Liposome Technology Inc. has received a U.S. patent on the useof its Stealth drug-delivery technology in solid tumors.

The Menlo Park, Calif., company (NASDAQ:LTIZ) received U.S.Patent No. 5,213,804 on its liposome-entrapping method oflocalizing drugs to tumors. The patent describes a novel methodof treating breast or colon cancer with cancer drugs entrappedin long-circulating liposomes.

The patent also claims liposome compositions incorporatinglipid-derivatized polymers, including polyethylene glycol, aproprietary coating of Stealth liposomes that reduces detectionby the immune system and therefore increases circulation timein the bloodstream.

The patent covers several specific anthracycline antibiotics,including doxorubicin, often used to treat various solid tumors.

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