 94/6921 San Diego, Calif. vaccineVector constructs for expression of immunogenic portion of felineleukemia virus antigen, to generate cellular immune response.

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