CAPE RESIGNS FROM CHIRON BOARDRonald E. Cape, an executive whose roots in biotechnology reachback to the industry's beginnings, has resigned from the boardof Chiron Corp., which last December acquired the company heco-founded 20 years before, Cetus Corp.

Cape continues as a Chiron consultant under the remainder of afive-year services contract signed late last year that left himfree to consider business interests outside Chiron.

"I have been exploring several business opportunities in thefield of biotechnology to which I would like to give moreattention," Cape said. No specific company or project wasmentioned in the announcement of his departure.

"I continue to believe that the merger of Chiron and Cetus wasa major step forward for two leading companies and that thenew company has a bright future," he said.

Besides his contract with Chiron, which pays an annual basesalary of $150,000 plus possible bonus, Cape also serves aschairman of the Bay Area Bioscience Center in Oakland, Calif.,and is on the board of trustees of Princeton University, wherehe earned a degree in chemistry.

Will D. Carpenter has been named chairman of the board atAgriDyne Technologies Inc., replacing Anthony B. Evnin, whowill remain on the board. Carpenter recently retired fromMonsanto Agricultural Co., where he was vice president andgeneral manager of the new products division.

Jerry L. Runyan, a founder and president of MeridianDiagnostics Inc., was named chief executive officer. Thecompany also named John A. Kraeutler president and chiefoperating officer. Kraeutler was executive vice president andchief operating officer.

Quadra Logic Technologies Inc. named Ken Galbraith chieffinancial officer. He was controller and manager of corporatedevelopment.

RML Medical Laboratories Inc. elected Barry J. Reiter to itsboard of directors. He is a partner in the law firm of Tory, Tory,Deslauriers & Binnington.

Vestar Inc. elected James A. Eskridge to its board of directors.He is executive vice president of finance and administration forMattel Toys Inc.

Gensia Pharmaceuticals Inc. said that Alan C. Foster wasappointed director of central nervous system pharmacologyand Gary S. Firestein was named director of immunology.Foster was a section leader in Merck, Sharpe and Dohme'sneuroscience research center and Firestein was assistantprofessor of medicine in residence at the University ofCalifornia, San Diego.

Stephen M. Simes, Gynex Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s president andchief executive officer, was elected chairman of the company'sboard of directors. Mark S. Germain, managing director of D.Blech & Co., was elected to the board.

Alcide Corp. named G. Kere Kemp director of animal healthresearch and development. He was head of technical services inthe United Kingdom for Pfizer Inc.

Collaborative Research Inc. has appointed Raymond Fenwick Jr.vice president of laboratory operations for CollaborativeDiagnostics, the company's genetic testing division. He wasassociate professor and director of the DNA DiagnosticLaboratory for the Institute for Molecular Genetics, baylorCollefge of Medicine.

Tularik Inc. has named Yasunori Kaneko as vice president ofbusiness development. He was senior vice president and chieffinancial officer of Isis Pharmaceuticals.

Nortran Pharmaceuticals Inc. named James J. Miller to its boardof directors. He was chairman, president and chief executiveofficer of Quadra Logic Technologies Inc.

Chemex Pharmaceuticals Inc. named Elizabeth M. Greetham andPaul P. Woolard to its board of directors. Greetham is presidentof Libracorn Financial Consultants. Woolward is president ofPaul Woolard Partners, a business consulting firm.

Cell Genesys has named SaraLynn Mandel director ofintellectual property and senior patent counsel. She was inprivate practice of biotechnology patent law at Sheldon & Makin Los Angeles.

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