Cel-Sci Corp. announced that it has terminated negotiations with theDr. L. Willems-Instituut in Belgium, which would have allowed Cel-Sci to acquire the worldwide license to T cell vaccination, a potentialtreatment for multiple sclerosis.Geert Kersten, Cel-Sci's chief operating officer, said the Alexandria,Va.-based company had decided not to proceed with the talks becausethe institute's patent protections did not hold up under review. "As timewent on, we did not feel comfortable with the strength of their patentpositions," he said.Cel-Sci (NASDAQ:CELI) has developed a natural cytokine mixture,Multikine, for the treatment of cancers and other immunodeficiencydiseases. A subsidiary, Viral Technologics, Inc., is developing an AIDSvaccine, HGP-30. _ Philippa Maister

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