Oncogene Science Inc. (NASDAQ:ONCS) has been issued a broadoncogenic mutant ras proteins. The new U.S. patent (No. 5,300,631)includes some patents already issued to the company and will enhanceOncogene's dominant position in this field, said Matthew Haines,director of corporate communications.Activated ras is an oncogene that is found in a variety of humantumors, including 50 percent of colon tumors. In collaboration withBecton Dickinson of Franklin Lakes, N.J., Oncogene is developingdiagnostic tests to detect ras mutations that will identify oncogenes andpermit early diagnosis of cancers such as colon, pancreatic, and lungcancer. The two companies hope, ultimately, to develop a panel ofdiagnostic tests _ not all based on mutant ras proteins _ to detect pre-cancerous or cancerous conditions at an early stage.Oncogene, based in Uniondale, N.Y., already sells to the researchmarket more than 30 different research reagents. The company plans tobegin clinical trials for ras-based diagnostics within the next 12months.

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