Published June 9 & 16 (EPO); June 10 (WO)

Akzo, NV Cancer monoclonalsArnhem, NetherlandsB-cell lines from cancer patients' blood immunized withautologous tumor antigen; their monoclonal antibodies. Fordiagnosis, therapy.

Alabama, Univ. Res. Fn. Glial scar WO 93/10798Birmingham, Ala. disruptionMonoclonal antibody to glial cell adhesion molecule disruptsglial scars in damaged nerves.

American Cyanamid Co. Microbe over-produc- EPO 546 349Stamford, Conn. ing PRPHaemophilus influenzae strain produces high quantities ofcapsular polysaccharide polyribosyl-ribitol-phosphate.

American Home Products Viral immunogens EPO 546 787New YorkChimeric DNA fragments encode influenza A virus surfaceprotein; for vaccines, test kits, prevention, immunotherapy.

Australia Operations Plant-transform- WO 93/11243Prop., Melbourne ing DNAClones of gene encoding maize acetyl CoA carboxylase, flankedby heterologous DNA; to transform plants "with variety ofuseful effects."

BASF, AG Leech thrombin- WO 93/11239Ludwigshafen, Germany inhibitorsRecombinant, thrombin-inhibiting proteins, 57 amino-acidslong, from Haemodypsa terrestrial leeches, for medicinal uses.

BioResearch Ireland Fish pathogen WO 93/11263Dublin, Ireland probeDNA probe for detecting Afromonas salmonicida in water,bacterial culture, fish tissue or feces, etc.; for use in fishhatcheries.

Boehringer Ingelheim Transfecting eukaryotic EPO 545 016Ingelheim, Germany cellsComposition for nucleic acid complex transfection in highereukaryotic cells, involving provision for endosomolysis. [Co-applicants; Genentech; U. of N. Carolina] (In German)

British Technology . Bi-cistronic WO 93/11250Group, London poliovirusA eukaroyotic RNA virus, especially a poliovirus, bi-cistronic asto RNA function; to express foreign polypeptide in infectedcells.

California, Univ. of Chromosomal DNA EPO 545 459Berkeley, Calif. probesMicrodissected chromosomal DNA fragments are digested,ligated to primers, amplified by PCR; to probe cDNA or genomiclibraries.

California, Univ. of Variable-region WO 93/11252Berkeley, Calif. expressionCloning vectors for expressing PCR-generated variable regionsas complete heavy or light chains

Ciba-Geigy, AG 7B2 protein as WO 93/11248Basel, Switzerland. chaperoneUse of 7B2 protein as chaperone in vivo or in vitro; usingrecombinant cells that express produce desired proteinin vivo.

Cor Therapeutics Inc. PDGF receptor WO 93/11223S. San Francisco fragmentsCell lines producing soluble peptides having platelet-derivedgrowth factor (PDGF) ligand-binding activity.

Dartmouth University Lipocortin-1 WO 93/11222Hanover, N.H. receptorA cellular protein involved in binding lipocortin-1; expressingits receptor; antibodies; diagnostic and therapeutic uses.

Du Pont Altering plant WO 93/11245Wilmington, Del. lipidsNucleic acid fragments encoding fatty acid desaturase enzymespermit manipulating plant levels of unsaturated fatty acids.

Du Pont Identifyinhg micro- WO 93/11264Wilmington, Del. organismsTo identify a microorganism, isolate its genomic DNA, amplifyvariable sequences, to get polymorphs species-specific in size,number.

Dynal Asino/Nor Stem-cell virus- WO 93/11230Oslo, Norway blockerMammalian stem cell transduced with vectors carrying DNAencoding protein that blocks replication of virus that infectscell's progeny.

Enzon Inc. Multivalent WO 93/11161Piscataway, N.J. proteinsGene sequences coding for hetero- and homo-bivalent single-chain, antigen-binding proteins.

Genentech Inc. Fixing misfolded WO 93/11240S. San Francisco, Calif. IGF-1Method for refolding into biologically active conformationinsoluble, improperly folded IGF-1 precipitated fromprokaryotic host cells.

Genentech Inc. Hormone synthesis WO 93/11247S. San Francisco, Calif.Prohormone convertase, expressed in mammalian cells, forproper processing of active hormones, instead of adding themin cell culture.

Itoham Foods Inc. Sexing bovine EPO 546 762Kobe, Hyogo, Japan embryosMale-specific and gender-neutral PCR primers permitamplifying specific DNA sequences to determine sex of bovineembryos.

Kyowa Hakko Kogyo DNA encoding EPO 545 688Tokyo uricaseDNA coding for uricase from genus Cellulomonas; expressingenzyme in host organism carrying the gene sequence.

Louvain, Cath. Univ. of Selecting micro- WO 93/11242Louvain, Belgium organismsRecombinant microorganism fixed to solid support by acovalent inhibitor of active site of an enzymatic molecule on itssurface.

Manitoba, Univ. of DNA-fragmenting WO 93/11246Winnipeg, Canada enzymesDNA-fragmenting granule proteases, isolated from rat naturalkiller tumor cell line, cause apoptosis of targeted tumor cells.

Max Planck Institute Alzheimer diagnosis, EPO 544 942Gttingen, Germany therapy WO 93/11231Epitopes of phosphorylated tau protein from Alzheimer pairedhelical filaments; phosphorylating PK; antibodies to epitopes.

Max Planck Institute RFLP detection EPO 547 024Gttingen, GermanyRestriction fragment length polymorphism probe of eukaryoticgenomes, using oligonucleotide hybridizing to tandem repeats.

Merck & Co. Platelet-collagen EPO 546 813Rahway, N.J. adhesionProteins isolated from extract of Ornithodoros moubata(relapsing-fever tick) inhibit platelet adhesion to collagen, butnot fibrinogen; for prevention, treatment of thromboses.

Michigan, Univ. of Chromosome region WO 93/11265Ann Arbor, Mich. probesChromosome region-specific probes by direct in vitroenzymatic amplification of microdissected DNA, labelling for insitu hybridization.

Natl. Research Council Plant fungus WO 93/11241Rome inhibitorGene encoding fungal endopolygalacturonase is cloned fromPhaseolus vulgaris (stringbeans). Transformed plants resistpathogens.

Nichirei Corp. Fibronectin gene EPO 546 333Tokyo enhancerRecombinant vector comprises a cloned DNA having enhanceractivity for fibronectin gene expression in mammalian cells.

NIH Pemphigus antigen WO 93/10813Bethesda, Md.DNA encoding entire Pemphigus vulgaris antigen amino acidsequence, for diagnosis, treatment of this life-threatening skindisease.

Novo Nordisk AS Humicola insolens WO 93/11249Bagsvaerd, Denmark proteinsA recombinant enzyme isolated from Humicola insolens hasendocellulase activity in presence of linear alkyl benzenesulfonate.

Novo Nordisk AS Protease-stable WO 93/11254Bagsvaerd, Denmark proteinsSubstituting non-protease-labile amino-acid segments for labileones provides protein with stability against proteolyticdegradation.

Otsuka Pharm. Co. Human M-CSF EPO 547 026Tokyo geneGene encoding biologically active human macrophage-colony-stimulating factor; expression vector; transformant.

Pennsylvania, Univ. of Testicular tubule WO 93/11228Philadelphia cellsColonizing host animal testes with foreign primitive germ cellsto populate testicular seminiferous tubules of progeny.

Pioneer Hi-Bred Intl. Inhibiting plant EPO 545 730Des Moines, Iowa fungiGene for peptide tachyplesin, inserted into plant cells andexpressed, confers antimicrobial activity against fungalpathogens.

Salk Institute Steroid/thyroid WO 93/11235La Jolla, Calif. receptorsMembers of steroid/thyroid receptor superfamily can interactto form multimeric species.

Schering Corp. Interleukin-4 WO 93/11234Kenilworth, N.J. antagonistsAntagonists of human interleukin-4, based on critical region ofits receptor's cytoplasmic domain; can inhibit IL-4 bioactivity.

Scripps Research Inst. Promoting cell WO 93/11229La Jolla, Calif. attachmentReceptor binding site on human fibronectin binds to plateletreceptor glycoprotein; derived polypeptides can aid or inhibitcell attachment

Serono Laboratories, SA Calcium-regulated EPO 546 833Madrid promoterCa-regulated promoter increases production of extracellularforeign polypeptides, notably in Streptomyces expressionsystems.

Sloan-Kettering Inst. Mutation detection WO 93/11266New YorkDetection of mutations and monoclonal lineages in a humansubject by analysis of RNA conformation polymorphism.

Sumitomo Denki Kogyo DNA preparation EPO 546 176Osaka, Japan processPrepare and anneal single-stranded nucleotide chain andprimer; synthesize complementary chain to get double-stranded DNA; repeat steps.

Sumitomo Pharm. Co. Oncogenic IL-2 WO 93/11238Osaka, Japan receptorTransplanting complementarity-determining region of mousemonoclonal to carcinoma-expressing IL-2 receptor; forimmunotherapy.

Synaptic Pharm. Corp. Serotonin (5-HT1E) WO 93/11147Paramus, N.J. receptorNewly discovered gene encodes human serotonin receptor;compounds to treat nervous-system disorders involvingserotonin.

Taisho Pharm. Co. Tumor cell WO 93/11233Tokyo proliferationDNA fragment encoding tumor cell proliferation inhibitingfactor, prepared from mRNA of established cell line derivedfrom 3T3 cells.

U. S. Biochemical Corp. Poly(A) polymerase WO 93/11227ClevelandNucleic acid encoding yeast, human or bovine poly(A)polymerase; methods of production and use.

Viagene Inc. Anti-cancer immuno- WO 93/10814San Diego therapyVector expressing immunogenic, non-tumorigenic altered cellnormally associated with destruction-targeted tumor cells.

Wellcome Foundation Chimeric T-cell WO 93/11237London antibodiesHumanized mouse antibody in which complementarity-determining region sequence binds to T cells, inhibiting theirproliferation.

Weyerhaeuser Co. Diguanylate enzymes WO93/11244Tacoma, Wash.Nucleotide sequences of Acetobacter operons; genes for cyclicdiguanosine monophosphate; phosphodiesterase isozymes.

Whitehead Inst. Artificial cleavage WO 93/11251Cambridge, Mass. siteReplication-competent poliovirus carrying foreign DNA, andsequence encoding proteolytic cleavage site to free exogenouspolypeptide.

Yeda R&D Co. Ligand-specific EPO 545 343Rehovot, Israel FGFRReplacing ligand-binding site of one fibroblast growth-factorreceptor (FGFR) with another confers latter's bindingspecificity.

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